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Cblogs of 11/08/13 and bbainisms


I think it's about time for a nice, long bbainisms. I haven't had one of those in awhile (or... ever??), but I have a few different topics I'd like to talk about, so why not?

First up: Pokemon!

I beat the game a few days ago, and since then I've been toying around with online battles. I'm really terrible, I've only won like 4 matches, but I have fun anyway going into battle with my random team of favorite Pokemon. I usually do double matches, and use Zangoose, Malamar, Shedinja, and either Crustle or Hawlucha. I don't usually have much of a strategy, I just go for it and try to have fun. Sometimes I feel like a bit of an ass for using Shedinja (especially when people ragequit when their last Pokemon doesn't have any attacks that can harm it), but I just really like him. Since I've only won 4 matches (technically 5, but they ragequit) out of like 30 or so, it's clear that most people know how to handle Shedinja, so I guess he's not TOO cheap. At least he keeps people on their toes!

I have to say, though, that I'm sorely disappointed in the variety (or lack thereof) of people's teams. Nine times out of ten, a random online team will consist of a variety of Mega Evolution Pokemon (usually Charizard, Mewtwo and Lucario), the evolved forms of their beginner Pokemon (but never Chesnaught; does no one like Chespin?), and a few Legendaries thrown in for good measure. I'm not saying people shouldn't use these Pokemon, but a little more variety would be nice. I mean, there are over 700 Pokemon now! Surely we should be able to come up with a huge variety of teams. Maybe the Mega Evolutions are to blame, since only a handful of Pokemon can do them for now, and they're new and cool and everyone wants to use them. Every once in awhile, though, I'll come across a random team of completely different Pokemon, and it's always a very refreshing and exciting match! I want more of those!

Ok, next topic: Kill la Kill!

It's very rare that I become fully absorbed in an anime. It's happened with Cowboy Bebop, Baccano, Durarara, and somewhat with FLCL and Soul Eater, and that's about it. I've watched a few episodes of tons of other anime, but can never get into them. It's starting to happen again, though; I've gotten really absorbed in Kill la Kill recently. Granted, they're still releasing new episodes, so I can't just watch them all at once like I did with the others.

It's weird, because there's some stuff in the show that I would normally hate (Ryuko's transformation scenes and outfit while fighting, for instance) but it's handled in such a way that I actually don't mind it. Ryuko's outfit may be super-skimpy, but she's sort of forced to wear it and she's embarrassed by it (at first). It also helps that the same thing happens with some of the male characters on the show: as soon as her homeroom teacher takes off his glasses, all of his clothes start to mysteriously slip off his body; or when a male student transforms into their powered-up uniforms, we may get to see a shot of their ass. At least both genders are equally becoming naked and sexualized.

Anyway, I mostly enjoy the show for its absolutely beautiful animations, and the high-energy, light-hearted fun of the subject matter. It doesn't seem like it's trying to be too serious about its absurd premise, it's just trying to have a bit of fun with it. I think my favorite character is Mako, the annoying, super-cheerful, dim-witted friend of Ryuko. She always seems to have a crazy monologue in every episode where she makes absolutely no sense, does completely random things while speaking, and yet somehow manages to instill confidence in Ryuko to help her overcome her battles. Also, her dog wearing a hoodie is way too adorable :3.

Now I just gotta wait for the next episode...

And finally: Zelda symphony!

Last week, my boyfriend got us tickets to The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses. It was a really beautiful concert! They played music from just about every main series game except for Skyward Sword. My favorite part for sure was the encore, when they ended the evening with some pieces from Majora's Mask. The transition of the Clock Town theme from Day One to Day Three was really cool! I also really enjoyed a part of the concert where they played a bunch of different dungeon themes from across the series. The dungeon theme from the original Legend of Zelda is still my favorite, and it sounded really awesome orchestrated. The Wind Waker part of the symphony was also really fun, and by far the most light-hearted. They also played a few of my favorite songs, such as Gerudo Valley and the Song of Healing, so those were nice to hear of course.

Overall, it was a really neat concert! It was nice to see video games getting some attention in a different medium like this. I'd love to see other concerts for video game music in the future. I know there's a Final Fantasy one which I'd like to see, and I'm sure there are other games which could be made into stunning symphonies. It's great to see that other people can appreciate the power and beauty of video game music!

Ok, that's about everything I wanted to cover. Let's get these recaps rolling!

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No fails today! Huzzah!

- bbain

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