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Cblogs of 5/9/09 and 5/10/09 + SilverDragonisms


So the big news from the cblog community this weekend was that it's apparently Colette and Samit's birthday. If you didn't know this, then you definitely did not look at the blog section this weekend, because there were "Happy Birthday" blogs posted all over the community front page. Lots of people came out of the woodwork to say Happy Birthday to them both, though I have to say that Colette definitely took the prize for the most blogs written about her in one day. She beat Samit out by a long shot. Better luck next time man.

Before I end this and move on to the recap, I just wanted to send my own personal birthday wishes out to both Colette and Samit. I have never met either of you, but I would definitely like to one day. Hopefully alcohol and gaming would be involved. Happy Birthday you two. Thanks for everything you have done for this site and this community!

Ok now time for this weekend's recaps ...

*-Discarded Couch Sandwich absolutely loves Mysitcal Ninja for the N64. Why don't you?

*-BulletMagnet just got his very first Nintendo DS, and tells us all about why he loves it so much

*-Bunnyrabbit2 explains why Lumines is really a metaphor for life in this great write-up.

A-UglyDUck dissects the rumored Beyond Good and Evil 2 trailer and discusses 5 reasons why it could be "in-game" footage
A-For his first editorial, Ryoma90 takes a look at what the "Sweet spot" is when it comes to game difficulty.
A-Dregs lists of a bunch of games which he thinks are "art". Aren't all games considered pieces of art by definition though?
A-Michiyoyoshiku returns with a vengeance with some random gaming musings!
S-20 Game Boy Games in 20 Days: Day 11 - Sneaky Snakes
S- 20 Game Boy Games in 20 Days: Day 12 - Power Quest
M-Other Worlds Than These: Living in Nightopia
M-Other Worlds Than These: The Middle East
M-Worlds Other Than These: After the Bombs Dropped
P-FailCast Episode 36 is up and ready for you to listen to it.
P-The next Backwards Compatible Podcast records tonight. Get your questions in before it's too late.

S-Half Left gave in a created a Twitter account. In other news, Hell has frozen over!
S-LK404 bought a SWEET Sonic the Hedgehog figurine this weekend. Check it out!
S-Grunchk1n and Usedtab share pictures of their new babies first ultrasound. Congratulations, it's a gamer baby!!!
S-Everyone rejoice. Tehmtnlion has returned!
S-FalconReaper won't be posting a new installment of his "Boss Files" series this week because his PS3 broke.
S-SaintRising updates us on his future gaming plans
I-The Destructoid Artisans get a new member. Say hello to Shadowsinthenyte!
I-Ryoma90 introduces himself to the community
I-SaintRising introduces himself to the community. Everyone be polite and say hi!!!
B-The Birthday celebration continues for Colette
B-Get in line boys and girls. The Colette birthday train is leaving the station!
B-Whoah ... apparently it's Samit's birthday as well. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMIT!
B-More Birthday wishes for Colette!
B-Samit is the man on his birthday!
B-Everyone loves Colette ... and kittens too!
B-Colette is officially the most popular woman on all of Dtoid
B-NihonTiger90 joins in the Colette birthday action!
H-ChillyBilly shows off his INCREDIBLY AWESOME gaming collection! GO check it out right now.

V-Check out this cinematic teaser trailer for the game Demon's Soul
V-Could this be leaked footage of the new Beyond Good and Evil 2 game?
V-Check out this awesome new Dragon Age Origins video footage
R-BlurryPhoenix reviews Excitebots for the Wii
R-BRP reviews Cryostasis for the PC
T-SpilledMilk plays Spiderman ...
T-SpilledMilk plays Captain America and the Avengers. THis guy has some interesting writeups
T-Themaninthejacket says he's sharing his thoughts on Spider Man: Web of Shadows, but really it's more a straight up review.
T-Hoborg just finished Resident Evil 5, and discusses how much he has enjoyed the entire RE saga of games
T-WashedUpGamer discusses the possibility of a Wild West MMORPG. It would be like Oregon Trail on Steroids.
T-SaintRising loves Fable, Fable II, and just about anything else Peter Molyneux chooses to create and release.
T-Geoffuws 22nd favorite game of all time is .... Freespace 2. Damn this was such an awesome game!!!
T- Geoffuws 21st favorite game of all time is .... Okami. We have a long way to go before he finishes this list.
T-The final boss encounter with Sephiroth in in FF7 is one of Arch649's greatest gaming moments ever!
T-TewDee rants about how much he hates what the multiplayer in GOW2 has turned into!

M-Dregs begins a list of his top 26 favorite music albums. This is a video game site right?
M-Album #24 on Dregs top 25 favorite album list is The Hunters Lullaby by Raine Maida. Seriously Dregs, you are going to create a post for each one of your top 25?
F-MAJOR FIND - First footage of new Prince of Persia movie!
F-Now this is a huge collection of Anime trailers ....

?-This is a blog post advertising a forum post about video game canon ...um ....
?-Don't try this at home kids ...
R-The Backwards-Compatible Podcast bots were looking for a special guest for when the recorded tonight.

F-This is simply a sad attempt to incite a console fanboy flame war
F-This post is full of fail!
F-This blog tricked me with the promise of Duke Nukem footage. DAMN YOU!
F-Seriously, what they hell is this crap! Get it out of here!
F-This is one of those blogs that you don't really want to fail, but you realize the person won't learn anything if you don't fail it and make an example of it!


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