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Special Holidayisms from the Recap Team!


It's been an exciting year for the recap team. We've seen old friends leave and new faces arrive. But one thing that has always stayed consistent is the caps. You love writing blogs, and we love capping them.

With that in mind we thought we would take a moment during the holidays to share a few thoughts and some of our favourite blogs of year with you. We hope next year will be as every-bit amazing as this one!

Our heartfelt holiday wishes go out to each and every community member under our umbrella. Have a great holiday season!

Another year comes to an end for Destructoid, and while the site continues to grow in leaps and bounds, I truly believe its heart lies in its community. Jim Sterling, Dale North, and the other writers are not the people who make Destructoid great. That honor goes to Elsa, VenusInFurs, ScottyG, Funktastic, Qalamari, Wrenchfarm and the other community members who have poured so much of themselves into the community to make it what it is.

Sure, you can go to the front page of Destructoid and read news and game reviews, but you can get that type of emotionless information from any one of the hundred plus gaming sites on the internet. The Dtoid community is where you go connect with other gamers, and the games themselves, on a more personal level. It's a place of heated debate, but also a place of well thought out intelligent conversation
about the gaming industry. It's a place where any person, whether they are young or old, can share a personal story about gaming that has had a deep and meaningful impact on their life. I challenge you
to find that on the front page of any video game website out there. I bet you won't, but you will find it on a daily basis here in the Dtoid community.

When I look back at 2011 and try to remember the best blogs I read, they are always ones where people tried to share an emotional connection they made with gaming. Elsa is one of the best people at doing this on the site, but there are hundreds of others as well. Unfortunately I did not name any of her blogs in my top 5 favorite of the year, but in my opinion she could have her own category to distinguish and celebrate the great writing she's done. Most of the blogs I'm going to list were not promoted to the front page, but they all should have been in my opinion. They all represent what makes this community so great.

Thanks Destructoid, for another great year. You make me proud to call myself the weekend recapper.

- Upon finding out that his childhood friend Melissa died in a car accident, VenusInFurs writes this touching blog to thank her for getting him into gaming. This is a blog that really stuck with me on a personal level throughout the year, and you should all read it.

- The first game Mollygos ever played was Pocahontas for the Sega Genesis, and he recalls in this blog what that experience was like.

- MowDownJoe tells us about how playing and beating Okamiden caused him to miss his dog.

- Everyone always wants to write about how women are portrayed in games, but VenusInFurs finally turned the topic on its head and wrote instead about how men are portrayed in games; specifcally fathers. This blog was front paged, and it rightfully deserved to be.

- The final blog I want to highlight is this one written by Wry Guy. It's not a deeply emotional blog, but it does touch on some things that all of us as gamers need to think about as we grow up and mature.

Year end stuff is always potentially embarrassing for me. Due to my propensity of enjoying stuff long after I should have, and having a long term memory that seems to just mash everything together so differentiating from one year to the next becomes rather difficult. Thus I will take the lazy way out and not mention specific blogs.

There were quite a few bloggers whose work I always enjoyed GunSage's compilations lists were a great trip back in time (even if a lot of the games weren't so great.) Elsa's take on both being a female and a middle aged gamer gave a unique perspective into how gamers view each other. TheManChild has given some very good work lately. Caiters, whose quality work netted her a staff position. And plenty of blogs that are just well written personal stories from the likes of Beyamor (I really want to spell that Beyamour),LawofThermalDynamics, Stephanie K, bbain, StriderHoang, and many others who deserve more recognition than I'm giving them. I also wanted to give recognition to of course our lovely Jonathan Ross who has carried the Musings/Bloggers Wanted banner flying high, and everybody who has either started or carried on traditions like the FNF blogs.

Now like all my regular ScottyGasms, this one will end with me saying how I'm pretty tired and should get some sleep. You can let yourself out if you need to be somewhere, just please lock up and slide the key through the mail slot. Happy Holidays everybody! <3

I won't even pretend I've given the cblog recaps the time and attention that the others have this year. I applied for a reservist position in June, got taken on as staff in July, and now every time I see a regular recapper need help I'm forced to shrug and say to myself "I've still got all my feature shit to do." Because of that I'm stepping down as a reservist. I wish all the guys that have done this the best of luck and my best wishes. They do an awesome job. They are part of what makes Destructoid's blogging community great. They get less respect than they deserve, but that's not exactly anyone's fault. When they are out there doing it every day then some people are bound to take what they do for granted. Here are my five choices for community blogs of the year:

Occams electric toothbrush is my muse. Seeing his end of year blog made me do all the things that Wayne's World's tagline merely promised.

