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Cblogs of 2009/07/20 and ScottyGasms


Sorry once again for the late recap. Although a nice thank you to Wilbo, TYS, BunnyRabbit2, Flooky and Vlambo for some late night Skype cheering up last night. :)

As if a late recap isn't bad enough though, this is going to be my last regular Monday recap as I'm stepping down. I'll still be around to reserve as needed and will be as active in the community as ever (hopefully more so), but your weekly dose of a nice, satisfying ScottyGasm won't be happening anymore. :(

Given that, the recap team is now looking for a new regular Monday recapper, as well as additional reserve recappers. It's really a fun position and it lets you read cblogs that you may not have read otherwise, giving you a glimpse at a bit more of this great community. From my experience a recap typically takes 1-2 hours of work, depending on how many cblogs there are of course and whether or not you get distracted (which i've found can VERY easily happen :P).

If you are interested please send a dtoid PM to Conrad Zimmerman.

As for me however, I managed to get a new apartment last week, which is very good as apartment hunting is almost as time-consuming/frustrating as job hunting. So many overprices places, crap-holes, and jerk landlords that are trying really hard to screw you over. I think I managed to get a good place though, and am moving in at the beginning of August. When I'm all settled I'll FINALLY post a setup post/video. :)

With that out of the way, I've been able to get in more gaming time than I've had for awhile. Picked up Battlefield 1943 for FNF last week, and had a bunch of good games with some amazing Euros like Gandy and Wilbo. One thing I did notice however is after enough games your squad eventually gets broken up and you wind up on different teams, which is kind of a bummer if you want to keep playing with the same people. In addition to that I convinced Pheonix Blood to actually turn on her 360 and play some Castle Crashers with me (she won't be getting BF1943 :(), which is always a treat. I do want to get back into SFIV again, so I look forward to playing with more of you. <3

Finally I've come oh so close to beating Mega Man 9. Just need to get the hang of the pattern of Wily's 3rd form. Probably not a big deal to many of you, but I only got it on XBLA a month ago and honestly haven't had a lot of time for gaming in the last month or so. I'd like to think I would've beaten it by now, but I'm also going for the "no tanks" cheevo, which is really messing me up. Several times while quickly changing weapons in the pause menu I accidentally used a tank, which obviously is rather frustrating as I have to quit out of the game and reload my last save. I do hope to beat it in the next day or two though, and with that cheevo out of the way I can actually enjoy the game more (I get the impression it's a lot less punishing if you can use e/m tanks).

Well, I've put it off long enough I suppose. This is ScottyG, signing off as the Monday CBlog recapper. I leave you with this video:


*- Pretty clever and funny story about a one-nutted manbear in the land of Vana'diel
*- A theatrical take on competitive gaming
*- walkyourpath was a very entertaining GM in UO
*- Very nice video of a douchebag's inspiring speech about the days of old

A- phantomile's interpretation of Runner
M- Pessimistic8Ball talks about the open-endedness of Morrowind
P- Refused Classification, episode 9 records... well... tonight now I suppose
S- Latest issue/episode of STFUAJPGM
S- BenHaskett continues his look/play through of the Dragon Quest/Warrior series

C- Guess the Brain Teasers: VG Font Edition
C- Kauza is looking for a new cblog header, and will offer a KoF shirt to the best entry

C- Dammit, and I was going to go to Red Lobster...
D- RAB gives a very brief report post-EVO
E- deBLOO gives us a recap and videos from this year's EVO, crappy announcers and all
S- Tanukitsune continues his battle of the backlog
S- Drel shares some sweet thoughts about what he could do for his sick mother, and recounts the games he's been playing
S- possumwrangler needs to pay a bit more attention to their purchases before getting home
S- Tattoojoe3rd found a GameWorks near his home. Woo!
S- Vitothedon tells a nice tale of atmosphere, both in and out of game
S- Dyna Geek sadly scratches a game disc

D- Very cool, but it could have used a little writeup actually telling us what the game was about
N- Persona 5 is apparently coming out on the PS3. Guess it's finally time to upgrade for some of you
N- Metalocalypse game announced, which I know nothing about because Adult Swim won't show their videos in Canada...
R- Professor Pew reviews G-Force, which has a hamster ball bike vehicle with guns... O_o
R- A preview actually... VVVGamer got a sneak peek at Batman: Arkham Asylum
R- Issun (and their split personality) review Little King's Story
R- Bustin' made AdamBlue feel... not bad :P
T- Episodic gaming... "ya'll"
T- Tips on being a better kamikaze in BF1943... Thankfully this is a game where we get multiple chances to kamikaze ;)
T- megaStryke reflects on the game that inspired their online avatar
T- Nogarda got further on CoD4 than I had the patience for
T- Wow... that is friggin' terrifying...
T- Clip has fallen out of love with those little red orbs thanks to Wolverine
V- Dead Fantasy 4, as drawn out as ever

F- Presenting the Prince of Persia movie poster!
L- garganroo's bargain book on game character creation
M- Weezer songs remixed as chiptunes. Sweet!
M- Mr. Dillinger interviews the drummer of Unearth
M- P4KO gives us a sweet rock remix of the Punch Out theme
M- GrumpyTurtle returns to form (is a little less... grumpy?) with a sweet Link/Prof. Layton crossover

C- This could have been so much more...
C- Cool video, but REALLY needed some text
R- DocHaus goes on about fighting game styles
R- Continuing the night of random contemplations

F- Sorry, but I see no point to this blog
F- Sadly, prolific doesn't equal good. At least The Incredible Edible Egg was able to get a sick burn in

- ScottyG <3
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