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Cblogs of 9/15/17&9/22/17-Metroid Lives again


Yeah you probably could have figured this one was coming. I just wrote a blog about the metroid series as a whole, have been quick-posting about it and talking about it here was inevitable. So yeah Metroid Samus Returns is so far an interesting game to consider. Its been 13 years since our last side scrolling 2D metroid game. In that time the landscapes changed-Metroid Prime brought the game to a new dimension while proving that you can translate into an FPS near perfectly what makes metroid great and that was good for a while. Then Nintendo made Other M which was reviled by quite a few people for its wretched story elements and acting, and snubbed the series for years until giving us what we always wanted...Fed Force. Which was a baffling game that noone was asking for, noone really wanted and which was sent out to die with little fanfare. Nintendo's treatment of this franchise confuses me, and them putting out Fed Force when they had Samus returns cooking confuses me even more. I'm hopeful this franchise can flourish from here and get back to its highs but I'm concerned that Nintendos going to potentially lose interest and toss it back into the bin. We'll see.

Moving past Nintendo...yeah Samus Returns is pretty good! Its not perfect and its definitely a bit play it safe but this is the first of these in 13 years and the first fully fledged metroid game in a while so I think playing it safe was acceptable here. The games melee system is a bit overused, enemy and environment design isn't as strong as it could be......but its fun to play and the 3D artstyle looks far better than I thought it would. I'm convinced that here we have a solid foundation for more metroid and I really hope that they take full advantage of the positive reception here to get a bit more bold with future titles. Overall though I'm having a good time and I'm going to keep chewing till I get all the way to the end. Only time will tell, but so far I'm happy to have metroid back in my life. Its been too long.

Also heres a video on destiny 2 wot I liked.


Onto recaps!

* - Spielerdad returns from life enforcing itself heavily on his time and details what hes been up to, as well as the impact its had on his gaming time and what he thinks the term gamer means to him even if he coudn't game during a long period-though hes going to try to get back into it because video games are indeed the best. Oh, also as a side note I have a sibling whos a lawyer and as far as I can tell the process to become a lawyer seems to be the part that makes you miserable. Tis why when I've been reccomended to go into microbiology lawyer stuff I laugh and laugh and laugh-science is fun. Lawyering does not appear to be that. Go give this a look children.

A - Dominator101 writes a story about a character in Heat Signature they played as that they seem to have come up with themselves.

T - Mordeth Kai writes up a blog about localization.

T - He also writes up a blog about RPGs and leveling systems. I don't really agree with some of the points here-I've never really had leveling systems take me out of a game immersion-wise and having played a game that strips such elements down ala Fallout 4 I'm not really convinced they're a negative aspect when used properly.

T - Zero Syndicate writes up a blog about FFXV and how squares been putting out content to try to string along the life of the game as well as clearing up issues arising from the cross media campaign not having some of its elements in the main game. Its a very interesting idea to me-the idea of patching story and whatnot in later to fix the issues with your game. It is in some ways a bit of a boon, such as with ME3 patching in more ending content to make the terrible ending a bit less terrible...yet its also worrisome for people with a harder time getting access to patches or who played the game earlier and with the original story-which could also be potentially better before changes if the creative team pulls a George Lucas. Its a fascinating concern and I think its explored well here.

M - Flegma discusses their time at a recent games music concert and goes into some detail about what was played and how it was performed. Its an interesting idea and I think at some point it would be neat to go to a concert like that if the opportunity presents itself. Feel free to check it out if you're so inclined.

What America got as compared to Europe above. *Sigh*

May your fission be binary and your growth forever exponential.



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