Anus Mcphanus told us back in May that we should have faith in Sonic Generations. At the end of October, we found that his faith paid off.

Corduroy Turtle's BUY IT/AVOID IT reports are pure class. I hope we see more of them in 2012.

bbain did 10 batches of 5 freeware indie games you should play. That's 50 free indie games! Why are you still sitting here reading this?

knutaf not only delivered a beautiful blog on the synonymy of Cormac McCarthy's The Road and indie hit Limbo, but it also features here because it was a knutaf blog where he didn't talk about a Souls game! Who'da thunk it? (just kidding buddy) * *

Sometimes I don't think I've aged a day after I hit twelve years old. Mentally I mean - I shave now.

Waiting under the tree for me this year I've got Batman: Arkham City, Battlefield 3 for Xbox, and a strategy guide for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and I am so super pumped. Sprung as Sir Mix a-Lot might say. Batman, army guys, and super heroes beating up video game characters? It reads like Wrenchfarm's Wishlist '95.

So maybe I'm not the most mature guy around. But that's OK, because I hang around with much cooler people! Everyday I click on the blog reel and am delighted to see reams of smart, funny, and even touching articles written by you, the fine people of Destructoid. You are the kind of people that make me proud and glad to be a gamer.

Yup, this is one of those sappy Holiday posts. I'm gonna do the online equivalent of getting drunk on eggnog and uncomfortably hugging everyone at the party. But if there is one time a year when it's acceptable to get a little mushy, it's the holidays, so bear with me.

I love Dtoid because as a collective, you guys and gals seem to hit the perfect blend of commentary for me. Smart mature gamers that can talk about the industry as adults, without losing sight of the fact that games are meant to be fun. Brainy concepts and wacky hijinks can co-habitate in the same eco-system here. For every post that makes me mull over my morning coffee and contemplate the future of this great medium, there is one that makes me spill that coffee laughing in hysterics.

But most of all I love the personalities. More than any other online community I've ever been a part of, the individual members of Dtoid carry their own voice. I would never have to look at the by-line to pick out a post written by Beyamor – you can spot his style a mile away. If something in a comment thread reads like an academic treatise delivered with a "smarten the hell up" backhand, I will bet cash money it was written by our very own Byronic Man (sorry, that's Stephen Beirne now isn't it? ;p) And of course nobody could ever mistake the wonderfully unique Occams as anybody but himself.

Those few examples are only a small taste of the personality and spirit that make Dtoid such a cool place to be. I was thrilled to join the recappers team this year just as an excuse to spend more time reading at Dtoid.

So yeah, Holiday shout-outs to everyone. Thanks for being so awesome! Here are some blogs I really liked this year!

Videogame Manual mini-guide - Uber Mashu
Uber Mashu wrote the bible for those of us who don't play well with others. His hilarious social play instructional manual for the "P2 Press Start" musing was one of my absolute favourite blogs of the year and it kills me that it didn't get frontpaged or topsauced. At least it can get some holiday cheer! The descriptions of his online and real-life friends/enemies combine that perfect mixture of humour and tension I love.

Oprah and the Kenyan Doctor: A True Story - Lenigod
I have not stopped thinking about this blog since I first saw it. Every time I see or hear anything about Oprah, all I can think is "I WANT TO PLAY A GAME." Thank you Lenigod, thank you. Pay attention everyone, if you are going to fail-blog, this is the way to do it. Fail so awesome it cycles all the way back to WIN.

I Suck at Games so Bring on Undies and a Knife - Elsa
Elsa gets promoted a lot for a reason. She is goddamn smart. "Undies and a Knife" was her solution to online games with progression trees. Why should the grizzled and skilled soldier with tons of experience under his belt get to trounce noobs with even better gear? Let him show off by shanking them BUCK 'NEKKID. This is the kind of idea that sits in my head and goes from "oh, funny joke concept" to "I MUST PLAY THIS GAME."

