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Cblogs of 3/12 + 3/19/2018 + Thanks for your Feedback


It’s basically in the title of this recap.

Recently, I requested some honest feedback on my blogs, specifically relating to my reviews, and the community did not disappoint. Seriously, thank you to everyone who gave me their feedback. Honestly, all the comments I got were top-notch feedback, with focus on improvement as well as an acknowledgment of what they thought I was doing right. Even when someone disagreed with my review style, they presented their disagreement in a way that makes me think more about my reviews, and what they could mean to different people.

Based on all the feedback I got, I am going to do some little changes to my future review series, starting with my review of the Sega Saturn games. For one thing, the format will change a little bit, with the introduction to the review being at the top of the blog and the introduction to the series going to the bottom. This is to provide more visibility to the game itself rather than the review series.

Another will be a change of my review system. Previously, I attempted to review games based on a 50 point scale, with each game starting from 25 and losing or gaining points based on what I think warrants that. Now, I am going to try the simple 10 points review scale, with no points in between.

Before I discuss what the points mean, let use talk briefly about what my review series is about.

At its essence, it is about me going back to games in the past that I haven’t played before and enjoying them. Personally, I know that there are many great games that I never had the chance to play, and this series gives me the excuse to go back and play those great games. However, this means that I am also going to play a number of games that didn’t age well, or are simply not to my taste.

This is not a review of the games in a historical context, but a review of them from the perspective of someone dedicating time (a scarce resource) to play them today. Time that can be used playing other games.

Generally, anything that scores above a 7 is recommended by me. Those are games that I think anyone should play, and games that I think are worth the time to play and complete. Anything that scores below a 7 is something that I recommend that you don not waste your time with. In my opinion, any game that is just “average” is simply not worth the time because there are many games that are better than it which are readily available.

Games that get a score of 7 are different and really depend on your attachment to the genre or franchise. This will probably be the average score in my review series, but that does not mean that I am planning on it being so.

Again, thanks for your feedback, and I am looking forward to reading your comments on my reviews soon.

*- This is a great blog exploring the nature of companionship with videogame characters. By comparing the relationship with Yorda from Ico and Elika from Prince of Persia (the reboot), genoforprez clearly outlines areas where we  build empathy with the companion characters.

S- Flegma continues his exploration of his retro collection with this review of Nemesis, a game in the well-respected Konami shmup series, Gradius.

A- While there is a trend to have cross-platform play at the moment, Sony are resisting this trend. I don't completely agree with darrenhupke's false equivelency between Sony's position now and Microsoft's position back then, he makes a good argument of why this situation is not new.



R- Kerrik52 reviews Nayuta no Kiseki, a PSP JRPG by Falcom that looks to be pretty good but has not bee officially localized in the west.

R- Here is another JRPG review by Kerrik52, this time is reviewing The Amber Throne which looks to be a pretty decent if ultimately lacking game.

R- Generally I don't touch Early Access games, but SaiTatters seemed to really enjoy Superland in steam.

T- Checkout CheeseVillains thoughts on one of the new MMO games released on the PS4, Tera Online.


V- Personally, I am not following ant Twitch channels. However, if I did, I would go and support Rico the Penguin whose content I enjoy. Go ahead and support him too, as he is willing to bribe viewers with sexual favors.

So I started the review series with my review of Bug! (which is a terrible game). Please read that review and see if the changes I made anaged to make it a more effective review.

Anyway, here are the games I am currently playing. Those in bold I am going to review when completed:
  • Little King's Story (Wii).
  • Gex (Saturn).
  • Tokyo Mirage Sessions #Fe (Wii U).
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order (PS4).
  • Wooden Sen'SaY (Wii U).
  • Culdcept: Revolt (3DS).

Also, here are my latest reviews:

Here is my conclusion for the Genesis:

And Latest Blog in my "where the hell is...?" blog series"

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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

My favorite example of this would be Meruem from the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. While he doesn’t necessarily fit the exact mold I laid out above, he’s easily one of the most dynamic and curious villains I’ve ever come across. For the sake of not spoiling what is perhaps one of the most exciting, action-packed, and tear-inducing arcs in anime history, I won’t delve into the details of what makes Meruem so great. Instead I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen Hunter x Hunter to set aside some time and plow through the series. Really, it’s that good.

But hey, that’s just how I feel. I’m sure there are folks out there who prefer their villains to be simple. If I ever met one of these theoretical people I might have a panic attack, but I’ll deal with that should the time come. I’m sure after some deep breaths we would get along. Maybe we could even snuggle, should my husband allow such an event to transpire.

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