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Cblogs of 7/29 to 8/4/2018 + Octopath Makeover-isms


When Octopath Traveler unveiled its “HD 16bit graphics”, many people thought it would be an excellen style to remake Final Fantasy VI in. It would be glorious, and a much easier (and probably better) endeavor than remaking Final Fantasy VII in whatever format they are doing now. Better yet, this remake will probably be free of Nomura’s Final Fantasy influence, as the Octopath team have shown a respect for the RPGs of old that launched the series in the first place.

At its essence, FFVI is a game about several individual heroes converging to fight a common cause. Each a traveler with their own story, but somehow they ended up as a team. It has serious stories such as the opening massacre of Narshe, the fall of Doma, and the possible ending of the world. But also, it has some funny and light hearted notes that can only be pulled off with a straight face in sprite graphics.

The city of Figaro disappearing beneath the sands and appearing hundreds of kilometers away doesn’t make any physical sense, but we ignore it because its sprites.

More of this please

A lecherous, potential molester purple octopus wouldn’t make any sense in 3D, but he is right at home as a 2D creep.

Before Square-Enix decided that Final Fantasy was an oh-so-serious story, the games had a lot of fun with their settings and characters. As the series started migrating towards ore realistic graphics, and when Nomura and co. decided that the Advent Children Cloud is the correct representation of the lovable bumbling village idiot, the entire franchise changed gears into something that rarely acknowledges the pre-PS games.

Now, with the success of Octopath, a remake of Final Fantasy VI makes a perfect sense. In a way, 16bit graphics were liberating for RPGs in the past, as it allowed fantasy, music, and plain-old imagination to do much of the heavy work for the game.

However, Final Fantasy IV is not the only game that could use an Octo-powered makeover. Many 16bit and 8bit RPGs could be remade in the same style to excellent results. However, that’s only part of the possibilities that could be explored.

Other than remaking a game, maybe demaking some PS1 era RPGs, or even current RPGs (A Witcher 16bit RPG would be awesome) can be an interesting experiment.

So, what would you like to see in a Final Fantasy VI remake?


What RPG would you like to be remade with Octopath Travelers style?

It's so damn pretty

*- One of the first games I reviewed was Soul Blazer, a game by Quintet that started a little-known SNES trilogy that I enjoyed very much, which is why this review by Kerrik52 simply rushed in so many good memories. That is exactly why I like to do these retro reviews, in the hope of invoking such emotions to some readers out there

*- The narrative diffeences between games and movies is an intresting topic. Personally, I have always been in the camp that games trying to imitate movies fail at being both, but armaan8014 disagrees with that, as this blog explores the elements that increase a game's narrative power.

S- We took a page of the COTW workbook and oved to a weekly Recap schedule. This here i another excellent effort from our comrades scowering the comments section.

S- Shoggoth2588 continues what appears to be the mamoth task of logging on his monthly gaming habits during this month with this latest July entry.

A- Boxman214 (previously known as GreenHornet) shares this important (and very topical) article about Sexual Harrasment in the work place and attempts to spark a healthy discussion about the subject (which I think he mostly succeeds in).

A- Ever noticed how real-life conspiracy theories can get as crazy as video-games? Casus Gaming thinks that is exactly what akes them popular in the first place, as the belief in knowing what's behind the curtain makes for an exciting time.

A- Here is another blog exploring narrative in games by armaan8014, with a look at how that may influence his own game Rainswept.

A- Here is another blog in the SOPA Box by Dwavenhobble, with an accurate look at how Microtransactions should be regulated.

Even the battles look great

Band of Bloggers:

B- In a blog that crosses the boundary between Bloggers Wanted and Band of Bloggers, Retrofraction uncovers his love of mechs, which is definetly bigger than Mike Sounder's. MUCH BIGGER.

B- For this month's Band of Bloggers theme, Horizon Zero Dawn (such a stupid name) was a natural fit with its robotic animals, and TricksterX doesn't dissapoint with a compundium of the game's best creatures.

B- With robots, Asimov's three rules of robotics are always an important theme, and LaTerry's blog this month covers a visual novel game that is heavily influenced by those rules; Lucy, The Eternity She Wished For.

B- This being a recap that covers the transition between two BoB prompts. August's prompt is all about the game you fell in love with during summer, in the absence of a social life in place.

B- One game that apparently was either loved or disliked is Dragon's Dogma, which as appropriate with this month's prompt, TricksterX absolutely fell head-over-heels for.