In Support of Permadeath - AwesomeExMachina
If you read through my comments, you can see that I come off as a kind of creepy fanboy for AwesomeExMachina. But its not a weird thing. I just really want to receive his seed and birth his genius writer children for him, that's all. Honestly, I could have just tossed a dart at his blog wall and hit an example worth showcasing, but I'm going to go with his musing about perma-death. It inspired me to try a few "hardcore" runs on some of my favourite games. It was intense!

The Myth of the Hero - Knufaf
Knutaf tells it how it really went down! This post may only be a month old, but its definitely one of the best of the year. I was in stitches reading this – sometimes because I had used the exact same cowardly tactics myself. Other times because I suffered for hours trying to trump a challenge the "right way" while Knutaf breezed right through (damn you forest cats!) Pro Tip: If you want to be topsauced on a Tuesday, just mention Dark Souls. It will happen.

Hello friends! 2011 has been such an exciting year for me. In fact, it was just March of this year when I came out from lurking and decided to write my first blog for the Destructoid community. It's been less than a year since I became an active member in the community, and look where it's gotten me! I've landed the humble position as a volunteer member of the recapping team, and it's one of the best decisions I've made. I want to thank you all for writing such wonderful blogs, and for being generally amazing people. I appreciate all of your thoughts and ideas and humor; they make my job very worthwhile, and I love being able to give back to the community by recapping all of these wonderful things for you all. Destructoid has begun to feel like my very own home on the Internet, thanks
to the amazing community, and I plan to stick around for a very long time.

I hope you all found 2011 to be a fantastic year as well, and I hope you will continue to share your thoughts with us here in the community blogs. It was tough choosing my favorite blogs of the year, but here are a few that definitely stood out to me. Enjoy! :D

Freedom Breaking Reality's Chains - Stephanie K
This is my personal choice for Blog of the Year! Scissors already gave this superb blog by Stephanie K some special topsauce, but I felt it definitely deserved all the attention it could get. Many people use video games as a coping mechanism, and Stephanie was brave enough to share some of her personal experiences with us. I'm sure any gamer could relate to these kinds of feelings.

The Strategy Guide That Changed my Life - ShadeOfLight
This blog by ShadeOfLight provided a very interesting answer to the question that all gamers have been asked, "What first got you into gaming?" For ShadeOfLight, it was actually a strategy guide rather than a game. And more than just getting him into gaming, it also helped him learn a new language.

A Classification of Multiplayer Experiences - Knutaf
For the P2 Press Start musing topic, knutaf decided to give us an extensive classification of the many types of multiplayer experiences. It's very comprehensive and a lot to read, but it's also very interesting and informative! Thanks for all your hard work, knut!

Room For Emergency: Why I Love Playing the Medic - AwesomeExMachina

Shhhh I'm Being Sneaky: The Wonderful World of Stealth Classes - Wrenchfarm
AwesomeExMachina and Wrenchfarm gave us two great blogs on a similar theme this year. They both chose their favorite class to play in multiplayer FPS games, and explained what makes those classes so special to them. Being a huge TF2 fan, I was very appreciative of their love for the medic and stealth classes, even though soldier and tank classes happen to be my personal favorites.

A Hoard of The Game - fulldamage
Dragons are all the rage now because of Skyrim, right? Well, just so you know, there are plenty of other games about dragons as well. For the Downloadables musing topic, fulldamage embraced his inner dragon and told us all about the awesome dragon-themed strategy game, Hoard. The style of this blog is just fantastic!

Gamings Greatest Slinky Invisible Women With Huge Asses - Handy
Handy demonstrated his one-of-a-kind sense of humor and excellent observational skills perfectly in this very original list. Ever notice how slinky invisible female characters tend to have huge asses? Unless you are Handy, then probably not. Check out this list of big butts and become enlightened (and possibly aroused)!

It seems like the older I get, the less I potentially care about Christmas and how much faster December passes me by. When I was little, the wait to open my presents on Christmas morning was unbearable and it seemed like ages as I stared at my just-as-old-as-me plastic Christmas tree. Now, I didn't realize Christmas was coming up until a few days ago and I thought, “Oh yeah. I'm gonna need to go Christmas shopping with my sister like every year.” But you know what I want for Christmas? A career. Something I can support myself with so that I can finally move out of my parents' house and become an independent man. So I can finally move onto the next phase of my life all I want to think about is earning money from work and coming home to some apartment where I can relax and hopefully forget about work (though since I have a degree in journalism, that part probably won't come true. I'll probably be taking work home with me).

