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Our prayers have been answered with the latest patch! Time to put more time into The Outer Worlds.


Have a great birthday Flanx! Enjoy your festivities! Your bday horoscope calls for reaping the benefits of your hardwork. "You feel your life has a definite purpose this year." That starts with eating cake!


Happiest of birthdays, Cloudman Sam & Deadmoon! Your horoscope outlook for the year is "satisfying and balanced overall". Enjoy your cakes!


Happy birthday, you two! Enjoy all the cake!


Sony & Nintendo: "....." Microsoft: "NINJA! EXCLUSIVE TO XBOX!"


PSA: If you play #SeaOfThieves between Aug 20-24, you get a Halo-themed ship. That includes a Spartan figurehead.


The new VR and multiplayer stuff looks very cool in the Beyond update for #NoMansSky but the quality of life improvements are really exciting and will bring me back. Carrying limit on mined resources going from 250 -> 10000 is game-changing.


If we'll all left work an hour early, they couldn't possibly fire us all. Just something to think about. #ReadyToFriday


First gamerDVR stopped uploading my images, now the Xbox screenshotting feature is tired of my shit. They can't stop me from sharing my #Minecraft house! On top of a hill, with a sweetass lookout and deep subterranean dungeon network.


Took advantage of the upgrade to Ultimate promotion to get GamePass, which means finally giving #SeaOfThieves a shot. Not sure how long it'll hold my attention but pretty enjoyable so far. Way more engaging/less tedious than I was expecting.


It doesn't feel real. I can't believe it happened. The Raptors are CHAMPIONS! Never thought I'd see the day. God I love this team! #WeTheNorth


A team of three unfortunate operatives are trying to fight back a virulent parasite overtaking the world. While everyone else is falling victim, they are holding steadfast in their resolve. Rainbow Six Quarantine is a true Destructoid story.


My biggest issue w/ E3 is I want a new Warhawk but that's a Sony game & they're too coward to make a new one. Considering my backlog, I'm ok with a slow year before nextgen. I think the visuals & tech behind Flight Simulator impressed me the most so far.


Was too tired last night to figure out this Mexican standoff riddle in BL2 so checked online. Didn't even realize the characters were a super old reference to former Dtoid writers/podtoid hosts. 2012 was a lifetime ago! Fun little thing to stumble on.


Recently remembered that #Podtoid is a thing I can listen to on Spotify and I have to say, it's thoroughly enjoyable! I regret not listening sooner! Great discussions on a variety of topics & plenty of laugh out loud moments I can't explain to coworkers.


On April 8th, the Virginia Cavaliers defeated the Texas Tech Red Raiders to win the NCAA March Madness basketball tournament. More importantly, it secured @Voodoome victory on top of the Unofficial Dtoid Bracket Challenge. Congratulations! Trophy inside.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: recently found out those carrot cake Oreos came north and they are as delicious as I imagined in my head. Carrot cake icing is still second to none! #SnackToid #TeamCarrotCake #NVGR


Have you joined @PatBateman17's March Madness bracket challenge yet? You haven't!? Lol all the cool cats have already joined and you definitely want to be included in the group. Succumb to peer pressure and enter! You only have a few hours left.


Gave Apex Legends a shot after nerd-raging all day. It's ok in a bubble. A very fragile bubble. Don't think about how you're playing something that could have been Titanfall 3. And definitely don't ask yourself if Respawn is honestly proud of themselves.


Today if you're on Twitter & you use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, Bell donates 5¢ to mental health initiatives here in Canada. It's to help end the stigma of mental illness, increase care & access for aid, fund research & improve workplace health standards


Finally got around to starting Watch Dogs. Favourite part is easily the cat-and-mouse gameplay of online hacking. Watching an opponent slowly lose their mind and panic as the timer runs out to find me is thrilling. The other modes are ok too.


Not to whore him out but y'all need to experience a hug from Wes. It warms the soul like nothing else. Put it on the bucketlist. Such a beauty. Happy birthday buddy! Also happy birthday to Ms. Larx wherever you are. I miss you!


#Rushtoid I really need to stop playing OnRush at night. Gets me too jacked up and then I can't fall asleep.


Was playing #OnRush and caught a teammate in my orbit. Weird little glitch! Also Crimewave is live in case some of you who play the game didn't know the new season started.


I finally did it you guys! I finally got 100% of the achievements for a game on Xbox. I can finally call myself a Real Gamer™! #OnRush is pretty awesome btw. The only trophy I needed to Google how to unlock was the Vomit-Comet.


I vote for Kevin to have a wonderful birthday! Also on the ballot, have a delicious birthday pie!


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