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Community Blog Analytics for April 2015!


Click here for last month's analytics.

In this edition of Cblog Analytics, we're having a two-part special to catch up on the previously uncovered month of April. I save the "thoughts" portion I usually write at the bottom for the second part, combining my thoughts for both April and May.

I'm future-proofing this community feature!

After not working on this for the previous month, I've realized just how dragging and time consuming these analytics are, with the kind of setup I currently have. Because the existence of this feature hinges on one's will to actually make it, I decided that finding a way to further simplify and automate the task of creating analytics is necessary for it to continue. I remade the entire Excel file I use to record data. One major improvement this one has over the previous version is that it now includes a master table of all the blogs and its necessary details, which must still be filled up manually. Only now did I realize the the benefits having a master table and recording all of one blog's info right away before moving to the next one. The previous version was set up such that you had to run through the blogs several times for each type of data you wanted to record, one pass for comments, another for faps, etc. Finding and replacing errors was also a hassle in the previous scheme, because without a master table, the data for one blog is spread across multiple tables. You lose track on which value belongs to who and often have to repeat the count for that particular day and data type again.

Now, counting all the blogs/comments/faps for each day, as well as filtering out the recaps and promoted ones on a separate count. It's all automated now, together with the totals, averages and charts. Other non-automated data are also made much easier to obtain, with the ability to sort and filter the master table. Filling up that single, though more detailed table is much more convenient than filling up multiple smaller ones, expecially since on the latter, each cell requires me to type a formula of sorts (I went for the daily totals right away). This time, it's all just single pieces of info. What took me around 2 hours every week (because I also had to update and double check) now takes me 2 hours in just one session. In theory, the new spreadsheet along with this analytics post can now be accomplished all in a single day (or two), at the end of each month.

Most of all, in the event that I am gone or can no longer work on this, anyone can continue making this with relative ease.

I still hope for the day that we can obtain these analytics without any human input at all.

APRIL 2015

total of 290 blogs were posted this month!
At the time this post went up, of those blogs have been promoted to the front page!
- That's less than last month's 335 blogs & 8 promoted blogs.
- This year's current record is 341 blogs & 16 promoted (February).
- 2 April blogs were promoted on May and 1 was promoted on June.

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of promoted blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of April 2015!)

The Cblog Recap team was able to post 30 recaps this month!
- Includes Monthly recap, Analytics and Podgasms.
- Recaps, along with this very blog post are not included in the total number of blogs and all the other stats that follow.

- For curiosity's sake, the 28 recaps have accumulated a total of 444 comments and 300 faps.

126 unique members posted a blog this month!
- That's less than last month's 139.
- This year's current record is 149 (January).

Among those members, may we congratulate TheDustinThomas for posting the most number of blogs at 15 blogs!
- New highest for the year, beating his own record 14 last month.

Other top bloggers of this month (as determined solely by post count):

14 - Titannel
8 - ScreamAid
6 - Johnny Burnes
6 - Rico the Penguin
6 - TheKodu
6 - wutangclam
5 - Agent9
5 - OverlordZetta
5 - RedHeadPeak
5 - Retrofraction
5 - SeymourDuncan17
5 - tenaciousdave
5 - whatsacow

This month, we had 2 monthly musings topics, prompting 15 blogs to be written!

April Fool's  - 1
From Software, With Love - 14

(Consult the monthly recaps for the list of monthly musings blogs: The Dtoid community's best blogs of April 2015!)

Note: I shall display stats that both include and exclude the promoted blogs, with the latter being the "default". For the former, the promoted blogs will be documented as part of the day it was originally published.

The most blogged day was Monday the 1st, with 23 blogs!
- 6 more than last month's 17.
- New highest of the year (Previous record: 22 (Feb)).

The least blogged days were Saturday the 25th and Sunday the 29th, with 1 blog :[
- 4 less than last month's 5.
- New lowest for the year (Previous record: 5 (Mar)).

On average, there were about 9 blogs a day!
- 1 less than last month's 10.
- This year’s current record is 11(12 if you count promoted blogs)(Feb).

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

First post of the month:Short Story: "The Android At The Edge Of The Bar." [NVGR]
Last post of the month: Lest we forget, 2015 has been a good year for horror games!

total of 3658 comments were posted on the Cblogs this month!
- 4287 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 4813|5527.
- This year’s current record is 5697|6838 (Feb).

The most commented day was Friday the 10th, with 349 comments!
Higher than last month's 303.
This year’s current record is 479 (Feb).

The least commented day was Saturday the 25th, with 3 comments :[
- Lower than last month's 57.
- New lowest of the year (Previous record: 40 (Feb)).

On average, there were about 120 comments a day!
- 142 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 155|178.
- This year’s current record is 203|244 (Feb).

22 blogs received no comments :[
- 3 more than last month.
- New highest of the year (Previous record: 19 (Mar)).

The most commented blog was I love you all and that’s why I’m retiring from Dtoid by mrandydixon, with 168 comments!
- Higher than last month's 130.
- New highest of the year (Previous record: 137 (Feb)).

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

In total, the Dtoid community fapped 2089 times!
- 2211 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 2807|2962.
- This year’s current record is 2809|3212 (Feb).

The most fapped day was Friday the 10th, with 223 faps!
- Higher than last month's 157.
- New highest of the year (Previous record: 204 (Feb)).

The least fapped day was Saturday the 25th, with 1 fap :[
- Lower than last month's 34.
- New lowest of the year (Previous record: 25 (Feb)).

On average, there were about 69 faps a day!
- 73 if you count promoted blogs.
- Lower than last month's 90|95.
- This year’s current record is 100|114 (Feb).

12 blogs went through the month fap-free :[
- 10 less than last month.
- This year’s current record is 22 (Mar).

The sluttiest blog was I love you all and that’s why I’m retiring from Dtoid by mrandydixon, with 108 faps!
- Higher than last month's 58.
- New highest of the year (Previous record: 72 (Jan)).

24 blogs (including promoted ones) received at least 20 faps this month!
- Lower than last month's 34.
- This year’s current record is 51 (Feb).

Other most fapped blogs of this month:
Note: In the interest of saving on space, we're only listing down the top 10 most fapped blogs. We'll change the criteria on what is shown here according to what's appropriate for that month. Commentoid, Monthly recaps, Analytics and other community "features" not included.

50 - 10 NEW things about mrandydixon (also, ask me anything!)
40 - Comments of the Week - Just another day
40 - Comments of the Week - Crazy creations
38 - Destructoid is now a pile of stale shit to me
33 - Occam Thoughts: Cream in My Coffee
32 - Destructoid Takes Up Smoking To Seem Cool Again
32 - Study Finds Its About To Get Gay In Here Doesn't Make It Any Gayer In Here
30 - (NVGR) An AMA with Mike Martin/PhilKenSebben
30 - Comments of the Week - Just can't live without you
29 - Announcing The Independent Destructoid Staff Documentary

(Move your mouse over the image to view last month's chart!)

(Click here for next month's analytics)

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