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Last year, 15 blogs: le fussed. This year, 15 blogs: Le CRUSHED. Flame, dear children, signs the demarcation 'tween the Chosen, the Ashen...and the Crestfallen, the Cindered. So the blogs might be mended. Umbasa.


Apparently one of the new reservists actually knocked a wall in during The Initiation. Considering the contents seem covered in glow-in-the-dark paint, they must be pretty old and may scare their new owners when night comes.


The bell rings dear children, drawing in the swine from the gutters and the nobles of palaces alike to the Recap Mansion. We are currently looking for a new recapper of tuesdays blogs, and you should feel free to submit yourself for consideration.


Ssshhh, it's okay, the recaps are coming soon...


I hope you have yourself a lovely little day surrounded by the people you love who love you too. Maybe even use all the sales going on to send someone you care about a gift? A small game to let them know that someone cares about them no matter what.


This new podcast I'm listening to about Revolutions makes me worry about the Roundheads in the Reservist Shed. Must make sure to install a fake duke among them to make sure that I know exactly when they plan to overthrow the crown.


Accurate depiction of Hypno 'Baby Face' Coffin.


Recapping is just so good, oh man. I never want to stop.


The Reservist Shed got me a new t-shirt for my birthday. How thoughtful.


In interest of avoiding Recap Sandwich War VI, I attach a scientific document on what defines a sandwich and what does not.


You folks should write lots of blogs tomorrow to help welcome in the newest addition to the Cblog Recaps crew! I hear that he's super charming, handsome, and funny...


If I had to sum up my brand of games journalism, it would be "Welcome to Tiny Train World" as spoken by the Guardian in reference to 1984.


I hope you young 'uns have a good weekend, day-dreaming about Nintendo's recent Switch revelations. If your day was good, I hope it keeps on being good through the weekend. If your day was bad, tomorrow is another separate day of wondrous possibilities.


The Reservist Shed's reaction to Pony Island was a little harsh.


Check out this sick fuckin' filth. Costs £24.99 for the theme, and you get the spyware that is Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Zombie Mode maps with it. Worth it to tongue the delicate-tasting screen with my eyes.


Interestingly, Bernard Matthews sent the Reservist Shed a complaint in the form of a video. I think they're no longer allowed field trips to the local farm.


Thought "oh, lemme check out this Law & Order people keep praising". Don't think I'll watch it ever again. Too absurdist.


Credit for the picture to: https://twitter.com/TanakaIsaki. Just wanted to share a cheery thing! Hope your day is going well and ends on a good note.


Can we have a small community hug? Every single one of you are special. A community is a collection of people and without you to submit your interpretation, we'd be less of one. Everything will be okay one way or another, no matter how things look.


That GajKnight is such a hunk right? Man, I wish my ass was as tight as dat boi's. What a babe magnet. If only everyone was as cool and pretty as GajKnight. This is a message from your friendly neighbourhood child abductor, ShadeofLight.


Recap for yesterdays blogs will be posted next week. In the meantime please have this video that we play every hour on the hour in the reservist shed.


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