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Cblogs of 8/15/09 and 8/16/09 + SilverDragonisms


I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but I haven't been writing many cblogs the last month or so. I've posted a random one here or there, and of course I still do the cblog recaps every weekend, but besides that I have pretty much been dormant. So far I haven't told many people why, but I'm finally ready to divulge the reasoning behind my absence as of late.

The reason I haven't been writing much in the cblogs lately is because about a month ago I got hired on to be a Writer at GamerLimit.com. For those of you who don't know, Gamer Limit is a newer gaming website run by our very own Magnalon. The website's goal is to "to provide unique, exclusive, relevant and expert coverage of the gaming industry, including insight on the inner and outer workings from developers and key figures at large."

As a writer for the site, I provide everything from news stories, to editorials and reviews. Right now I've mainly concentrated on writing editorials and opinion pieces, but I hope to start reviewing more games in the near future. The only game I've reviewed so far is Shatter for the PS3, but next week I'll be posting a review for Shadow Complex. If you are interested you should look for that. I write under my real name, which is Shawn Evans, if anyone is interested.

Unfortunately writing for Gamer Limit means I don't get to spend as much time writing for the cblogs, but I still plan on trying to squeek out a new blog every once in a while. I'll at least keep up my "Guess the Game Brain Teaser" series I've been doing the last couple months, and of course you'll get my weekend cblogs recaps every week. Everyone seemed to enjoy those posts. So now you know where I've been. Please feel free to come by and visit the site sometime and see what it's all about. There are some really great writers there who are all really passionate about games. It's really a winning combination.

Ok, enough about me .... now onto the weekend recaps. If you want a good laugh you should check out the "Failtoid" section.

*-Spyn Doctor's new game, "Golden Tangram", is now available on XBOX Live Indie games.

*-Sheppy takes on the 5 most common complaints about Mortal Kombat in this awesome editorial.

A-Freefall presents the top 5 best and worst characters on the intercom.

A-GamingGoddess weighs in on the whole "Fat Princess" debate (no pun intended)!

A-CaptainBus discusses whether FPSs can evolve to be any more realistic then they already are.

A -Canti-sama thinks GTA4 is overrated, and Kane and Lynch is underated. Do you agree?

A-Sinotek has posted every news story for last week all in one place: this blog. It's freaking huge people.

A-RyGuy314 responds to Reverand Anthony's most recent rant on Empowerment.

A-TheRealist871 would like to see a whole plethora of games out there to choose from.

A-Yehat takes a look at Video Game aging and nostalgia.

M-I suck at games: Will Someone Please Explain GTA to Me?!

P-The Backwards-Compatible Podcast records tonight.

S-I Suck At Games: The Trooper

E-Ascythopicism's entry into the Pangya Golf Pants Contest is just freaking hilarious! You gotta check this out!

E-ShiMuNi: Bruno Edition

E-Crocbox presents another edition of Mystery Science Sunday.

F-360 SRK Saturdays. Play Fighting games with your 360 brothers and sisters

F-PS3 SRK Saturdays. Play Fighting games with your PS3 brothers and sisters

H-GBreaux shows off his gaming setup!

S-Renith updates us on his gaming life.

I-Oh yeah by the way, in case you missed him, Vonnueton is back!!!

B-Happy birthday NumberX

H-GBreaux shows off his gaming setup!

N-Runortoid: A new LoTR MMO could be coming in the near future!

$-Batman Arkham Asylum is only $38.83 at Wal-mart

V-Watch the most boring match of SF4 EVER!!!!

V-Check out this video of a fan made "Nintedo vs. Capcom" fighting game

V-Check out this video of a cut scene that was removed from MadWorld for being too violent. How is this even possible?

R-Reveille reviews "Veks and Silence"

R-JehutyFromHell reviews KoF 12

T-HB Draug is concerned about Bioware's new Star Wars MMO.

T-Flameconder shares his thoughts on the original Grand Theft Auto for the GameBoy Color

T-Altered takes us through his most recent experience playing Pathologic.

T- Altered takes us through his most recent experience playing Pathologic .... again ...

T-Prince Wendell thinks he has figured out the key to Gears of War 3.

T-Aeon really enjoyed playing Tower of Heaven, even if he doesn't like dying.

T-Check out VVVGamer's impressions of Supercar Challenge

T-Spajk apparently can't play is special edition of Fallout 3.

T-Kaatridge listens to his own music now when he plays video games.

T-TewDee is angry that people think Rage is copying Fallout 3.

T-Phantomile lists his top 10 favorite games.

T-Reverend Macro thinks Fable 2 is way too short.

A-Matthew Blake creates his own personal box-art for Psychonauts. Check it out.

A-Episode 1 of King Leveler is now online.

M-Sporelink points us to some video game rap/pop mashups.

F-MegaStryke thinks that the new movie Ponyo is totally ripping off the Seaman IP, and he's not gonna take it sitting down.

F-Mcbennet shares his thoughts on the new G.I. Joe movie.

L-Cartman writes an angry letter to Bill Holbrook, the guy who keeps posting his crappy comics on the cblogs.

V-FuSoYa swears this video has no "HAX"

V-I have come to the realizatikon that FuSoYa only knows how to post videos, and doesn't actually like to write anything

?-Arkhon wants to know what's wrong with the name Scary Spikes?

R-Topher Cantler shares a very strange conversation he had recently with [email protected] Th0mpson

R-Nilcam hates it when people are dicks on the internet.

F-Remember kids, don't drink and blog, or this could happen to you!

F-It wouldn't be a proper day in the cbogs without FAIL like this one.

F-Seriously .... again .... are you fucking kidding me?

F-The failure is running rampant today. As I write this I have recapped more fail blogs then actual blogs.

F-OK ... that's it ... for every new fail blog I recap today I'm gonna take a shot of Tequila. I just can't take it anymore!

F-And I just took my first shot of Tequila.

F-I'm typically against failing introduction posts, but this was just pathetic. Shot #2 commencing.



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