The most important part of this Christmas wish is that my longtime girlfriend of 4 years moves in with me and we can move our relationship to the next level. So we can properly share the same living space, eat from the same refrigerator, and sleep together in the same bed. A level I like to call, level 5. Relationships at level 5 gain a bonus to their attack attribute equal to half their level. Also, as long as we're talking about Christmas wishes, here are some more I'd love to see come true.

1. I wish for a high-powered work computer so that my YouTube channel, which amounts to only a hobby due to the limitations of my current hardware, can become something more serious that which I can be proud of. Ok, so maybe this is gift related but this is more about my YouTube channel then the computer itself.
2. A new Phoenix Wright game. Seeing Nick in Marvel 3 makes me really wistful of the Ace Attorney series and no, I don't want another Edgeworth game. I said Ace Attorney, not prosecutor. Get on it Shu
3. Quality high speed internet. I'm not asking for Fios per se, but I would like something that'd allow me to continue doing business on a computer without thinking it'll throttle my performance on my console gaming or streaming device. Where I live now, my dad uses a laptop and my mom watches Netflix, so bandwidth is precious. I probably don't have to worry about this if I just live with my girlfriend but it doesn't hurt to have nice internet.
4. Some sort of karma on Jim Sterling.
5. And of course, a good night's sleep together with my girlfriend. Because it deserves to be mentioned again.

I wish I could make a living off my skills as a writer. But you guys here at Dtoid are what keep me going. Any journalist or writer worth anything will tell you that you should never stop writing. I've seen my fair share of blogs complaining about how their writing isn't taking them anywhere. But blogging on Dtoid is worth it because it keeps me writing. The community is active and an active blog is always encouraging. And encouragement is an important thing to a struggling writer. Because someday, a hirer will see only your most recent stuff that came about because of how active you are on the community and you may attain your dreams.

So merry Christmas Dtoid! Here's to another year stuck with Jim Sterling!

I Can't See You - Elsa
If you frequent the Cblogs, you'll know Elsa has some real quality stuff in both content and view point. As a young, 23-year-old gamer, I don't know what it's like for someone over 40 who games. Hell, I don't personally know anyone over 40 who games. Elsa always provides that perspective that you scarcely find anywhere else and every fap her blogs get is deserved.

Obscurity - Don Don Kat Don
This blog brought up a lot of nostalgic memories of when I was still in college. My friends would often go to Little Tokyo to enjoy its joys like the weeaboos we were. And more often then not, someone would drop quarters in the Taiko Master game because it embodied so much we liked about Little Tokyo into one game: something wildly Japanese that you can't find anywhere else but not so foreign that it flies over our heads.

A Girl Named Tessa - ZombieNinja
As someone with a degree in journalism, seeing a typo is not a good sign. But I instantly fell in love with this blog because of the sappy love story between gamer and girl next door. As far as I know, there
are only three people who won't get all mushy from reading this story: terrorists, zombies, and communists. It's also such a sweet story because I see myself and my girlfriend in the story as well. Eff'in D'AAAWWWW.

Jim Sterling is the Antichrist Apparently - TheManchild
Anyone can write a reaction blog about Jim Sterling's shenanigans with his MW3 review. But ManChild woke me up. Who the fuck cares. People who hate on MW3 already can't be convinced of anything rational so why feed them?

Sandwichtoid: Gobun Wachugrubbin - Gobun
How does a blog with just pictures of delicious sandwiches (and a Mexcian sandwich, which should actually be a torta Gobun) get so many faps? Well, those sandwiches are certainly tasty looking.

The Blood Pact - Stephanie K
Have you ever spilled blood in order to get a game? I don't think so.

I don't putter about our fair site with the same feverish drive I once possessed, but by no means has that sweet spot in my heart for this ol' home of ours diminished. Saints alive, kids, what a year it was and how this prickly and aloof love of mine has swelled.

Speaking of me, this was my first blog as a recapper. Yeah, boorish to pick my own blog, I know, but stay with me here. Or don't, really, who am I to stop you? I've mentioned ad nauseum how pleased I was to have the opportunity to serve as a recapper. Nothing makes you appreciate the relentless force of our troup of feisty wordsmiths quite like taking an evening to read every dang blog produced. And I'll repeat myself to say that I'm forever impressed by the talent and passion these internet amigos muster because hey, it's still true.

