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Cblogs of 9/26/09 and 9/27/09 + SilverDragonisms


After being gone the last two weekends, I've returned to take back over my duties as the Cblog Weekend Recapper. Besides being absent from my recap duties, I've also been absent from the site, thanks in part to a lot of time I've been spending playing games and writing reviews for Gamer Limit. I hope to make an effort this week to actually get back to writing some Cblogs of my own. You should probably expect the first one tomorrow, as I'm already in the process of writing it.

So I hope everyone had a great weekend, because I sure did. First of all, my two main sports team kicked some major ass this weekend. My North Carolina State Wolfpack beat Pittsburgh in an intense football battle on Saturday, 38 to 31. The today, my San Diego Chargers beat the Miami Dolphins, as Philip Rivers threw for 303 yards. My arch rival, the UNC Tar Heels, also lost a crucial game to Georgia Tech, so that also added to my great weekend.

Another reason this weekend was great was because my girlfriend and I celebrated our anniversary by going on our first ever horse trail ride together. It was essentially the first time I've ever been on a horse, so it was a brand new experience for me. My girlfriend, on the other hand, owns a horse and has been riding for almost 20 years. As long as we've dated she has always wanted to go riding together, so today we finally did. I have to admit I was pretty damn scared, especially since it has rained the last 2 days, so the ground was saturated and really muddy. I got through it ok though, and had an absolutely great time.

For everyone's viewing pleasure, I included a picture of me from today on the horse I rode. Check it out below. Now let's get to those weekend recaps shall we.

*-Jonathan Holmes has a lot to say, and you better listen.

*-Niero tells us about all the changes that have been made to the community blog editor. Thanks for being so awesome Niero!

*-Monodi is the best Medic EVER!

*-Magnalon tells us all about the new MMO Aion, in this in-depth FAQ.

A-Christrogue got to go to the Halo 3: ODST launch party, and he tells us all about it.

A-Ohno takes a look back at the "good old days" of Activision.

A-Dyeah wonders if reviews are getting harder to believe.

A-Your Moms Hot Lover thinks we should all agree to be anti-corporation

A-Steel Brotha discusses why he thinks the wrong games get the most hype.

A-DaedHead8 asks the question, is it possible for a video game to effect your real life moral choices?

S-Dtunes: CasualWeaponry's Week: Day 5

M-The Forgotten: Skies of Arcadia

M-The Forgotten: A storm of Romance Under the Banner of Love

M-The Forgotten: Word Up

P-Backwards Compatible Podcast #26 records tonight!

W-Walkyourpath announces the winner to the Yojimbo Tribute Contest. Congratulations Zodiac Eclipse.

E-Check out Bubamacko's DFO Contest Entry

E-King of Dtoiders 2009 Contest Wee #2 Rankings

E-Thedude93 needs help planning a game night at the bar her owns.

E-360 SRK Saturday: 360 > PS3 Edition

E-ShiMuNi: Disney Ruins Wizard of Oz Edition.

S-Mr Dillinger gets all deep and emotional as he tells us how gaming has helped him through a lot of low points in his life.

S-Biowisp tells us all about the life story of his Wii. This is dramatic stuff people.

S-Joshest tells us about his boring day job

I-THeronHunter7 introduces himself briefly to the community

I-Macarratti introduces himself to the community.

B-Everybody say Happy Birthday to Yojimbo!!!

N-There's a new Club Nintendo Reward.

N-Sparroo explains how to get rid of the ticket on the new PS3 XMB.

N-New RE5 chapters shown at TGS '09

N-It looks like T. Hawk could be coming to SF4 soon.

N-Rumortoid: Yakuza 3 coming to Europe in March

V-Demon's Souls unboxing video.

R-Sheppy reviews Art Academy Semester 1

R-Wry Guy reviews Fire Eblem: The Sacred Stones.

T-Sonic9jct lets us know what he learned from playing Ikaruga.

S-Electrium shares his impressions of Halo 3: ODST.

T-Stewie32887 points out some of the flaws from inFAMOUS

T-Armando wants to know if you are picking up Assassin's Creed 2 or Modern Warfare 2 in November.

T-Mkshiranui shares his positive and negative thoughts on Project Natal

T-Armando updates us on what he's playing to pass the time until all the big name titles he wants come out.

T-Darkknight37 loves the new Crackdown 2 multiplayer gameplay

T-Nekobun tries to justify Halo 3: ODST's $60 price point.

T-TSuereth attempts to compare and contrast Batman: Arkham Asylum and Golden Axe: Beast Rider. WTF!

T-Biowisp tells us about his experience playing Cursed Mountain.

T-Trebz shares why both Mother 3 and Saints Row 2 pissed him off.

T-Volgin13 explains what he thinks is wrong with Halo 3: ODST

A-Check out this awesome samurai that Jack Maverick drew for Yojimbo.

?-Jim Sterling discovered a long lost Dreamcast just hanging around in the back of his closet. WTF!

?-Chiptune Alliance Tour 2009 is underway

?-It appears as if someone pissed Mkshiranui off.

L-I read this short story about Sonic from Genki-JAM's youth, and my head exploded.

V-TaumpyTears presents the new best thing ever: The Music Meister.



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Last week, in the quick posts of Destructoid's community, we saw the rise and fall of community manager Wesley J. Russow. He rose to prominence with his immutable power, only to see it come crashing down as the working class clambered beneath him and tore him down. Truly, the life and times of Westopher G. Raggamuffins was a lesson in live fast, burn hot, crash spectacularly.

Wes went from community darling to lovable despot over the course of a few days. It was a thing of beauty to behold. Truly, nothing is better to witness than a real-life heel turn. Wrestling is nothing without these terms after all. A "Face" is a good guy wrestler who fights the man, stands up for the little guy, and fights fairly while still winning. A "Heel", on the other hand, is a despicable, dastardly villain or even anti-hero. I loved Kurt Angle's antics as this gold medal Olympic winner turned wrestler who wasn't necessarily as likable as his gold medals imply. I loved hating that guy! A good heel is fun to hate, and there's nothing quite like the gasp of shock when watching the turn, when a face uses dirty tricks and turns into a heel.

Let me ask you this: is Kratos a hero? Before we see Kratos return in what I'd call Dad of War, let's not forget Kratos’ sordid past as a hero. In the first game, it was a revenge tale. It was a story of a mythical Spartan warrior who wanted revenge on the God of War who betrayed him. But as the series went on, it became a story about the lengths Kratos would go to justify his vendetta against people who wronged him. He would literally destroy the world just to destroy his enemies. Sure, we played as him, and we were taken on a ride, but would you really put your bet behind him and say, "Yeah, look at that hero!"

This month's Bloggers Wanted is about your favorite heel-turns or anti-heroes (in case a heel turn is too specific). Do you like it when Ryu turns into Evil Ryu? Or maybe you like Injustice, with its built in heel-turn Superman? I won't claim to understand the time line of Revolver Ocelot between Snake Eater and Guns of the Patriots, but I love that knucklehead.

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