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Community Blog Analytics for June 2015!


Click here for last month's analytics.

As expected, working on this has been a lot less of a hassle than it was on the old spreadsheet I was using. Like last month, it only took around 2 hours to record everything. Back then, it took around 2 hours every week. That really freed up some time for me to improve on other aspects of this. I've decided to do some trimming and rearranging, which even opened up room for some additional stuff. Saved a couple of lines by removing those "last month, it was ___" bits in favor of a simple up/down arrow with how much the stat increased/decreased compared to last month's. Also removed a few whitespaces and moved the Cblog Recap Team stats to the very bottom. However, I also added list for the most commented blogs and a more detailed note on why I separate the promoted blogs. Reviewing this post, the length ended up to be more or less the same :P

There was something else I was planning to change. However, I was not able to finish or even fully conceptualize it in time for when this post needs to go up. Something for you guys to look forward to on the next edition, I guess ♪

JUNE 2015

A total of 311 blogs were posted this month! (↑56)
At the time this post went up, 7 of those blogs have been promoted to the front page! (↑4)
- This year's current record is 341 blogs & 14 promoted (February).
- 1 June blog was promoted on July.
- 1 blog from April and 3 from May were also promoted during this month.
Note: It's been decided that the Monthly Recaps, and the Bloggers Wanted and Band of Bloggers prompts are no longer counted in the tally of promoted blogs. New counts are as follows: Feb - 14, Mar - 7, Apr - 6, May - 3.

This month, we had 2 monthly musings topics, prompting 22 blogs to be written!
Bloggers Wanted: Hype & E3 Predictions - 17
Band of Bloggers: Open Range - 5
(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of promoted and monthly musings blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of June 2015!)

On average, there were about 10 blogs a day! (↑2)
- This year's current record is 12 (Febuary).

The most blogged day was Thursday the 18th, with 18 blogs! (-)
- This year's current record is 23 (April).

The least blogged days were Saturday the 13th and Tuesday the 30th, with 5 blogs :[ (↑1)
- This year's best is 6 (February) and the worst is 1 (April).

133 unique members posted a blog this month! (↑24)
- This year's current record is 149 (January).

Among those members, may we congratulate Manchild for setting the new record for most frequent blogger at 17 blogs! (↑6)
- Previous record: TheDustinThomas - 15 (April).

Most frequent bloggers of the month (arranged alphabetically for ties):
17 - Manchild
12 - OverlordZetta
11 - SeymourDuncan17
11- TheKodu
10 - ScreamAid
9 - James Internet Ego
8 - RadicalYoseph
8 - TheDustinThomas
6 - Dreamweaver
6 - KiiWy
6 - n0signal
6 - Pixie The Fairy
6 - TheLimoMaker
(For the number of entries in these lists, I try to cap it at 10, letting it go over a bit if there are ties.)

On promoted blogs: Because they receive much greater exposure once it gets promoted to the front page, I've decided that it is best to exclude the promoted blogs from all the stats from this point of the blog onward (except for the most commented/fapped blogs lists). While it also means disregarding the comments/faps they've obtained before they got promoted, I believe keeping them in would bloat the perceived level of activity we have in the Cblogs that these very analytics aim to tell us (and it would be too much of a hassle to keep a separate record of its data before and after it got promoted, since I have no control on when that would happen). Promoted blogs are still documented as part of the day they were originally published, to contribute to the "most/least blogged day" stats. For curiosity's sake, how certain stats would turn out if the promoted blogs were included are available as a sidenote.

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

First post of the month: Wave 4 Amiibo Lucina Review
Last post of the month: Cblogs of 6-29-15 + ¯\_(ツ)_/¯-isms

A total of 3925 comments were posted on the Cblogs this month! (↓106)
- 5170 if you count promoted blogs. (↑1056)
- This year's current record is 5697|6838 (Febuary).

On average, there were about 130 comments a day! (-)
- 172 if you count promoted blogs. (↑40)
- This year's current record is 203|244 (Febuary).

The most commented day was Monday the 8th, with 317 comments! (↑42)
- This year's current record is 479 (Febuary).

The least commented day was Friday the 3rd, with 46 comments :[ (↑3)
- This year's best is 57 (March) and the worst is 3 (April).

