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Cblogs of 9/4/2017 & 9/11/2017+ Uncharted-isms


With Uncharted 4, the series once again demonstrated that it is the quintessential blockbuster videogame franchise. Taking all the elements of the summer blockbuster, and expanding them into videogame format.

There is the consistent need for spectacle to hide a lack of substance. In formula, each Uncharted series after the first one jumps from one outlandish set-piece into another. While each set-piece is both outlandish and amazing, any connection between them is tumultuous and superficial. If you really think about it, 80% of the things that happen to Nathan Drake make no sense and could have easily been avoided.

Of course, in any of these set-pieces, the awe-inspiring visuals and the magnitude of the event both distract from what is essentially a simple and tension-less gameplay. Similar to the lack of tension in a Superhero movie, there is little incentive to regard Drake’s life with any degree of worry. More than half the game is spent traversing impressive terrain by using one button over and over again, unless using another when prompted. The other half is spent in competent 3rd person shootouts with waves of enemies. Both events have little tension built into them due to their low difficulty (even at higher setting) and the complete lack of punishment for failure.

Then there is the story, which confuses a continuous barrage of witty one-liners with good dialogue. While the first 2 Uncharted games were a little believable in how their characters acted, even embracing the silliness of it all, the last two want to go all Nolan for some reason.

Its as silly as it get sometimes

Face it up Uncharted, your series is about an idiot psychopath who kills a ridiculous amount of people in his way to destroying priceless artifacts. It’s ridiculous that Drake never mentioned having a brother in three games, but its more ridiculous how reacted when “SPOILER” his brother comes back from the grave. Similarly, the idea that two idiots can go and haul more than $400 Million worth of treasure when an army is on their back is ridiculous. Not to mention the fact that the ancient buildings these idiots habitually destroy are worth more than the treasure they are aiming to get.

The attempt to conjure up a poignant story from a blockbuster franchise is similar to the jarring effect of the bloody “Family” bullshit the Fast and Furious series is known for. It only serves to highlights how much Ludonarrative dissonance this series is known for.

If you think I am being too harsh on the series, note that I am just commenting on one part it.

In reality, the Uncharted series is bloody well known for having the highest production values, accompanied by some tight gunplay. While it doesn’t have the greatest depth, a playthrough would be really fun for almost anybody.

With the sheer audacity of its scale, it will always manage to wow me even when I am in full disbelief over the entire thing.

Except, it should never be held as what video games should be; a simple imitation of movies.


*- As someone who is having a futile ever ending battle with his backlog, which gains games at greater rate than I am able to finish them, I emphasize clearly with blogs like this one by Kerrik52, which has some good tips about how to win the battle, not that it can be won. IT CAN'T BE WON.

A- The Warriors franchise is getting a lot of popular surge due to its cross-over with some other popular IPs. Here, Cedi notes a couple of options which would make a lot of sense. This list is missing Mortal Kombat though.

A- Its true that nostalgia has a lot of effect on our perception of games, and in what looks to be the first part of an article about the topic, Goemar points out that newer ore mehanically developed games are better than the games we remember from the past and often prefer.


This is what the Uncharted Series is all about

E- Here is another question to the community from Marcel Hoang, this time asking you about your opinion on sexiness (lewd) focused game such as the Senren Kagura series. Personally, I am not against games with a little sexiness in them, but I am turned off by games with Ecchi being the front and center of its focus.

C- Jim Kelly caved in a bought a Switch. People everwhere are wondering how he managed to find one, but he is having a lot of fun with it. I am probably going to buy one when its time to play Breath of the Wild in my play list.




Why so serious?

F- I don't care that you downloaded the Sims IV demo, and nor would anyone would probably care if you only put in one sentence about it.

No really, I don't dislike the Uncharted series, I just don't think it ever was even among the best Sony exclusives.

Anyway, here are the games I am currently playing. Those in bold I am going to review when completed:
  • Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Wii).
  • Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (DS).
  • Landstalker (Genesis).
  • Crash Bandicoot (PS4).
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4).

Also, here are my latest reviews:

And Latest Blog in my "where the hell is...?" blog series"

Be Lucky


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