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Cblogs of 11/18/11 and bbainisms


Hello friends!

I bought Rayman Origins on Tuesday, and I can confirm that it is a wonderful game. Obviously, the artwork and soundtrack are fantastic, and are definitely two of the game's strongest qualities. My favorite part of the game is it's humor. I love to see the return of crazy enemy designs and platforming elements like in the first game. Using jumping beans or pieces of food stuck to forks as platforms brings me back to the original game, where you would jump around on musical instruments, art supplies and other strange stuff. The character animations also always make me smile. Rayman and his friends are always just so freaking happy, grinning at you upon completion of a level or giving you a hilarious victory dance. If this game doesn't make you crack a smile, I don't know what will.

I only have a few complaints about the game so far, although they don't really affect the gaming experience too much. For one, I feel it's relying too heavily on the mechanics laid down by New Super Mario Bros. Not that they were bad or anything, I just kind of wish they would've tried to think of different ways to do a modern day multiplayer platformer, without using bubbles to resurrect dead players. They even have the same basic character selections: two different characters (Rayman and Globox; Mario and Luigi) and two very similar characters (Differently clothed Teensies; multicolored Toads). My only other complaint is that the unlockable characters are kind of pointless. Why would we need so many different Teensies to choose from?

Actually, I do have one more complaint. There really needs to be a button to have Rayman make a silly face, stick his tongue out and go "Blahlalala!" like in the first game. I miss that.

Anyway, if you've only heard of Rayman because of those annoying Rabbid games, then you owe it to yourself to play this game and see what Rayman is really all about. And if you were a fan of Rayman from the beginning, then you should already be getting this game anyway!

* - Knivy has some interesting thoughts on interactive storytelling, using the three different methods of storytelling utilized by Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim and To the Moon as examples

* - Say hello to Shway, new community member and friend of LawofThermalDynamics! This is also the perfect example of a well-written and informative intro blog. New members: take notes

* - Zelda Week: nekobun lays out the various themes explored in the games of the Zelda series. Lots of life lessons to be learned

S - randombullseye hasn't beat Zelda II yet, but still has very fond memories of the notoriously difficult Zelda game

A - Turbofail's venture into the world of EVE Online and cat farts

F - Friday Night Fights on the PS3

F - Friday Night Fights on the 360 (also, a contest for Halo maps)

T - jebussaves88 purchased a bunch of new games and gives us his thoughts on F.E.A.R. 3

R - dunnace reviews Sonic Generations. It sounds like it wasn't the Sonic game that he was hoping for, but was still fun enough

$ - November 18th releases and bargains for the UK

A - This week's PVC deals with sexual subject matter in games, and ManWithNoName suggests that we are all perverts

C - Not a great intro blog, but say hello to Miss Trombonist (I wonder if her name is a play on Miss Tron... probably not, but that's the first thing I thought of)

C - A very poor blog, but I actually do agree with him somewhat. Skyrim's combat and AI really do nothing for me at all

F - Spambot dress-up game fan #1

F - Spambot dress-up game fan #2

F - I wonder if this guy reads the Cblog Recaps? He's definitely not a favorite among the recappers...

- bbain

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