Speaking of community cheer and, my favourite subject, me again, Qal's call-to-arms in my name perforated my cold, hard, robotic outer shell to lay the emotional smackdown on my nougaty inner feeling bits. Again, speaking personally here, going to PAX was an experience without par. Meeting these wonderful electronic people in their oh-so-touchable flesh somehow surpassed every expectation and the memory of their sparkle souls will forever adorn the Christmas tree of my life as the most sultry of tinsel. If reading Qal's blog there moved me, meeting him rocked me like a squidy hurricane.

In passing, I'd love to throw some love at this neat blog by Om Nom. Mr. On Souls is a fantastic writer and I'd encourage everyone to go back and read his work, but this particularly neat piece is, uh, cool. Yep. That's all I've got. Zam.

There's plenty of other blogs by Corduroy, Knut, or any number of folks I'd pick out here. Heck, I could pick every blog from one of Occams' Thoughts. However, I'm writing this at the last possible minute and to the detriment of real-life goings-on, so we'll wrap this up here. Eh? Wrap it up. Like the presents. Well, aight, one more. I'll say it again, some days we talk about sandwiches.

I guess it's the end of the year. November and December happened so fast, I barely can register this. Looking back on the year, the entire thing has actually flown by. One of the few constants I have is Destructoid. There are amazing people here that keep me reading on a daily basis. For five years now! You c-blog guys are a big part of that.

As far as "best of year" lists go, this is one in which I'm happy to participate, yet worried about. I want to include everybody, but that would render my list fucking pointless. So, just know that if you wrote something good this year, I probably read it and considered it for my choices. You most likely know who you are :) There are so many great writers here; this really is tough.

Here are my choices for blogs of the year 2011, in no particular order:

---This one. This blog was fascinating, engrossing, and touching. It's a reminder as to what videogames can be. It was specifically about Fallout: New Vegas; and a testament to not only the medium, but Bethesda. Their games can be so many different things to different people. The freedom they afford is something that is somehwat unique, even from other games. This arc is a doozy in FNV, and reading it from a fellow player's perspective is quite something. Whether or not you've played the game, as fellow enthusiasts, you should be able to appreciate this story. Nathsies did an excellent job with this one. Please read it, as it was criminally underlooked. It's a tad spoilerific, but well worth it.

---This one is more or less a continuation of another blog series, and that's a good thing. I love reading these; they're sharp, well-written mini-reviews. CT's always got the words. There's enough information that you can decide if you're interested, and it's usually somehow summed up in a single sentence at the end. If there was one word I had to use to describe Corduroy's series, it would be quality. Here's the first issue of TBiAiR.

---(This isn't quite the one I had in mind, but apparently the one I did is hidden now)
Alpha, as some of you may know, finished volume one of a Destructoid community album this year. If you haven't heard it, I suggest you do so ASAP. Not only does this blog contain that album, but so much more. This here is a HUGE collection of Alpha's work, in youtube form. Alpha is a great musician, and he used his talents to create something uniquely for us. The fact that giving is such a running theme on Destructoid makes me proud to be here. If anyone needs a last-minute gift for giving, might I suggest From Alpha to Omega?

---CaptainBus. Can't find him anywhere. For our next mahstahpiece, I've gone with this ingenious use of the c- blogs. It's a fantastic choose-your-own adventure that reads like a cross between those books, text adventure games, and an E3 experience as told by a Nyquil addict. You really must go through it if you haven't. You have the chance to learn the true nature of Cliffy B, if you don't let that van with the doors distract you. I got a real kick out of doing this (multiple times!) and I'm pretty sure I saw Elsa's breasts. Cheers to this very clever blog(s) from CaptainBus. (A truly stunning doppleganger of Sean Daisy)

---Talk about a late entry. Reading an Occams special is always a treat. It's like candy for that part of your brain that decides what color is really awesome, or when to stop the bleeding. This one in particular is filled with Haikus, which, admittedly, are in no short supply on the internet, but Occams wrote it. Come revel in the poetry, the boners, and the cementing of Occams' face as the new Destructoid mascot.

