DeS: Smash Bros fan sends bomb threats to Nintendo NYC
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Cblogs of 11/09/11 and Striderisms


I'm kind of stressing out right now. I've signed and sent away my contract to be a blogger for but I haven't received any confirmation that they've received it. It's due by the end of Thursday (today when you read this).

I've been enjoying the ever-loving shit out of Sonic Generations. If Smash Bros. Brawl was a love letter to Nintendo fans, Generations is an apology letter with 10 years worth of overdue birthday gifts. The classic stages are everything I've remembered and the modern stages takes everything that has worked for Modern Sonic and puts them all in one, concise, enjoyable package. Not all the levels are gems (I don't remember Sky Sanctuary being so disjointed and Crisis City can go burn in... oh wait, it already is) but goddamn, I missed Chemical Plant and City Escape has never been so awesome. But the music is the easiest part to notice and appreciate. Every melody, every note, every song is a stick of dynamite to my nostalgia vault and it doesn't go about it in a cheap way. Seriously, listen to the Death Egg remix. Go ahead! I'll wait.

The existence and separation of Classic Sonic from Modern Sonic is not only cool but a welcome fact. I do not want to associate the Sonic we actually know and love with the Modern Sonic who has gotten it wrong so many times. Plus Classic Sonic is somehow cool and adorable at the same time. He's so precious as he kicks Metal Sonic in the head!

Oh yeah, Skyrim is out in a day. I'll probably break my original plan of getting just UMvC3 and get it as well depending on how big my Halloween Adventure paycheck is.

Before we get into my filler images, let me talk about this Fall's anime I've been watching. Ika Musume and Working'!! are great returns (here's to you Inami-san), but Fate/Zero is easily my breakout hit. I liked Fate/Stay but Fate/Zero is downright entrancing. Both the OP and ED are mesmerizing, the released art work is gorgeous, and the thick, complex atmosphere, rich with context is engrossing. The OP is called Oath Sign and the ED is Memoria. The still motion image of Saber in Memoria is amazing but Sony is shooting down any uploads, so wah.

And that's tonight's filler images: some choice artwork from Fate/Zero. Maybe it'll convince you to watch it. You don't need too much background as it's technically a prequel to Fate/Stay, but I guess it does assume you've seen Fate/Stay beforehand.

* - MW3 SHITSTORM! Sincerely, TheManchild

* - Stephanie K isn't calling this edition of Acquisition "Blood Pact" for nothing!

A - Skid Row Trash misses the days where we could rent with impunity

A - Brain is a little butthurt about the concept of reviews and how MW3 is doing in the press recently but it's all in good discussion


P - By the way, I prefer Zero Cool to most of community podcasts. By the way, my favorite podcast is Talkradar from Gamesradar

I - Well, it was depressing, but Filthcardia warned me so...

E - crackedbat's story starts with a dating site and ends up with Skyrim

I - It's either markik's introduction or a large excerpt from his biopic

R - Kiamet reviews Uncharted 3. The storytelling to be exact

R - Konney kind of talks about DLC Quest, sort of.

T - knutaf can't stop talking about Dark Souls. I won't judge him. It is pretty good.

P - Patrick previews Super Mario 3D Land

T - littlemissgamer is gonna go over Twilight Princess. Nobody tell her Link turns into a wolf!

T - snoogans fears Blighttown from Dark Souls

R - Is Nekobun talking about nachos? NO! The new Exterminatus mode on Space Marines!

R - I think TikiGhost talks about Batman but also renting and comas... there's a comic!

F - Skyrim? IN MY FAIL?!

Here's the last image I couldn't find space to use.

~ StriderHoang

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