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Cblogs of 12/21 and Striderisms!


It's Christmas-itis, so I'm not gonna write anything and get back to doing nothing.

Ha. I'm just kidding. Though I am so absurdly busy that I cannot find time to write. In between work, Christmas shopping, and catching up with everyone from family, girlfriend, and old high school buddies, playing video games is a luxury compared to that thing that is last on my bucket list: writing. I mean, I've had to back my news writing up each day and doubled up and don't even get me started on how many times I came close to actually writing a feature or blog post when I get sidetracked by practicing Rocket Raccoon on Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3.

Yeah, he is weird to grasp. He's got a learning curve but when you figure him out, he's a total blast.

But when it comes to Christmas, I have a yearly tradition with my older sister. Every year, she comes a week before Christmas, we go last minute Christmas shopping together, are more than likely to know what our gifts to each other are, then watch tons of the month's latest theater releases complete with popcorn and soda. It's our thing really, and I want to make sure there's some time for it while overriding time for writing and working. I've already seen Arthur Christmas and The Muppets (SEE IT YOU BASTARDS. IT IS GLORIOUS) and I want to see Tintin next.

I also spent the last weekend together with my girlfriend. I can't tell you how much money I spent on food alone but I am just such a foodie and I wanted to take her to all sorts of places I enjoy. Capital Seafood's Chinese fried rice, The Loft's sticky Hawaiian dishes, El Aguila's delicious Mexican food. And of course there's the place that is the cornerstone of our relationship food-wise, Ruby's diner with it's great burgers and unlimited fries.

Oh man. The buyer's remorse. I'm so susceptible to buyer's remorse.

Merry Christmas Dtoiders! I so far will be getting a Triton AX180 to sound whore in MW3 and a Yeti microphone for Christmas. The Yeti is interesting because it has different recording settings, from personal, one-way podcast recordings to multi-directional interviews and conference calls. Plus it's built on its own stand, so easy using! Meanwhile, the Tritons are just Triton; quality gaming headphones that aren't shabby as regular quality headphones. Hope you'll be getting your wishes this year.

Come to think of it, I could go for more time as my third Christmas gift.

* - Occam, I'm pretty sure this was everyone's year in haiku form. I know that haiku about Arkham City hit a note for me

* - Ever think about the simple rhythm of hitting an active reload or the push of a wave of enemies 'til you need to reload? Kona thinks it's quite ingenious really

* - I'm doing you guys a favor by raising awareness on Nekobun's 4 S's for newbies of Magfest

* - Altum wrote a nice piece about his character of the year, David Sarif

A - Ragin at Capcom with rage of the Brooklyn variety

S - Remember the Water World theme from Mario 64? Noctis remembers in his weekly music musing

A - Ulicies reminds me that The World Ends With You is returning in Kingdom Hearts. SHIKI ALL DAY.

A - The conundrum of DRM on the Indie Bundle as explored by pedrova

A - DRIVE for the Sega Genesis, starring Occam, by Wrenchfarm

M - dare doesn't understand Sims 3

N - Someone call Doc Brown, the Zelda timeline is all screwy and official now

C - I tried watching the video but it was just ironic mic spam

F - WHOA, slow down that review there Morganm. You're gonna need some formatting, pictures, spacing, and clarity

Merry Christmas from your loyal futuristic, fighting game lov'in, headphones wearing, struggling freelanc'in ninja, Strider!

~ StriderHoang

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