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Cblogs of 8/20/09 + Strykisms


Let's talk about memes, okay?

They drive me up the wall. Seriously, they make me go Lady Gaga. Imagine my surprise today when randombullseye convinced half the planet to go all Top 10 on my ass. I've got to organize that shit. Recap team, you've dealt with this before? Why didn't you warn me? Look at this mess! LOOK AT IT! I'm swimming in it!

You know what the shame of it all is? Some of those lists may have actually been on the level. Some may have had serious merit. Some may have genuinely wished one Samit Sarkar a happy birthday. But we won't know. Why? Because I lumped them all in one big heaping shit list. In fact, every blog today is an honorary fail blog. The fail-fail blogs are quadruply so. There! You see what you made me do?

I'm fuming! I could... I could... I could huff! I could puff! I could...

*- Tascar responds to Sean Malstrom and once again his comments become a hotbed for intense debate.

*- walkyourpath's musing about stupid A.I. partners and NPCs is written as an email circulated among villainous artificial constructs. Totally awesome.

*- Oh man! A second dose of Tascar thanks to his insight on how special effects in movies have been influenced by games outside of game-based movies.

*- B.O.O.B.'s and B.R.A.'s. Elsa is our champion.

*- kjohnson1585's epic Ratchet & Clank screenplay continues!

*- Okay, SuitcoatAvenger, this is just flat-out cool. We've got Bearded Samurai, Werewolf Michael, and a crazy modern interpretation of Ares.

S- dTunes, the Kauza experience, Day 4: Demians.
M- Dexter used to be awesome. The Internet kindly corrected him.
M- phantomile takes the pain, but don't call him a masochist!
P- Refused Classification, Episode 11. Crazy Aussies.

E- DtoidSanFran hooked up to eat sushi and satisfy their Gothic Lolita fetishes. Where were you?
E- Attention DtoidNewYork! There has been a venue change for karaoke!
S- On September 3rd, come see pendelton get his Dtoid tat near the PAX convention center.
S- AhmetBeraty shows off the signed KoF XII poster he won.
C- Nick Chester is going to interview Nate Bhildorff, localizer for Bowser's Inside Story, and needs your queries.
I- Welcome, The Prodigal Son! I love well-written intros like this one!
I- Hi, Groboh The Uncouth Barbarian!

N- Hey kids! It's Thursday! Let's see what those wacky Brits can buy today!
N- These FFXIV screens may be new, but please expand your blog a bit next time.
N- More FFXIV media from mxs102, plus an interview with the game's producer.
N- What makes this console wars car analogy news? It was shown on some Japanese financial program.
V- Here's the first Guild Wars 2 trailer.
V- Have some Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker in your life.
V- Comfort your distraught video card because two Crysis 2 trailers have landed.
R- Molotov Cupcake steps onto unangbangkay's turf by gushing about the original Persona.
P- Andrew plays the demo of Shadow Complex because he's too poor.
T- These "Where's my BC on my PS3?" posts will never go away, will they?
T- I like sarcasm as well, but I just wasn't feeling this one.
T- So, like, Men of War is not for pussies.
T- Patters thinks the whole "multiple discs" brouhaha is utter bollocks.
T- Here's a switch: Crunshii says the BC that used to be available in the PS3 sucked. The peanut gallery is not amused.
T- technologic wants to play 50 RPGs over one year. Boy, you're going to be a vampire when you finish.
T- Ladies and gentlemen, michiyoyoshiku actually made a decent blog.
T- Ocified-Xboxer is itching for more Achievements in his XBLA games.
T- de BLOO played a bunch of fighters, including Fighter's History which I was totally going to write an article about, you thunder-stealing jerk!
T- NihonTiger is a bit concerned about Natal.
D- mxs102 wants you to beat his score in a zombie-themed twin-stick shooter that... I guess he made? Probably?

A- vonneuton sketched Mr. Destructoid and is now giving up his body for free.
A- This Little King's Story fanart by garganroo is sooooo not fail.
M- Miles Davis's legendary album Kind of Blue album is being remade with chiptunes!
F- Jehuty posted the trailer for the remake of The Wolfman, but it's been taken down. Bummer.

R- Musai blogs about new blog topic ideas. They sound good... whenever he gets to them.

1- randombullseye started this nonsense so he's on my shit list not once...
2- ... but twice.
3- blehman is on my shit list.
4- SuitcoatAvenger is on my shit list.
5- unstoppablejuggernaut is on my shit list.
6- tazarthayoot is on my shit list.
7- Is this even part of the meme? I don't care. Kryptinite is going on the shit list anyway.
8- pendelton is on my shit list... and he's still drunk off his gourd.
9- JohnnyViral is on the shit list.
10- A hat trick, randombullseye? What the hell is wrong with you?
11- AgentMOO, I'm about to cry.
12- I'm crying now, DJDuffy. You happy?
13- Why do you people insist on making more than one? WHY, tazarthayoot!?
14- I hate you, randombullseye. I hate you so much.
15- Tubatic, I... *hurk* *spasm*
97- This is now The randombullseye Show.
123.57repeating- phantomile, for shame.
Whatever- Cartman, I just don't care anymore.
...- PsychoSoldier.
...- unstoppablejuggernaut.
...- Coonskin05.
...- Timdabrat.

F- I'm in no mood for this nonsense today.
F- Go away.
F- He cites Game Informer, but I don't know whether he just took some data or copied a whole article. I'll play it safe.
F- I don't know. I just... don't know.

[ m e g a S t r y k e ]

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