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So, the Hitman Movie is close...

I have always been a fan of the Hitman series, ever since I played Hitman 2. I was so impressed with the game when it came out, that I tracked down a copy of the first game and played that too.

I eagerly awaited the release of Hitman 3, and was impressed with the direction the game took.

Finally, Hitman: Blood Money showed that sequels CAN improve on original concepts, and was one of the best releases of 2005 IMO.

While I have known that the movie was being made, I didn't realise it was so close to coming out. The official site lists the release date as 11.21.07, which I presume is Freaky-Deaky-American-Dating-System for 21/11/07, or just over a month away.

Hopefully this will be the start of a trend of decent video game adaptations, but more likely it will be an average film that would otherwise slip unnoticed in the annals of movie history if it weren't for its link to an existing IP.

Hey, it has to be better than more recent efforts.

I have to say, Tim Olyphant as Agent 47 doesn't sit well with me. I can appreciate the guy as an actor (Deadwood was awesome), and I like the fact that they cast a lesser known actor as 47 (Vin Diesel was originally slated to play him), but I think he looks.... well... a bit young for the role.

('scuse the bad piccies, i googled 'em)

Agent 47 on the Hitman 2 box

Tim Olyphant posing with some random at some event or other

You can see more of him in the trailer on The official site

I kind of think Vin Diesel would have been a better choice, if only because he looks nastier, and we could be sure at least that he would have played the game (Vin Diesel is apparently a big gamer). Just Google Image "Vin Diesel" and "Riddick" to see what I mean.

Although, I think they should have gone with someone that just looked exactly like the concept art. It's not like any significant acting ability is required to stand around looking evil and strangling people...

What do you guys think??
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