27 blogs received no comments :[ (↑7)
- This year's best is 15 (February) and the worst is 27 (June).

The most commented blog was May I have a word with you, Jonathan Holmes? by Luna Sy, with 125 comments! (↓41)
- This year's current record is 174 (January).

If we were to include promoted blogs however, the most commented blog would be An open plea to Square Enix: Don't remove FFVII's turn-based combat by Sephzilla, with 681 (!!!) comments, which may as well set the record for the rest of the year. I believe he deserves a special award for this.

Most commented blogs of the month:
*681 - An open plea to Square Enix: Don't remove FFVII's turn-based combat
*259 - What's the deal with Compile Heart?
*128 - What isn't included in Rare Replay: A comprehensive guide
125 - May I have a word with you, Jonathan Holmes?
101 - Let's get a little gay (hentai) in here (NSFW!)
78 - Introduction and AMA
*73 - What can Yooka-Laylee do?
66 - Comments of the Week - The "Why am I not playing Splatoon right now?" edition
63 - The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms
58 - Comments of the Week - "What the what!?" edition
58 - What's the Best-Looking Game You've Ever Seen?
58 - Tell me your E3 wishes and let us see what the cards reveal...

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

In total, the Dtoid community fapped 2169 times! (↑520)
- 2353 if you count promoted blogs. (↑662)
- This year's current record is 2809|3212 (February).

On average, there were about 72 faps a day! (↑19)
- 78 if you count promoted blogs.
- This year's current record is 100|114 (February).

The most fapped day was Monday the 8th, with 161 faps! (↑34)
- This year's current record is 223 (April).

The least fapped day was Thursday the 4th, with 31 faps :[ (↑24)
- This year's best is 34 (March) and the worst is 1 (April).

21 blogs went through the month fap-free :[ (↑7)
- This year's best is 12 (April) and the worst is 22 (March).

23 blogs (including promoted ones) received at least 20 faps this month! (↑5)
- This year's current record is 51 (February).

The sluttiest blog was It's not goodbye, it's "Smell ya later." by TheDustinThomas, with 47 faps! (↑6)
- This year's current record is 108 (April).

Most fapped blogs of the month:
47 - It's not goodbye, it's "Smell ya later."
40 - Occam Thoughts: Tears of Joy
40 - Comments of the Week - E3 2015 Edition
40 - Pixie is evolving! Let it continue?
38 - May I have a word with you, Jonathan Holmes?
*37 - An open plea to Square Enix: Don't remove FFVII's turn-based combat
36 - "Death is just another path, one that we all must take." - RIP Christopher Lee
35 - The best failblog you will ever read.
35 - Comments of the Week - A little too happy
*34 - Fathers Day
34 - Comments of the Week - "What the what!?" edition

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

- Cblog Recap Team Stats -
29 recaps were posted this month, accumulating a total of 320 comments and 283 faps!
*Includes Monthly Recap, Analytics and Podgasms.
*Posts by CblogRecaps were not included in any of the stats on all the previous sections.

I don't really have much to say about this month aside from it being a pretty good one. Higher numbers all around (I do think those colored indicators help in making that more apparent). Much better than the last two months which was quite a low point for the Cblogs for a number of reasons. We had quite a number of "blanks" this month though. Plenty of blogs were left with not even a single comment and/or fap. And very few participated in our musings topics :( (The "Hype" topic was revised so that E3 prediction blogs would retroactively count under it as well) Perhaps a better and more constant reminder of these prompts may help it gain more participants. I'm inclined to think a lot of people didn't even know there was a call for blogs under those topics. But overall, I think we're getting back on track. July is starting out pretty well already, and I'm hoping that the recent restructuring among the staff and the new additions to the community team would also mean a greater effort to promote the community blogs. Literally even, as in I wanna see more blogs get featured on the front page. We can't leave it all to the staff or community team, of course. Gotta make great blogs of our own!

Also, wanna peek on how I make these? I'll start sharing the file I use. But I'm locking all the sheets. Bet you can't guess the password ;)

Click here to download the thing.

As always, feel free to give comments and suggestions on how this can be improved.

- Luna Sy (You can follow me on Twitter if you want to: @l_unaSy)
Image source: これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

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