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Cblogs of 11/10/17&11/17/17+I'm a microbe man, thats what I am


I could use this space to discuss that there Star Wars Battlefront 2 situation, but I've talked elsewhere enough about it so I think its time to focus on more important matters. Like microbes, for their importance is omnipotent as anyone with a hint of brainpower and knowledge of them could grasp. All over the world they drive the processes of life in almost all of its aspects and yet so often they are so incredibly hard to appreciate. Yes there are exampels of this not being the case-mushrooms are notable for bucking that trend but even then the sheer volume of inactive spores and fungi that aren't in a visible state boggles ones mind. 

I do often muse on how I got here-my interest in this world full of infinite forms, lifestyles and colors that can't even be seen without the proper tools in a lot of cases. I recall specifically a book called Virus-X that ignited my interest in the field of microbes, albeit via one of the less interesting routes to me now-medicine, though I'll explain that in a bit. Regardless, I found the book and its musings on viruses rather interesting, and started to get into other books on the subject. This book, by the by, was not a book that was assigned reading or reccomended reading-I went into the high school library and somehow it caught my eye. What would have happened had it not caught my eye? Had it been boring or uninteresting? Would I have gone down a different road or found this one eventually anyways? Who can say, in a similar way to so much of life. Regardless, I quite enjoyed this book and I recall musing on something as I walked around considering a career in microbiology or virology-I could probably never do that! 

How times change huh? That little thought brings me a chuckle now. Regardless, my high school  did nothing to feed this interest and for a while it lied dormant, as do so many spores of bacteria and yeast-unfeeling, unmoving, unchanging until the time is right to reactivate and reenter the stage. This emergence came about in college-there I was encouraged by a sibling to talk to my teachers and during my second semester I did. We talked about biology and insects-a pet love of mine that may someday play into my scientific wanderings but who can say with the vagaries of lifes randomness-and eventually got onto the topic of microbes. I was reading a book at the time about viruses, and so it was suggested to me after we had talked enough that because I had a clear interest in the field I should consider interning in a lab or taking microbiology. I did just that, and started down the path that led me where I'm at today. However as some of the more perceptive readers may have noticed, I have mentioned liking viruses and not liking medicine-yet as of right now I am generally known as a larger fan of bacterium then any other microbe. 

Yes, life is full of divergences and altered pathways-medicine held little appeal to me and the virology departments of our school focused almost entirely on human viruses. As someone entranced by the strange, the bizzare, the weird....well human medicine or humans in general didn't ever really appeal to me as a research topic. Viruses are beautiful in their function, form and simplicity with their bacterial versions being some of the more interesting things to look at one can imagine...and yet I was turned down a different path by my advisor. This advisor-whose name adorns a textbook or two in his favorite field, go figure-had a mighty interest in bacteria and under his tutelage I developed a mighty interest in them as well. I would never poo-poo other microbes or even higher levels of life-each of these is fascinating in its own way especially in the arena of insects and sea life.

However, we all eventually develop towards more specific interests even if we try to remain general and despite my trainings in many of the different aspects of microbiology...bacteriology called to me and I answered its siren call, to be dashed upon the rocks of knowledge. Bacteria are such fascinating organisms, and even more so once you learn of the amazing complexity of their existences. Someday I want to investigate this via my favorite bacterium, the beautiful and deadly (to bacteria) Myxococcus xanthus which someday I'll probably write up a blog about. Thinking a bacterium is just a single cell or beneath importance in the grand scheme of life is to misunderstand them entirely, and misunderstand the power and beautfy of simplicity. They have complex communications networks, defenses against viral infection, weapons to wage war and abilities that boggle the mind in their scope and scale. I do love them, and someday I hope to return to a collegic environment to pour myself more into their mysteries and beauties. Thanks for allowing me this indulgence of musing on what is one of the most important things in my life, and lets get into recaps and return to video games, shalllll weee? 

Credit for gif to scruff

* - Dere unleashes his mad vision for lootboxes being introduced into real life, in several different facets of the day to day toil of man. Feel free to read if you...dere....though be aware I think that Dere might have filled his precious toilet with magic mushrooms by this point.

* - CelicaCrazed does something lovely and creates a set of Desctructoid awards of varying categories. Go submit your votes!

A - Flegma makes an interesting case for why the VGAs shouldn't be held as Oscars, but instead as Emmys due to the nature of what they are and how they change throughout time-for better or for worse.

M - Cedi writes a rather enjoyable lengthy blog about grinding for this months bloggers wanted. Its full of discussions about grinding, something which I consider from time to time myself. For myself I'm not always a fan of it and only certain games will gel with it for me-other games like Persona 3 make it a detriment to my experience but that might be something I get into later. Give this blog a looksie!

S - iam16bit writes an interesting retrospective of Panzer Dragoon and begins with its origins and the environment it released in as well as the first game of the series proper.

R - Lord Spencer continues on the march to review the top 50 wii games of all time and gives his thoughts of Xenoblade Chronicles which he seems rather taken with.

T - Oculin provides his interesting thoughts on using old school JRPGS to keep his mind off of his bodies wear down during exercise. Its a pretty neat idea, and I can definitely see some people getting use out of it.

T - Dwaven writes a blog about lootboxes and whales.

T - Ginger Ana, a new person around these parts, writes a blog about where to find inspiration for video game characters. Also as a heads up, this blog does contain some nudity so take that into account if you decide to read it so you don't read it somewhere it'll be awkward.

L - Much like an archaeologist digging in a roman toilet to find ancient petrified shit, Vadicta reaches his hands into the metaphorical toilet of the blogging sphere and scoops out something before the mods can properly flush it away-and this loss averted, Vadicta then puts it on display for all to see.

L - whatsacow writes up a list of the top ten tips for video game development. Some of the jokes hit, some don't but you should ultimately take a look to see how you feel about if it that concept sounds interesting to you.

May your fission be binary and your growth forever exponential.



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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

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