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CBlog Recaps of 10/31/2017 - Happy Halloween

The ghost of Gamesmas Future, draped in coins Of Bit, and Loot of Boxes, bade me hear, Upon this Halloween, from ear to loins,For futures writ may games in nexts of year: Aghast! Shook I, as brash transactions strode, Their micro cl...


CBlog Recaps of 10/24/2017 - Continuing Dream

Whenever I replay a favorite game from ages past, I immerse myself back into the known and the knowable. Much of the allure of media in general lies in discovering the unknown and mysterious, the fanciful and the distant - the great v...


Cblogs of 10/16/2017 + A Course on Bullshit

You know when your company takes you away from important work to spend 5-weeks in some HR bullshit course? If you don't, it probably means you don't work for a company that cares very little for its resources. I don't exactly love my ...


Cblogs of 10/4/2017 + Off the Gaming Rails

We are going off the gaming rails this week to talk about some of my personal stuff and musings. Next week I will be taking some time away from Destructoid. I hope to only be away for a couple days or a week. Larx has graciously agree...


CBlog Recaps of 10/03/2017 - Zigg-Zagg

So I wrapped up Yooka-Laylee 100% just the other day, and I thought it turned out decent and fine - unspectacular, unterrible, centrally an enjoyable if haphazard ride. (The minecart tracks and especially boss encounter *can* go die,...


CBlog Recaps of 09/26/2017 - From Y to Y

It was a chilly, blustery day in an autumn where leaves fell like the bounces of giant spherical toys. I motored forward, undeterred by the recent string of disappointments, determined to surmount what'd arrived suspiciously more sudd...


Cblogs of 9/15/17&9/22/17-Metroid Lives again

Yeah you probably could have figured this one was coming. I just wrote a blog about the metroid series as a whole, have been quick-posting about it and talking about it here was inevitable. So yeah Metroid Samus Returns is so far an i...


Cblog Recaps of 9/20/17 + Feeling the Burn

We all feel the burn or feel burned out at some point in our lives. Whether that feeling comes from work, school, family, friends, or watching unconventional porn. We all feel it. That feeling can also hit you when you're playing vide...


CBlog Recaps of 09/19/2017 - Blackjack

Back a few months ago, I traveled to the sole Pennsylvanian branch of the exquisite import-arcade chain Round 1 as part of a general getaway trip. Historically relevant and beautiful outdoorsy sites were also visited, but for the pur...


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Is there a holiday or time of the year more indulgent than Thanksgiving? I mean, we cook a turkey that weighs as much as three newborn babies, whip up about a billion sides consisting mostly of carbs and butter, and top the whole thing off with nine different pies, all featuring the main ingredient of "excess." It's equal parts disgusting and awesome, and is definitely my second favorite holiday behind our dearly departed Halloween.

But we were so occupied with whether we could eat six pounds of food in one sitting, that we didn't stop to think if we should. That brings us to November's Bloggers Wanted prompt: Overstuffed.

Playing through Horizon Zero Dawn really got me thinking on this topic. Don't get me wrong, the game has a really cool and fairly unique sci-fi story, the combat is fun and engaging, and the art direction uses vibrant color - a concept that largely died out near the end of the PS2 era, but man, is it long. The map is huge and stuffed with nooks, crannies and collectibles, and boy, by the time I wrapped the story and collected my Platinum trophy the game had really worn out its welcome. It's a shame really, as I truly enjoyed the game for its main components; but by the time I had picked off my ten-thousandth evil villager and performed my ten-billionth stealth kill on a Ravager, I found myself wishing the game would end soon.

I got this feeling about 3/4 of the way into the game. That is not good.

Modern gaming is great in that developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. Modern gaming is also horrible because developers tend to pack in a metric shit-ton of things to do in their games. This tendency to overstuff their games with content is often overwhelming and can cause an otherwise excellent experience to drag. It was less of a problem when I was 18 and had all the time in the world; at 30 with a day job and a family, it's a complete game-changer.

So, beloved Destructoid Community, tell of us a time you felt overstuffed from gaming! It can be from a game you enjoyed that just felt too long like above, a time you binged on all thirty-two Kingdom Hearts titles, a particularly meaty haul of games you got at a yard sale - anything at all that celebrates or at least discusses your Thanksgiving-like excesses in gaming!

Write a blog with "Overstuffed:" and then your subject in the title, and let the world know of your girthy gaming experiences! We love promoting blogs to the front page here at Dtoid, and Bloggers Wanted is a great way to get noticed *wink wink nudge nudge hip thrust*

Happy blogging, everyone!

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