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Cblogs of 10/12/12 and bbainisms


Ahhh, a new site! I'm still getting used to things around the new Destructoid. I think I really like most of the changes so far.

I like that we can finally see everyone who fapped a particular Cblog. I hope they fix the auto-self fapping bug/feature though, it takes away the fun of calling people out for self fapping. I also like that timestamps are now assigned to a blog once the person actually hits the Publish button; I think this is ideal. Also, we have video embed again! Woo!

The site in general looks really sleek and nice, especially with the Ohh theme selected (although Foe is the best theme, obviously).

As for the new comment system, I'm still adjusting. No more writing out a big comment of @s, which is nice. I'm not a big fan of the voting system for comments though. I don't really see the point in having downvotes, other than to call out trolls and spam. Otherwise it just makes the commenter feel bad. I've found myself thinking twice before leaving comments, and then later I realized how silly I was being, as if upvotes or downvotes really matter. I guess these are things that people have been asking for though.

For the most part, the changes have all been positive, so I'm happy with the new site overall. Thanks for all of your hard work, Dtoid staff!

* - ManWithNoName has returned to Dtoid, and starts things off right with an excellent blog about the rocky relationship between pornography and video games.

S - The Darkerman is doing a series on lesser-known bizarre video games. This time, he discusses a very strange game called Kowloon's Gate.

A - CarbonRevenge wonders about innovation and the indie games market.

C - PhilK3nS3bb3n's giving away some Resident Evil games in a contest! Think you can convince him to give them to you?

E - The Baltimore/DC NARP is approaching fast! Come party with some fine Dtoid folks November 9th-11th!

S - Destructoid updates! Improvements for the Cblogs, avatars and website themes!

S - Occams electric toothbrush spews his rainbow thoughts all over the blogs, covering the games, movies, music and artwork he's gotten into recently.

S - Megakrang returns to the blogs and tells us about the games he's been playing recently.

S - ThePhil shares his HUGE backlog and plans to write about all the games he finishes.

F - Mannly Friday Night Fights on the PC!

F - Pixelated Friday Night Fights on the PS3!

F - Foreign Friday Night Fights on the 360!

F - Lego Friday Night Fights on the 3DS!

T - Molamolacolacake is upset by some of the Mass Effect 3 DLC, because it felt like it should have already been included in the main game.

T - An extensive overview of League of Legends.

T - Bibbly thinks Tokyo Jungle should probably belong on mobile devices rather than a console.

$ - October 12th UK releases and bargains.

F - BS3 Owner brings us news from Kotaku. Thanks?

- bbain

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