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Community Blog Analytics for May 2015!


Continued from last month's analytics. Kindly read the intro for that one for more information.

MAY 2015

total of 255 blogs were posted this month!
At the time this post went up, of those blogs have been promoted to the front page!
- That's less than last month's 290 blogs & 7 promoted blogs.
- This year's current record is 341 blogs & 16 promoted (February).
- 1 May blog was promoted on June.

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of promoted blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of May 2015!)

The Cblog Recap team was able to post 30 recaps this month!
- Includes Monthly recap, Analytics and Podgasms.
- Recaps, along with this very blog post are not included in the total number of blogs and all the other stats that follow.

- For curiosity's sake, the 30 recaps have accumulated a total of 412 comments and 263 faps.

109 unique members posted a blog this month!
- That's less than last month's 126.
- This year's current record is 149 (January).

Among those members, may we congratulate ScreamAid for posting the most number of blogs at 11 blogs!
- This year's current record is 15 (TheDustinThomas, April).

Other top bloggers of this month (as determined solely by post count):

10 - Titannel
9 - TheDustinThomas
8 - Dreamweaver
8 - Lord Spencer
8 - TheKodu
8 - wutangclam
7 - n0signal
6 - anystorm0
5 - El Dango
5 - JPF720
5 - PS FNF
5 - Terry 309

This month, we had 2 monthly musings topics, prompting 11 blogs to be written!

Papers, Please - 5
Thick as Thieves - 6

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of monthly musings blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of May 2015!)

Note: I shall display stats that both include and exclude the promoted blogs, with the latter being the "default". For the former, the promoted blogs will be documented as part of the day it was originally published.

The most blogged day was Friday the 12th, with 18 blogs!
- 5 less than last month's 23.
- This year’s current record is 23 (April).

The least blogged days were Sunday the 17th and Monday the 25th, with 4 blogs :[
- 3 less than last month's 1.
- This year’s current record is 1 (April).

On average, there were about 8 blogs a day!
- 1 less than last month's 9.
- This year’s current record is 11(12 if you count promoted blogs)(Feb).

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

First post of the month: Cblogs of 04/30/15 + For once, can people just sit down and talk?
Last post of the month: Call Me Contra: Hotline Miami Series Review, Part 1

total of 4031 comments were posted on the Cblogs this month!
- 4114 if you count promoted blogs.
- Last month: 3658|4287.
- This year’s current record is 5697|6838 (Feb).

The most commented day was Tuesday the 5th, with 275 comments!
Lower than last month's 349.
This year’s current record is 479 (Feb).

The least commented day was Sunday the 3rd, with 43 comments :[
- Higher than last month's 3.
- This year’s current record is 3 (April).

On average, there were about 130 comments a day!
- 132 if you count promoted blogs.
- Last month: 120|142.
- This year’s current record is 203|244 (Feb).

20 blogs received no comments :[
- 2 less than last month.
- This year’s current record is 22 (April).

The most commented blog was Grow a thicker skin Destructoid and bring back Hoffmann by Lord Spencer, with 166 comments!
- Lower than last month's 168.
- This year’s current record is 168 (April).

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

In total, the Dtoid community fapped 1649 times!
- 1691 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 2089|2211.
- This year’s current record is 2809|3212 (Feb).

The most fapped day was Tuesday the 10th, with 127 faps!
- Lower than last month's 223.
- This year’s current record is 223 (April).

The least fapped day was Sunday the 25th, with 7 faps :[
- Higher than last month's 1.
- This year’s current record is 1 (April).

On average, there were about 53 faps a day!
- 54 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 69|73.
- This year’s current record is 100|114 (Feb).

14 blogs went through the month fap-free :[
- 2 more than last month.
- This year’s current record is 22 (Mar).

The sluttiest blog was 4 Years of Destructoid: Mushy Words from an about videogames writer by Steven Hansen, with 41 faps!
- Lower than last month's 108.
- This year’s current record is 108 (April).

18 blogs (including promoted ones) received at least 20 faps this month!
- Lower than last month's 24.
- This year’s current record is 51 (Feb).

Other most fapped blogs of this month:
Note: Since they're not that many, I'm listing down all of them.

39 - My mom gives us the skinny on the sexiest men in gaming
37 - Comments of the Week - What you've been waiting for
33 - Hello, I'm Occams. Ask me a Question
31 - Comments of the Week - Kick that candy bar, I got a bounty for y'all
29 - Hey, Dtoid! Here's 5 (More) Things about me! (NSFW)
28 - Comments of the Week - Monday surprise!
28 - Comments of the Week - Prototype Pt.2
26 - I'm Pixie The Fairy. You can ask me things and stuff.
25 - Comments of the Week - It was just a Tuesday edition
*24 - The Dtoid community's best blogs of April 2015!
21 - The 34th Splatoon - See what I did there? (NSFW!)
21 - I feel invisible, alone. I feel like The Silence.
20 - Now that's what I call a AMA! (I'm so sorry)
20 - A Gardevoir for all Seasons
20 - Things I do when my internet at home is down
20 - You can ask whatever you like (yeah) - AMAA!
20 - The Grandest of Introductions


(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

It has not exactly been a pleasure to review these past two months, for they have been the worst we've had recently (solely in terms of blog activity). April started out pretty strong. However, it's momentum was really hurt by the many initial problems of the site redesign. Visibility I would say was one problem. For quite a number of days, the cblog's small section on the front page was not even there. For a while, I thought they didn't even intend to bring it back, which really bummed me out. Certain cblog features like filters and the fap button didn't work. Certain elements like the user's "about me" section did not display properly. In some days, you couldn't even write a blog at all.

Plenty of those issues have been fixed, though some less pressing but noticeable issues still remain. However, the damage by that rather rocky relaunch has been done. Plenty of regulars still remain as active as ever, but it's always nice to see new and different faces come around.

Just looking at these past few days, June is shaping up to be much better, but who knows? Though with E3 right around the corner and we're already getting a few major announcements before it even starts, I'm feeling prety hopeful for this month. Many news coming out means many things to talk and write about. But it's not just up to the bloggers but also the readers to keep this blogging community alive and lively. Interact more! Post comments! Vote for the blogs you enjoyed! I know I get more happy and motivated to write more when my stuff gets lots of positive response. (I should also follow my own advice:P) So with that, I wish we all do our best this month of June and in the months to come. 

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy @MareOnTheMoon

P.S. You have no idea how many times I involuntarily went "Tuturu ♪" and "Everyday Young Life June-su ♪", playing the Steins;Gate then Persona 4 anime for background noise while working on these and other things.

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