So, there ya go. 2011 hasn't been much of year for me, personally, but the time spent of Destructoid has made it better. Thanks and <3 to y'all.

Lots of amazing Blogs this year; it's difficult to just pick 5. I've been reading blogs every day ever since I since I got hooked on this community, and I wish I could remember all the wonderful blogs I've read. I hope you all have a happy holiday this weekend. As for me I'm just going to be doing typical Christmasy stuff, January 1st is my 21st birthday, though. I'm not sure what I'm going to do yet. Now that I'm old enough to drink I no longer feel like drinking, I always had older cousins who could buy alcohol so it was never hard for me to get my hands on it.

Now back to C-Blogs. I'm trying not to repeat any of the same blogs so I'll do a couple of quick shout outs here. BBain's Freeware series was a really great way to find new games, I still go back to them for some recommendations because there is lots of good stuff there. Elsa is a legendary Dtoider for a reason; unsurprisingly everything she wrote this year was a great read. Stephanie K is a great story teller; her writing just sucks you in. HKK Studious did a really cool thing when he decided to put community members into his upcoming game. Pretty much anybody's blog who I've fapped or commented on this year was worth reading.

Also equally as important are the comments, the things that fuel people to write blogs. These comments are so much fun, and why I love this community.

Choose Your E3 Adventure - Sean Daisy
Captain Bus (now Sean Daisy) wrote a ton of great blogs this year, but this blog is truly remarkable. He made a choose you own adventure blog with multiple endings. This is one of the most creative and unique blogs I've ever seen. Not only was the idea great, but it was executed wonderfully and was sprinkled with lots of humor.

Virtual-boy 3D Gaming for Men - tsunamikit
I don't have much to say other than this Virtual Boy blog had me laughing into stitches. It was just very very funny, I really enjoy good satire. Tsunamikitsune also wrote a pretty good blog about RPG hybrid games.

Saying Goodbye to a Friend - VenusInFurs
Venus absolutely rocked the Cblogs this year, he wrote these incredibly emotional blogs that were just real. Every time he wrote something the faps and comments would just come flooding in. There's just this raw honesty that comes through his writing that make Venus easy to empathize with. Not only were the blogs great, but the comment sections were equally as good with lots of Dtoiders sharing personal stories and experiences. These blogs really brought the community together, and these blogs were one of the reasons that I decided to get really invested into the C-Blogs. Also Wolfy admitted to jerking off to a Sonic character in one of Venus's blogs; that was priceless.

Dead to Red Shepard - Handy
Handy Is a brilliant Satire artist. Between this blog, the one about invisible women with big asses, and his collection of fan art he had the C-blogs collectively laughing. His “Death To Red Shepard” blog was just perfect. If you don't remember this was at the time that the internet was going mental over blonde Shepard winning the game cover contest. This blog pointed out the hypocrisy of the situation and was just hilarious.

C-Blog Interviews: Alphadeus - Law of Thermal Dynamics + Alphadeus
Law conducted lots of amazing interviews this year, but AlphaDeus's interview struck me the hardest. It was a hard reminder that this community is more then just user names and avatars; we're actual people facing real hardships. This was also the first time I was introduced to AlphaDeus 's music, which is a spectacular thing. He's just very talented, his songs have these unique immersion driving textures, and there's just this atmosphere and emotion that sucks me into this world of sound he's created. From Alpha To Omega
is an incredible album, put on some headphones and listen to this album at night, and just got lost in this music. It's good, really damn good.

Dag yo! Well, it’s been a hell of a year with a litany of crazy, exciting, and interesting things that happened to myself and the Destructoid community! In my life, I’ve graduated from university, am looking for a full-time office job, but it’s a very tough and competitive market, while working a couple part-time jobs and going for interviews. It doesn’t help that I’m also looking into getting a house, managing a stock portfolio and still trying to get caught up on writing my A Compulsive Collector’s Haul series (it’s been 7 months since I last blogged).

Still, I’ve noticed changes as usual, since my first days of lurking back in 2006, before finally “joining” the site in the summer of 2008. This past year, we’ve seen some familiar faces like Y0j1mb0, Nick Chester, Pico Mause, Kryptinite, Pheonix Blood (or Hollie Bennett for you never folk! =P), Togail, and numerous others depart the site, some with great fanfare, others just letting real life catch up to them. You have some that just found they were too “addicted” to being online, others moving on to new challenges and adventures after getting their foot in the door with Destructoid, some having children, or some just falling off the face of the planet it seems.

