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First of all, if you're wondering what happened to this week's Fapcast, I'm wondering that too.

Actually, Disney didn't deal me a good hand in terms of shifts last week, so I'd be crunched for time to record like the rest of the recappers. Not only that, my mom checked into the ER due to throbbing headaches and, get ready for this, blindness.

So how does someone go from being perfectly healthy one day then fucking blind the next day? Turns out it's glaucoma. Which is funny because as soon as I went to go see her after work, everyone was batting around the syptoms without actually saying what the condition was until the doctor gave me a sheet that said with big bold letters: GLAUCOMA. So my mom's taken the last week off due her eye pressure not being relieved of the fluid that normally drains out of our eyes normally. She has to take at least four different eye drops prescribed to her to keep her eye pressure normalized. A normal baseline for eye pressure is between 10 to 20. 35 is pushing it and she was at 38. Funny thing is though, when we went in for her check up, the nurse commented on her strangely aggressive prescription. And sure enough, when her eye pressure was checked three days after taking four eye drops every two hours , her psi checked out to be around six.

Granted, six is better than 38. If you let the condition run rampant for a long period of time without treatment or even eye drops, you could go blind, though of course glaucoma specifically can mean losing a portion of your sight. All in all, my past weekend has been hectic as I'd been struggling to keep my shit in order to even have time to turn on my damn Xbox to play something.

Luckily, I did find time, especially after renting Dishonored. A lot of outlets are right too. It's a damn fine game that rewards experimentation of gameplay and replays of open ended situations. But that's after a rough hour or two or rather tiresome first-person stealth. Dishonored has a problem with how your body is interpreted within the 3D world in terms of stealth. Leaning is a nice tool to emphasize your positioning, but there are other confusing factors that aren't clearly laid out like lighting and distance. Shadows grant you a bonus to stealth but how much exactly? And how far can enemies spot you, especially with differing factors like lighting and position? This is what makes the first hour or two of Dishonored such a drag. You have to figure out factors like this if you play a stealth build. And really, why would you want to go loud with abilities like Blink and Dark Vision? But you don't even have access to Blink until after the first area!

But once you're touched by the Outside and gain Blink, the world totally opens up, even with just Blink. Although I wanted to get through the game with just Blink, Dark Vision, upgraded passives, and really strong arms to choke a ton of guards with, really impractical stuff like Bend Time and Wind Blast are fun to use in tandem with other situations like say, predicting when two guards will converge on a patrol, bending time for extra time to set up, blinking towards their convergence, then laying down a careful Razor Wire trap to watch them both dissolve to nothing as my Shadow Kill passive kicks in. How about rewiring a Wall of Light, then Wind Blasting wind blasting a poor sap into it. Then watching as the now alerted fools walk right to their deaths.

Man, thanks redbox, for giving me easy acccess to such a good game. Oh hey! Farcry 3 is available huh? Wonder how that'll turn ou-


So yeah. I barely had time to record the Fapcast. Luckily, I guest starred on this coming episode of Communitoid. And I don't even need to worry about editing jacksquat! Hopefully, the Fapcast will be back next week and maybe we'll make it an extra long one to make up for the lost week.

Also, I got a 3DS. Gimme your goddamn stupid friend codes, cause I need them friends! Still don't have any good 3DS games to actually play on it. But since I work at Disneyland, I'm actually excited to go to work for once. Because I should be guaranteed tons of streetpass hits! Rolling in the Streetpasses!

* - That realization when you're THAT Steam shopper. Yes, THAT Steam shopper who only shops and hardly games.

* - Mechanical identity? I like that term. Firelordzero is so eloquent in analyzing FFVI's brilliance

A - Tav is bitter more series aren't getting 25 year anniversary celebrations. Well, what's the big deal about the number 25 then?

F - Btw, SFIV is free to PS+ users. But it's FUCKING. 18. GIGS.

I - Brownie Winkledyer wants to cheat and post his introduction now rather than before. Before when our comments were still shitty.

N - GTAV is an inevitability to PCs according to dozygamer

T - Isaac questions the sexual motivations of Hitman Absolution

T - You should really give the newer generations of Pokemon a try Turpinator. You haven't lived until you've swept a team with Excadrill in a sandstorm

N - Lord of the Rings Online update 9 is coming like a hobbit outta hell and ctate is here to catch us up

R - Darkerman adds to your woe of not playing Hitman Absolution. Why haven't you?

V - Chalk up Randombullseye to the Max Scoville challenge

~ StriderHoang

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