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Cblogs of 10/4/2017 + Off the Gaming Rails

We are going off the gaming rails this week to talk about some of my personal stuff and musings. Next week I will be taking some time away from Destructoid. I hope to only be away for a couple days or a week. Larx has graciously agree...


CBlog Recaps of 10/03/2017 - Zigg-Zagg

So I wrapped up Yooka-Laylee 100% just the other day, and I thought it turned out decent and fine - unspectacular, unterrible, centrally an enjoyable if haphazard ride. (The minecart tracks and especially boss encounter *can* go die,...


CBlog Recaps of 09/26/2017 - From Y to Y

It was a chilly, blustery day in an autumn where leaves fell like the bounces of giant spherical toys. I motored forward, undeterred by the recent string of disappointments, determined to surmount what'd arrived suspiciously more sudd...


Cblogs of 9/15/17&9/22/17-Metroid Lives again

Yeah you probably could have figured this one was coming. I just wrote a blog about the metroid series as a whole, have been quick-posting about it and talking about it here was inevitable. So yeah Metroid Samus Returns is so far an i...


Cblog Recaps of 9/20/17 + Feeling the Burn

We all feel the burn or feel burned out at some point in our lives. Whether that feeling comes from work, school, family, friends, or watching unconventional porn. We all feel it. That feeling can also hit you when you're playing vide...


CBlog Recaps of 09/19/2017 - Blackjack

Back a few months ago, I traveled to the sole Pennsylvanian branch of the exquisite import-arcade chain Round 1 as part of a general getaway trip. Historically relevant and beautiful outdoorsy sites were also visited, but for the pur...


CBlog Recaps of 9/13/17 + Getting to Know Me

Hello Everyone and welcome to the first iteration of the CBlogs Recaps to be brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Dere. So you're stuck with me every week now. You should probably get used to it and learn to deal with it. I wa...


Cblogs of 9/4/2017 & 9/11/2017+ Uncharted-isms

With Uncharted 4, the series once again demonstrated that it is the quintessential blockbuster videogame franchise. Taking all the elements of the summer blockbuster, and expanding them into videogame format. There is the consistent n...


CBlog Recaps of 09/05/2017 - Melancholic

Hasn't been the kindest of weeks. Half-baked plumbing installs from some years past only exacerbated the potential issues surfacing nowadays, and I darn near obliterated my ankle at the gym over the weekend while performing a routine ...


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Current "Bloggers Wanted" assignment

Overcoming Fear

We’ve all been there. A game presents us with a moment or situation that fills us with dread. It could be the inexorable approach of a supernatural menace or looking down from the top of an impossibly tall building. Games will play on your fears and push you. But how do you overcome and prevail?

In honor of the ween of hallow and the month of October, the Bloggers Wanted prompt is all about “overcoming your fears in video games.” How did you face the digital demons and pixel poltergeists? Did climbing in Assassin’s Creed make you feel dizzy? Or do underground levels make you feel like you can’t breathe? Everyone has this moment in gaming. You can scoff at the mirror room in Silent Hill 3 but break out into a cold sweat if you see a clown. So what do you do to get past this? Have any tricks of the trade or anecdotes that you’ve picked up along the way? We want to hear about it.

Take us to your moment and how you dealt with that fear. Let us see into your heart and reach out to touch the quiet truth of your words. All you have to do is write your story in the Cblogs and format the title as “Overcoming Fear: [your blog title here].” It's delightfully easy. You may even find your story promoted to the Front Page. That’s always a treat.

You’ve overcome this fear. You have this story, this moment. Why not share it with us? Maybe your story can help someone else overcome their fear.

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