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PlayStation Home Just Got Relevant Again!!

Ok maybe not. It'd have to be relevant in the first place to be able to be relevant again. That's not the point!! Just...just watch this video...

That is freakin' right! Warhawk Apartments! It comes with the sand table to devise your plans and a multiplayer mini game! I'm guessing it will be the standard price of $6 or $7 or whatever it is they charge for apartments. And it's dropping tomorrow by the way.

While I've tried to use the tables in the past and they're not terribly useful, it is pretty cool being able to use this in your own personal space. It's something I've been asking for awhile now. All I need now is that giant hologram of the Warhawk. Anyways since Warhawk already has fully implemented game launching, these sand tables could be a great thing for heavy Warhawk users.

The turret mini game seems to be similar to the ones found in the Resistance and Infamous spaces. I actually won a shirt on the Resistance one but for some reason the SPRA logo doesn't show anymore. Now it's just a dull white shirt. Sad panda, indeed. I'm not sure if there is a leaderboard or anything but I at least hope you can win a prize on this. I've always wanted a small warhawk figurine for my apartment.

The gear looks pretty sweet too. It doesn't look like they have my Chernovan pilot helmet but now I'm just nitpicking. I'm a gamer though, it's what we're good at. And the mini-jeeps look adorable which is wrong since they are supposed to be tough and manly. ARRRR!!!

If you want more info on what is in this week's update, here is the link to the post from the PlayStation Blog: http://blog.us.playstation.com/2010/02/this-week-in-playstation-home-valentines-day-events-galore-warhawk-apartment-mardi-gras-items-more/

Alright, I should stretch this out a bit longer.....

One thing I'm pretty disappointed about is the fact that Incognito/LightBox never released the single player missions as DLC. I know they said that the single player stuff they made wasn't too exciting but I would have enjoyed playing through it nonetheless. I guess it probably would have been a lot of work to get up to snuff. At the very least give us that E3 demo!!

I'm really hoping that the next Warhawk has squad implementation. One thing that I struggle with when playing Warhawk now is that I lose focus and direction. The battlefields are pretty big and you can get easily overmatched if you are soloing it. I guess it's more my fault for not playing with a mic but lets ignore that. Squads help you stick with a few teammates and keeps things a bit organized. Maybe if they had open-mic for talking with your squad and push-to-talk for your team, it could help with the overall communication as well. I don't know, I just noticed that most shooters have squads now. Makes me feel comfortable.

Again, I can't stress this enough.....BUY THE FALLEN STAR EXPANSION. I mean jet packs! Come on! Warhawk + Tau Crater = still cheaper than Dark Void. I'm not a rocket scientist (biologist, actually...uh for now T_T) but the math sounds right to me!

If we get word on the next Warhawk (Starhawk?) at E3, no game released until I play it will satisfy me. Kind of a scary thought if you think about it >_>

Is the shitstorm on the frontpage done yet?? I don't understand why people get so hurt over review scores. I know Jim likes to stir the pot every now and then but I didn't feel like this was one of those times.

Talking about Home made me realize that I forgot to finish my other "(PS)Home for the Weekend" blog. Gotta finish that up one of these days. A Monthly Musing is also in the works. I've been here for several years now and never published one yet. Figured I better start someday.

Alright, that should do it. Peace y'all!

Also, Warhawks!
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