B- Just leave it to The Actual Charlton Heston for things to get weird, as his summer romance with Dead or Alive 2 may have turned into an unhelathy obssession with the, ahem, well-endowed Kasumi.

B- This month's Band of Bloggers have been an instant success, with Adzuken sharing an excellent look at Summer or Heroes.

C- This is not really a contest, but I liked using all banners for once. Anyways, it is a challenge by MightyMagikarp for gamers to fill in a cross-over squad with your favorite characters. There are some rules (that I followed VERY CLOSELY) to help you craft your list.

The old sprites still look great today

C- For all of you anime fans and weebos, Marcel Hoang has a question about what 2018 anime you are currently watching.

N- Our resident fighting games expert, Virtua Kazama is giving us a headup about the coing Evo tournament.

T- I never saw the fun in Minecraft and games like it, and that is why this blog by SaiTatter about another Minecraft-clone is not super interesting for me. If that's your cup of tea, then check out this blog about Wrongworld, a minecraft-like with even more survival elements.

T- I don't get if gadgeroo is enjoying his time with Far Cry 5 or not, as the jarring story transitions are doing their best to ruin whatever fun he was having at that point.

You can see the FFVI characters in such a bar

R- This review (or half review as it is called) of Silent Hill by jobejoe does a great job at capturing why the game became such a cult-classic.

R- Arguably, a series can overstay its welcome, and a game's meta-narrative can undo the good (or value) of past games, which is a major reason Blanchimont did not review Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony as well as he did the past games in the series.

P- No Man's Sky is reviving with a major update, and Bit By 8 Bit is posting some screenshots about it.

$- Dwavenhobble is spreading the news about a developer that released all of their back catalog for free.

L- delpheonix continues this book of the month blog, this time featuring the fantasy novel, The Dark Portal. This is a darker than usual fantasy novel written by Robin Jarvis. In another note, del apparently recovered from an arm injury, so well-wishes for that.

The Style can also work in demaking some newer classics

L- ZombieCORPS tries this experiment with reviewing a game, StarTropics, without actually playing the game. Imagine someone doing that asa professional reviewer.

L- In another twist of "pipular game ruined my kids" news, we now figure out, by way of CaptainBus, how the nefarious success of Fortnite may be responsible for an upcoming epedimic of changing our kids to cats.

F- I don't usually fail blogs advertising the developers games automatically. I do so when they lack context as in this blog.

Spare us these ugly and streamlined sprites

Woah, these weekly recaps can require a lot of work. Last week, we managed to get 28 blogs, which is probably due to it being the beggening of a new month. The Band of Bloggers prompt proved to be very popular, with many chiming in with their experience.

Next week, you will get another Weekly Recap, covering the days from 8/6 to 8/12. So keep reading and writing these blogs.

On a personal update, here are the games I am currently playing. Those in bold I am going to review when completed:
  • No More Heroes 2 (Wii).
  • Soviet Strike (Saturn).
  • Paper Mario: Color Splash (Wii U).
  • Dark Souls 3 (PS4).
  • Affordable Space Adventures (Wii U).
  • The Legend of Legacy (3DS).

Also, here are my latest reviews:

And Latest Blog in my "where the hell is...?" blog series"

Be Lucky

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As someone that posts often about Final Fantasy XIV, I have spent countless hours obtaining all kinds of armor, weapons and accessories from various corners of the game and only for the reason of it looking cool. In fact, once I have a job at 50, I feel obligated to give each of my jobs a fanciful glowing weapon before I press forward.

And then I give each job their own little pet sidekick, because I have decided my character is a Disney princess. Then I write macros that give them a blend of super sentai/Sailor Moon transformations because henshin a-go-go, baby!

But, if I'm honest, my one true love in regards to outfits in the game is the Invalician Samurai set, which I got from the Rabanastre raid. The design is pulled right from the Final Fantasy Tactics' art concept of the female samurai and is wonderfully realized.

But sometimes looking good comes at a price, too. I remember my favorite look for my Corsair in Final Fantasy XI required me wearing pants that reduced my movement speed by twenty percent and some of the best stat-based builds in Monster Hunter can make you look silly.

So this month's topic for Bloggers Wanted is costumes. Whether the costume is realized in-game or in real-life, we'd like for you to to discuss your favorite creations or tributes to characters, whether it's a custom look, a canon character or even a character skin like you'd find in Overwatch or Fortnite. You can discuss cosplays you've done, or cosplayers you admire. You can even talk about the plights of stat-based function over fashion.

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