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Cblogs Recaps of 01/16 and Revitalized Striderisms!


I've been on a roll lately. Last year, I would've been hard pressed to find inspiration to write, let alone time to actually do it. Everything conspired to be against me writing, whether it was long shifts at work, new games, holiday shopping, or personal time with my girlfriend. But in the post-holiday lull at Disneyland Resorts, there are less guests coming in, and therefore, less hours. But this isn't a horrible thing necessarily. Less money is certainly not a good thing but living with my parents affords me some wiggle room. More money means more potential to save up and GTFO but for now, less hours are unavoidable due to Christmas and New Year's wearing off at Disneyland and California Adventure.

In short, I've had tons of time to reinvigorate my creative endeavors. So much time to write, so much time to edit videos, so much time to try new games to build more creative endeavors on. If only I could figure out how to continue the Fapcast. Well, in the meantime of scheduling that out, I suppose I could bring back The Write Stuff to suffice while we wait.

So I finally made good on my promise to start Strider's Weeaboo Corner and started with The Pet Girl of Sakurasou. I'm a little sad my girlfriend couldn't get past the very same 5 minutes I warned would turn off most people who were jaded by classic harem tropes. If viewers can only get past the first fifteen minutes and see the introduction of the female lead, Shiina Mashiro, they'd catch a glimpse some anime gold that can hook them. And if you stick it out to the second episode (which might be a lot for a critic to ask his readers) you'd see that the series explores fascinating emotional issues that no other series has really done well in the past. I mean, imagine yourself as a normal person in high school, attending classes alongside bonafide geniuses. People so talented that the counselors just told you to give up and apply for some minimum wage job in retail?

In other animes, I've started Space Brothers. It's decidedly more down to Earth compared to Pet Girl. I'd forgotten to mention that Sorata's reactions are some of the funniest reactions I've heard of any comic foil in an anime, but you'll find humor that'd more in a subdued fashion in Space Brothers. For example, one of the brothers doesn't get fired for simple reasons. He gets fired because his boss was making fun of his little brother, who was in the papers after becoming an astronaut. But he doesn't just get angry at his boss. He straight up head butts him. And not just any head butt either. It was one inspired by Zidane's insane head butt during the 2006 world cup, which he watched himself. Ironically, as a car designer in the near future of 2025, the car used to escort Mutta Nanba off property grounds was the same car he won an award for designing. Hilarious.

Space Brothers is about (if I can start another Weeaboo Corner here) two brothers born in the 2000s, three years apart. During their youth, the brothers encounter a UFO and the duo are inspired to become astronauts. But while the younger one, Hibito, manages to become an astronaut set for the moon, the older one, Mutta, finds his own dream unfulfilled as his younger brother pulls further and further away from him. Until he's accepted by the new astronaut selection program.

I also finally returned Farcry 3, but not before recording a shitload of content for me to play with. I even recently got my hands on a free suite of Adobe CS2, including Photoshop. And I've been having tons of fun just photoshopping random images to go along with my Youtube uploads. I mean, nobody cares what Jason Brody looks like but I derive an unnatural amount of entertainment putting the head of a predator on top of the body of what's supposed to be Jason Brody.

The sky's the limit if I can get back into more games. It's too late for games like UMvC3 though, but I still have my hands on games like Persona 4 Arena and Skyrim. Not to mention some downloadables including an itch to buy Retro City Rampage. I mean, imagine the photoshop opprotunities with a game filled with classic game throwbacks and references. I can already think of at least 3 ideas for a thumbnail involving the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since they chase you at one point in the beginning. I mean, seriously, com'on, they're awesome.

In an unfortunate sense, a lot of the games I'm looking forward to this year are on the 3DS,and I have no way to record footage of that. Still, that doesn't mean I'm not looking forward to Bioshock Infinite, GTAV, MGS Revengance, or Injustice: Gods Among Us. I'm just not feeling any hype from them. Or at least, the same amount of hype I'm feeling alone from Animal Crossing New Leaf or Pokemon X and Y.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I still have tons of things to write, edit, and produce. It's not every week I get even three days off in the work week. Four's a bit much but three is what I've been hoping for since Fall of 2012. Just enough work to earn some honest to god money but still some time off to feel like I've accomplished something. Enjoy a couple more videos in my ISMS!

Oh, I might as well mention that the announcement of Disney Infinite is a big deal for me because I work at the parks. Will we sell the figurines? Can I get a discount? Maybe even the eff'ing game? I'd be down for that like four flat tires.

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~ StriderHoang

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