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Cblogs of 5/23/09 and 5/24/09 + SilverDragonisms


So I hope everyone has had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend. From what I can tell, it appears a lot of the community members stayed away from the internets this weekend and either ventured outside to enjoy the sunny weather, or caught up on their gaming. I'm honestly hoping that most people spent this time outside getting away from all things video game and internet related, but I'm probably wrong about that. I for one hardly spent any time gaming the last few days, and instead decided to spend the time with family and friends. It's been awesome, but I did return to the internet to read everyone's blog this weekend and write up this recap.

First a couple of orders of business. I would like to announce that Yojimbo and I got away from all the childish video games this weekend and played a man's game, a game of Chess. After two long hours, in which I spent way to much time thinking about my next move, Yojimbo bested me and proved he is the better Chess player. I feel a little bad because during this two hours I hardly made for interesting company, since I concentrated too much and didn't really talk, but I hope I get a rematch soon. Yojimbo may have won the battle, but the way will rage on.

When I have found time to game lately, I have finally delved into the world of Dead Space and holy shit is this an incredible game. I remember that it got awesome reviews when it came out, and tons of community members told me to try it, but I never believed it could be this good. I mean it's absolutely incredible. The world is so immersive, and it's just so much fun to play, not to mention the fact I've jumped out of my seat scared shitless more then a few times. Yes I have now started recommending this game to all of my friends. If you haven't played it you definitely should. It's awesome and deserves your attention.

Finally, before I begin the recaps, I would like to say WTF has been up with the Cblogs this weekend? Did anyone else notice all the random blogs made by someone trying to sell leather items like handbags? The guy has been spamming 6-7 blogs in a row, and filling up the cblogs with crap. Luckily it's finally been taken down, but it still sucks that it happened and that the guy wasn't banned sooner. In other community news, there were a lot of new people who introduced themselves this weekend. Just a note to all you new people. Please get an avatar, and please fill in your profile on the right side of your blog. It's nice to know who you are when we are reading your blogs. I'm not gonna say anything else about the community this weekend because Yojimbo told me I should relax and take it easy on the community for a while.

Now that all of that is out of the way, let's get on with the recaps shall we ...

*-What if all your food had a video game inspired backstory to it. Would you enjoy it more?

*-Check out the progress bahs has made on the Unofficial Dtoid TCG, and help choose the official name for the game.

A-Paul Soth loves his local game store, and wants to see more Dtoid people write about and support their local game store.

A-The Prodigal Son writes a great article about Western society's curiosity with things that are social taboo, like the game RapeLay

A-The great debate about sexuality in Fallout 3 and video games in general continues in this blog by Christopher J Oatis

A-Shortname takes a look at Valve to understand better how other companies can extend the life of a game well after it's been released.

S-FlameCondor presents day 15 of his "20 Game Boy Games in 20 Days" series, this time with ALIEN 3

P-The Backwards Compatible Podcast records tonight

M-Other Worlds Than These: Politics and Religion in a land of Mushrooms

E-Check out Yojimbo's latest Game Brain Teasers contest. Unfortunately there was no prize, because if so I would have one it!

E-Vote now for this week's best entry into Electro Lemon's latest MS Paint contest

S-Spotlight51's gaming life has been so sad and empty since his XBOX360 RRoD

S-HDShadow says hi and tells us what games he has been playing lately.

S-unangbangkay wants you to know he still loves his PC, thanks to all the awesome game mods out there.

S-Celdurant returns to Dtoid after a long hiatus to help get through his Senior Year in High School.

S-Perri has also returned to Dtoid. What's up with people suddenly coming back to Dtoid. Why did you ever leave?

S-Darkknight37 can't stop playing Saint's Row 2. The man is obsessed!

S-Zippyduda has all sorts of stuff to tell us about in this latest update.

S-Nebones updates us on what he's been playing lately

I-BumGamer introduces himself to the community!

