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Overstuffed: Back to the Daily Grind

Level grinding is a very curious thing. Many times critics refer to grinding in RPGs, it’s a complaint. Yet grinding has remained a staple mechanic of effectively every game within the genre, and even several games outside of it...


Why Do People Enjoy Yet Loathe Gacha Games?

Clickbait proof: I hate exploitative practices in freemium games. I only advocate playing these games spending a budget comparable to an MMO subscription, if not less (actually always less). I do not consider microtransactions exploit...


Super Mario Retrospective: Gaming Cubed

It's Freedom Like You Never Knew Ohsnap, I forgot to mention I also played Super Mario Bros 2 on NES during the first entry of this series! I guess part of why is that I don’t have many strong memories of that game. It’s a ...


Sonic's Identity Crisis: A Mad Dash

Live and Learn... Hanging On the Edge of Tomorrow Sonic’s history is a troubled one. You don’t need me to tell you that, but I do need to tell you that’s what this blog is focused on today. At first, the little hedgeh...


Super Mario Retrospective: Superhero Origin Story

Here we go, off the rails   Mario is a phenomenal icon not only of video gaming, but of multimedia as a whole. Pretty much anyone who plays video games knows who he is. Pretty much anyone who doesn’t play video games knows ...


How Fire Emblem Heroes Mitigates Power Creep

Power creep. The continual churning out of more powerful content for players to play with in their loadouts as an online game’s development continues. I don’t know anybody who enjoys power creep as a game mechanic. Having y...


Cedi's Favorite Action Games By Subgenre

I had a lot more fun writing my blog last month where I listed and explained my favorite games by genre than I expected to have. But my guidelines for which genres I’d discuss and how I’d group them up left a lot of favorit...


Why Massive Multiplayer Raids Feel Awesome

You’re alone. Standing on the horizon is a massive, imposing enemy decimating the army before it. Swords, magic, and gunfire constantly wear it down, but the foe never seems to show any signs of stopping. You’ve prepared we...


Cedi's Favorite Games By Genre

Inspired by my fellow insect Greenhornet214, and this blog he wrote, I thought I’d take a crack at listing off some of my favorite video games throughout the years and describing what makes them my favorites. But I'm taking a dif...


My Most Wanted Dynasty Warriors Crossovers

Hyrule Warriors. Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Berserk and the Band of the Hawk. Fire Emblem Warriors. Dynasty Warriors Gundam. Regardless of the “love it or hate it” nature of Dynast...


Are We Worrying Too Much Over Fire Emblem Warriors?

The promotional material and news leading up to the release of Fire Emblem Warriors have given me mixed feelings. A stew of conflicting hopes and worries stronger than any other pre-release ramp-up I can remember feeling in recent hist...


Ever Oasis: How Raising a Community Feels Awesome

“Only you can save the world”. That’s a plot hook commonly used by games to invest the player into a goal. It’s one of the oldest clichés in the book, but no one really bats an eye to the premise of the p...


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Yo! My real name is Christopher, but you can call me Cedi here! Obligatory disclaimer; my avatar and banner is art I commissioned Twitter user @kaizer33226 to make. Check him out if you have the time, he’s awesome.

I’m a longtime gamer who loves to write about a lot of things, but especially games. Transparency and honesty are my foremost virtues in anything I do. I first began blogging on Destructoid with the primary goal of building a portfolio to be hired as a professional journalist. Even after I built up a respectable lineup of blogs, I keep blogging for the Destructoid community as my way of returning the favor for all they've done to help me discover and sustain my passion for informative writing! Well, that and to improve my portfolio further while I keep job searching. Also it's just plain fun! My dream job would be to get hired to make front page articles for Destructoid, so I can produce more content for this site than I already do, but I'll keep improving my skills in the meantime!

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Throughout my blogs, I aim to explain and promote my enthusiasm for games, while studying their positive and negative qualities with a critical eye. Want to see what I mean? Check out my promoted blogs! Still want more? Take a gander at some of my personal favorite blogs below!
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