While these members have unfortunately left our community, we’ve always had new ones come in and help change things up or having new “cliques” form that just seem to make sense and add a great new dimension to the site. I mean you have the crew of knutaf, Corduroy Turtle, ChillyBilly, LawofThermalPoopmatics (hahaha!), Beyamor, SteezyXL, and the rest of those guys forming a tight knit crew and having a ball. Not to forget that they’re all great bloggers and contributors to the site as well. It’s just so nice and pleasant, seeing how this “little” site that some guy who grew up in Cuba and had a dream, has managed to bring so many of us together, be it just solely from the site, or to actually meeting the fact behind that avatar, at events such as PAX, PAX East, MAGFEST, etc.

I mean, even this crew of Cblog Recappers has changed pretty drastically over the past year. Having had people who unfortunately had to step down from the position like GamesAreArt and Anonymouse, to those who just disappeared without a word like pendelton21 (which is how I “inherited” Tuesdays for close to a year), to those who just found it was time to let someone else have a chance, like megaStryke (otherwise known as Tony Ponce), and Qalamari. This mixture of the old and new guards has made the Recaps, which is still running strong between the numerous other solely community driven experiments that have come and gone, something that I still hold dear and wish to continue to be a part of. With myself, Mr. Squid, ScottyG, and SilverDragon1979, pretty much being part of this for what feels like “forever,” to our new and fresh faces like StriderHoang, bbain, and Scissors, to long-time members who just feel like they wanted to contribute more like smurfee mcgee, Wrenchfarm, and Beyamor, and then finally to our “staff” that join us in our lovely group, with Mr Andy Dixon and Sean Daisy (for you old schoolers, CaptainBus), it’s been lovely.

I’m not going to lie, I haven’t had the time to go back and find my top blogs of the year, but besides everyone I’ve already listed here so far, a few others that I’ll mention as being awesome and consistent bloggers I thoroughly enjoy include: manasteel88 with his off kilter comics in games and great desire to get donations for charity, Stevil who still continues to be one of my favourite bloggers who somehow hasn’t even had the chance to be an intern on the site, Elsa with her well thought out blogs that always provoke discussion, Occams electric toothbrush because . . . come on . . . it’s Occams!, and holy hell . . . I’m now drawing a blank . . . I blame it on being super hella late and being at 4:37AM in the morning. Regardless, if I unfortunately missed you, I call a “my bad,” but rest assured, if I commented on your blog with any form of consistency, it was probably because I enjoyed your work.

I feel like I’m rambling now, plus I’m doing this at the last minute to get it in, but that’s just what time and real life has done to me. What matters to me though, is that even with all these changes, new people coming, old timers leaving, new and awesome features, stupid ass trolls and failblogs littering the Cblogs, controversies and opinions flooding the front page, Twitter, etc., for the most part, we’re all still family. It was a good year for blogs, especially with a lot of new faces. There were times where it was drastically dry, or something that’s been done a million times, reared its ugly head again, but that is to be expected. I didn’t seem to follow the plan for this that well, but these were just my thoughts on the past year in general and about the blogs. As I said, twas a great year for blogs, here’s hoping for the next one to be just as lovely and wonderful, a Happy Holidays to you all. Plus, remember to show, tell, and give much love to the one who made this all possible for us, Niero, as he’s the one we should be most thankful to, for following his dream and essentially, bringing all together. Thank you Destructoid community for the good times and the bad, and until I get caught up, latez mates! ^_^
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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

My favorite example of this would be Meruem from the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. While he doesn’t necessarily fit the exact mold I laid out above, he’s easily one of the most dynamic and curious villains I’ve ever come across. For the sake of not spoiling what is perhaps one of the most exciting, action-packed, and tear-inducing arcs in anime history, I won’t delve into the details of what makes Meruem so great. Instead I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen Hunter x Hunter to set aside some time and plow through the series. Really, it’s that good.

But hey, that’s just how I feel. I’m sure there are folks out there who prefer their villains to be simple. If I ever met one of these theoretical people I might have a panic attack, but I’ll deal with that should the time come. I’m sure after some deep breaths we would get along. Maybe we could even snuggle, should my husband allow such an event to transpire.

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