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Cblogs of 7/25/13 + The haul-isms (including Dark Souls)


Every Steam summer sale starts the same.
“Well, I bought way too many games last year, and I didn’t even have time to play them all. But this year will be different. This year I will buy two games tops, awesome ones at that. That will be it. Nothing else. NOTHING.”
Fast-forward about two weeks, and we have all suffered the same fate. Once again, we bought way too many games, and we won’t even have time to play them all.

Oh well, it can’t be helped. The best we can do now is revel in our purchases and enjoy the games so much we got more than our money’s worth by the time we’re done. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.  

My haul this year is as follows:
Dark Souls
Penny Arcade: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Episode 4
Ys I + II Chronicles
Mirror’s Edge
FTL: Faster than Light
Finally, I bought Thomas Was Alone as a gift for a friend, because Thomas Was Alone is still the best thing. As is she, for that matter.  

Anyways, I’ve already played and finished some games from my haul. Namely, Antichamber, FEZ, Penny Arcade and Mirror’s Edge. All of them are good or even great. Antichamber is mindfuckery of in the best possible way; FEZ has cool art/music/puzzles although the math and alphabet systems are way too convoluted, especially for a non-native English speaker who doesn’t know the significance of “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”; Penny Arcade is good, but neither as fun nor as funny as the previous episodes; and Mirror’s Edge is still brilliant (played it before, but had to rebuy).  I already started FTL too: it’s fun, but I wouldn’t choose it over something like Dungeons of Dredmor.

And of course there is Dark Souls. What a fool I have been for not getting this one sooner. I’m not too far in yet, but I’m loving the hell out of this game. I like how much planning and strategy is involved in even the most ‘simple’ fights, and I love how the world of Lordran has been set up. Dark Souls feels like Metroid Prime’s worldbuilding and ]Monster Hunter’s combat had a baby who hates your guts. As for my progress, I just passed the twin Bell Gargoyles yesterday. They were a massive pain, but upgrading my equipment and a touch of strategy eventually carried me through the fight. Having rung the bell, I’m not really sure where to go next. Dashing past the faceless lightning dude (no way in hell I’m fighting him with my current stats) into the Garden seems like a fair bet though.  

[EDIT: I just beat faceless lightning dude, and pretty easily at that. How? Bow. Because of course it’s the bow]

Beyond the games I paid actual money for, I also got some games for ‘free’. I dumped nearly all of my Trading Cards on the community market, and got a grand total of €10 out of the deal. Not too shabby, if I say so myself! I spent those 10 bucks on games I wouldn’t have paid my own hard-earned money for (for whatever reason) but could still see myself enjoying. In the end, I found three games which fulfilled those criteria quite nicely, and cost just a little under 10 bucks combined. These were:
Overlord + Overlord II Pack
Hard Reset
Deus Ex: Human Revolution

So far I’ve only played a little of each, but it looks to me like it was ‘money’ well spent. I knew I would love Overlord, having played the original back in the day, and getting it together with the expansion and sequel is a fair deal if I ever saw one. Hard Reset, being an FPS, I was less sure about. However, in his review Jim compared it favorably to Painkiller, and that if nothing else will get me to buy your FPS in a flash. I don’t hate First Person Shooters per se, I just hate what they’ve become. Give me an oldschool shooter with tons of enemies in wide open spaces, health packs and enough ammo to swim in, and I’ll definitely enjoy it. So far, Hard Reset is nothing if not that. As for Deus Ex, I’m not far enough in yet to give a verdict. Of the three, this was by far my most ‘dangerous’ purchase, because I have no clue if I’ll like it at all.  

And there is one final purchase to enjoy! Just not on Steam (and thus without a 75% discount unfortunately). Over here in the old world, Pikmin 3 will be out tomorrow! I should be getting it in the mail right away. I’m looking forward to it! I never actually played Pikmin 1 or 2, but the trailers for the third installment may have sold the series to me, not to mention Miyamoto playing with stuffed animals. What’s that? PS4 and Xbox One will have ‘teh polygonz’? Fuck your polygons. If WiiU can do this that’s more than I’ll ever need. Just take a look at those leaves and tell me they aren’t the prettiest shit.

So now that I’m done making my wallet cry recalling all that money spent, let’s get cappin’! And, you know, actually playing games.

* - The deadline for getting yourself on the FNF Banner has been extended to August 9th. Get in on that, people!

* - A very touching blog by DustinThomas about him and his late friend's love for Mortal Kombat.  

A - Have you hyped lately? If you have, don't forget the Aliens fiasco.

P - A new GoForRainbow podcast, in which Shigeru Miyamoto must become immortal.

A - MisterDonut believes Nintendo doesn't understand the internet, citing the lack of cutscenes in the new Smash Bros. as proof.

I - Dupree writes an intro. It features great video game music, so check it out!

T - AboveUp really wants to like Awesomenauts, but has troubles with its matchmaking and ragequitting.

T - Fallout: New Vegas is pretty great!

T - One Monster Hunter newbie giving some great tips for all you other Monster Hunter newbies.

D - A new dev gives some insight into how one makes a game.

D - Marche has been making a game about Obama, and the first part is out now.

D - And one more person who has been making a thing.

M - Boxcollector went to the Legend of Zelda Symphony concert last summer, and it sounds amazing. I wish these would come to Europe already...

C - PopeTheRev has finished The Last of Us, and is looking for something new to play.

- This right here is better than any trailer.

- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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