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So, the Hitman Movie is close...

I have always been a fan of the Hitman series, ever since I played Hitman 2. I was so impressed with the game when it came out, that I tracked down a copy of the first game and played that too. I eagerly awaited the release of Hitman 3, an...


Kane and Lynch: Dead to Me

I am a big fan of the Hitman series, and was looking forward to Kane and Lynch: Dead Men since it was announced quite some time ago. This may not be news to some of you, but I must have missed the announcement or something, because today I...


Where did all the faceplates go???

Random Marketing Goon: "Hey, I just had a killer idea for the new console!" Billy Gates: "Go away, i'm busy!" <grumbles> Random Marketing Goon: "How about we release interchangeable faceplates for the front of the console, allowing ...


I dids a graph!1!

You may or may not be aware that reviews for Blue Dragon are available on most major review sites by now. Rather than try to relate my opinion of the game after reading one, i drew this graph - 'Nuff said.


So, the 'toid allows teh blogz now?

Ive been reading Destructoid for ages, best thing to do on a lunch break with your clothes on. Anyways, I signed up to post a stupid narky comment, and I figure that, while i'm here, i'd check out the way blogging is handled on Dtoid. Gues...


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