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Cblogs of 4/13/10 + HURFDURFGADFASisms



*- Everyone needs to check out Takeshi's amazing blog celebrating his time with the community.


*- I don't know what the fuck is going on here, but it seems just fucking awesome enough to warrant a spot up here.

*- Tonight's Tuesday Night Tea discussion involves game hype.

*- Look into the eyes of a video game master who will beat you at everything.

*- Check out this incredible, INCREDIBLE write-up Cadtalfryn did about an element of Far Cry 2 not many people think about.

*- Tonight, FAILCAST went down in a blaze of glory.

*- Jesus look at this incredible Samus tag!

*- Kirby eats the Dtoid community.

*- Wow, check out EightBitRob's awesome wedding cake.

*- This is gorgeous: check out odber's amazing art for a Cave Story soundtrack.

*- Wanna get a fancy badge-thingy for your forum account? Check out Mxyptlk's blog for the deets.


A- Alakaiser makes an interesting link between Mad Men and Mass Effect.

A- Super Saiyan talks about his obsession with achievements.

A- AlphaDeus writes about his problem with nonlinear games, and asks us about it.

S- NihonTiger asks us yet again What'd You Get?

M- E for Effort: Wait, Halo had a story?

M- E for Effort: What in the hell is .detuned?

P- As they are wont to do, the SEGA Addicts recorded their recent podcast episode tonight.

P- A new podcast called Podsumaki gives us a new episode to listen to.

E- Oh snap, the PAX meet-up group for PAX Prime is already ready for action.

R- Ol' Smitty gives us his review of Just Cause 2.

T- Talk of Splinter Cell games, as we all know, eventually leads to discussions about redheads.

T- RED1854 talks about the games he's excited for this year.

A- sheppy has a great idea to get back to his artistic roots.

?- Anyone who's up for it can help out Chris "Fascinating" Hu, a Street Fighter 4 master who recently lost his home in a fire.

F- Yeah, you really have no right to defend yourself.

F- NO.

F- And I hate shitty blog writers.

F- I'm 12 and what is this

F- The fuck?

F- There's a reason why this only has one comment...


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But the QP has been having endless buzz over the Switch, despite concerns over hardware faults in the Joy-Con or cheaply produced docks. Personally, I'd love one despite the lack of software on day one. I mean, I could play Zelda while at work. And not a handheld Zelda either. A proper, huge console-designed Zelda! Asides from that, it's all about the love of having shiny new tech in your hands. So that's what this month's bloggers wanted will be about: console launches, the hype and the release into getting it into your hands.

To participate, title your blog "Let's Do Launch: [your title here]" and use the "Bloggers Wanted" tag, and in a general sense, talk about your favorite launches. We've had the PS4 and Xbone years back but were we genuinely excited or just looking forward to it? Or how about where you were when the GameCube released? Don't worry too much about celebrating the exact launch date, either. I still clearly remember the time I got my Sega Genesis from Costco, complete in a bundle with Ecco the Dolphin and Donald Duck's QuackShot.

Don't worry about being positive or timely. Did you grow up to see the Vectrex launch? Go ahead and enlighten us youngins about how much of a love/hate relationship you may or may not have. Still rocking an Ngage? I'm sure you are. So how did it feel to purchase such a mistake of the universe? Go ahead and let us know, and eventually, we'll get around to promoting it to the front page!
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