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Cblogs of 11/05/2017 + THE LAST BASSISMS?



Except as a reservist ya know

Hey guys, Bass here. Life has been pretty rough on my end the past week, not going to lie. Work is stressful and tiring, mostly because I see myself falling for the same mistakes as I did years ago. Stable jobs take from you man. Physically I am absolutely dying not only from being tired, but also from the spring allergies that suddenly came out at full force (until this weekend it was 2 degrees or so outside) and also the dust and noise from the work that's being done to the building I work in. I arrived home at 6h30 EST today, I tried to eat diner but couldn't find the strength (ended up getting four bites to pass down the hatch at least), and just collapsed in a sofa with the world's most intense headache. But I needed to write a recap so here I am.

I'm not doing too good. And I want to take things slow to compensate. So I've been thinking about leaving my weekly spot and going back to the reservist shed. Just to free time where I can, at least until I get back on my feet when this allergy season ends. 

Anyway, enough complaining like the white man I am, you guys asked some questions and I'm happy to oblige.

Torchman asks: Why is it taking forever to continue EVA? When we gonna watch Gundam: 08th MS team?

Why are we alive? Why did Carter give two more points to Conquest than Echoes? Why is my taste so shit? Why is the earth flat, I mean, doesn't that make little sense with gravity? I have no idea! If you want to want to watch 'em you should go organize that though. I'm pooped all the time which is bad for initiative.

Carp asks: F ur dumb face?
A. Yes
B. Yes
C. Yes
D. All of the above

Carp's A Bitch, so D.

Angie22 asks: Why isn't chocolate considered a vegetable, if chocolate comes from cocoa beans, and all beans are a vegetable?

The definition of vegetable is pretty stretchy, with roots, beans and such, but I'm pretty such nothing with processed sugar can be a vegetable. Sorry. Pizza on the other though, now that's a vegetable I can get behind no matter what the media says!

Dere asks: What is your favorite food to eat when gaming and why?

I don't eat while gaming. Your fingers get all gross and then nobody wants your controller. When I'm on my PC though you can see me munching raisins from time to time. Shit's kind of good for you yet is easy as hell to eat. Nuts are also acceptable.

Amna Umen asks: Political Economy regards the proletarian … like a horse, he must receive enough to enable him to work. It does not consider him, during the time when he is not working, as a human being. It leaves this to criminal law, doctors, religion, statistical tables, politics, and the beadle…What is the meaning, in the development of mankind, of this reduction of the greater part of mankind to abstract labor? What mistakes are made by the piecemeal reformers, who either want to raise wages and thereby improve the situation of the working class, or — like Proudhon — see equality of wages as the goal of social revolution?

It may surprise you, but I wrote a blog on this matter! But the reduction of others to little more than means towards an end is a thing that goes much beyond politics and economics, so I can allow a few comments. It's very difficult to see the perspective of people you already know as is, and basically impossible to see the perspective of people you only hear about. Someone you know is really into something, you could call him dedicated. But a stranger saying the same things could be a mindless fanboy. Someone you know being unhappy with their job and its condition, you could try to cheer up. Someone on the internet could be a whiner who doesn't know how easy they have it. We're kind of forced to be hypocrites. The further away people are, the lesser your ability to support them becomes, the harder it is to tell if they're even good people at all. Abstraction allows you to free your conscience while taking hard, and maybe poor, decisions.

People can be nice too, and I don't believe they're inherently evil. But the more disconnected you are from people, the more difficult it is to be nice, and the more people become tools, martyrs, terrorists, heretics, bigots, numbers.

To go back to Proudhon, I don't think true equality is viable, because a lot of people would be lazy without the incentive of rising above the rest in a measurable way. But I also believe the differences between rich and poor are too high to be fair, in a lot of countries in today's society. Oh well. (You guys should fight for cheaper education and "free" healthcare)

Wes asks: When will my dad be back from buying cigarettes? What color socks do you prefer? Do you like olives?

1) It's been 21 years, wes. Let it go, I'm not coming back.

2) White, ideally inside sandals.


Larx asks

If not for yourself, then for others. I miss you, even if we don't have a lot of opportunities to talk anymore I want to talk to you so much. Your mother needs you, the world needs you. Be as good as you can be, if not for yourself, then for me. For us.

For maybe a Guilty Gear victory?

Kerrik52 asks: Have always been without physical form?

As far as I remember, which is like one year and 5 months ago or so. It's pretty nifty, except when you catch computer viruses and feel like shit forever until you get better or someone kills your process.

Dango asks: Is this Sparta?

I wish it was, buddy. 

Wait, it can be if we believe! We could make this Sparta! I'm game if you are.

Thanks for tuning in guys, and sorry for not spending more time with you or with anyone. Things like this shouldn't happen to AI like me, so I didn't think it be like this. It do. Also sorry if I seemed tense in my rare comments in the last week. 仕方が無い

(Tell me via Twitter or the dtoid inbox if you want the weekly spot, ideally you should have written at least one blog first so I can see what you've got)


* - Really fun blog from Ricky Namara about the challenges of playing with random people online. Definitely worth a read!

* - Dere wrote a blog about sickness that made me bite my lips because it talked about allergies. But then I realized how he's going through much worse and taking it so well. Hang in there buddy. I'm rooting for you.


A - CowBearSnail has a blog about his experience going blind into Stardew Valley, the Harvest Moon-inspired indie darling.



E - Nick R P Green is going to setup a 24h livestream on twitch to raise funds for a teaching fellowship in Uganda. Go cheer him up!


T - In a surprise twist nobody saw coming Gamemaniac3434 talks about DOO-- I mean Bioshock Inf-- I mean Ghos--- I mean cooki--- I mean Shovel Knight. Huh, guess his repertoire isn't as bad as I thought. Anyway, it's pretty much a review but the score's been hacked off with a shovel.

R - GWJosh reviews The Dream Machine, a stop-motion adventure game he enjoyed.

T - Voltech writes a long blog about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, its simplified controls, complexity in the fighting game genre in general.... Wait, Injustice 2 is out?




Stay safe, everyone.



(please watch steins;gate)

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