I-While this might not be the best introduction blog, I'm going to give KJrazy the benefit of the doubt!

I-Drewcifer000 introduces himself to the community.

[b]I-[/bCamseyeview quickly introduces himself in this short blog]

I-DanOConnor introduces himself to the community.

R-Flaming Burrito's PS2 died today. Let us all take a moment of silence to say goodbye to this awesome system.

N-The Official XBOX Magazine leaks a bunch of new Mass Effect 2 information!

N-Check out Sony's latest update to it's E3 list.

N-Indie games will be features at the Connecticut Film Festival this year!

N-GameFAQs is letting people vote on the "Best Game Ever"

V-This new Bayonetta gameplay video is sexlicious!

V-Check out the new MODERN WARFARE 2 Trailer!

T-Bart999 doesn't know if he is excited or pissed off that Nintendo is releasing the Metroid Prime trilogy on the Wii with no updated controls. I personally think this is the BEST THING EVER!

T-SpilledMilk gives his thoughts on "X-Men vs. Street Fighter"

T-Logically Dashing presents the DO's and DO NOT's of making a Street Fighter 4 tournament.

T-King of Fighters 12 related stuff ... now in multiple languages!

R-Camseyeview finally gets around to playing and reviewing Assasin's Creed

R-Camseyeview then returns to review another game, this time Cubivore for the Gamecube.

R-Big Evil goes on a rant in this mini-review of the game RapeLay. This crappy game is just messed up!

R-Now I think that Camseyeview is just posting a bunch of old reviews from an older blog, because this is his 3rd review today for an old game.

R-Xiofire reviews Velvet Assassin

R-Monodi reviews Puch-Out!! for the Wii

R-TeknoDwarf reviews the new Bionic Commando

A-Michiyoyoshiku posts a bunch of cosplay pictures from Anime Boston '09

M-NukaCola posts videos of himself drumming to his favorite video game music!

F-Drewcifer000 reviews the new Angels and Demons movie

R-Make sure that if you get a free movie ticket that only covers up to $10, that you go see the movie someplace that charges less then $10 for a ticket. DUH!

R-4knuckleshuffle interviews himself as he prepares to start creating his first video game.

V-Half-Life Full-Life Consequences: Free Man video. Hilarious!

V-Mega64 puts the mystery about Kojima's new game to rest in this new video they created.

?-Chad Concelmo was apparently on Dog Eat Dog

?-Monodi would like to know if there is a way to track all of his comments. Unfortunately there is not.

F-Technophile put it best when he said "making crappy blogs isn't going to help [the forums] come back any faster. Relax people."

F-This video was already posted yesterday. Is it so hard for people to actually pay attention to what was posted on the cblogs in the last 24 hours?

F-I hate when people upload their entire old blog onto Dtoid in 1 or 2 days!


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Of course such a phrase is an incredible disservice to some of the great games that have come out thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Games like FTL, Shovel Knight, and even Undertale are around thanks to crowdfunding; thanks to people gathering around and literally putting their money where their mouth is, a game they want gets funded and inevitably the greater landscape of gaming benefits from it. Most of the time the landscape gets to benefit from it anyways.

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For me, FTL is the original crowdfunded game, and it was great. It was somehow minimalist and incredibly detailed at the same time, and it was all done because a man wanted to do it, but needed the money, and thousands of other people wanted to see where his idea would go. Shovel Knight to me feels like this natural evolution of the classic 8-bit gaming of yore without also throwing myself back to a time when gaming was honestly comparatively archaic. And everyone's talked to death about Undertale, so we all know where I'd go with that.

To participate in this month's bloggers wanted, just start a blog! Oh, and title it "Crowdfunded: [your blog title here]." I bet this month is going to be pretty diverse, since it's basically writing about your favorite crowdfunded game. So I hope to hear about some good games revisited or amazing games no one has heard about.

Remember: Persona 5 was not crowdfunded, but excuse me as I plow through it.

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