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Cblogs of 1/6 to 1/12/2019 + New Year Resolution-isms


With a new year, this is the time to revisit and evaluate my last year's resolutions as well as make new ones.

Last year, I made the following resolutions:

"I am already close to finishing my Sega Genesis series, so I obviously promise to finish it before the end of the year. I also promise to finish everything related to the Sega Genesis Review series, and to start reviewing the next generation of videogame consoles; starting with reviewing the Sega Saturn."

This is a resolution I managed to complete, which was admittedly an easy one since I was at the last two or three games on the Genesis Reviews list. For the other part, I am reaching the midway in my Saturn Reviews series, and y new resolution is to reach the top 10 Saturn Games by the end of the year in my Saturn Reviews Series with everything that entails.

"I promise to finish my Wii Reviews series before the end of the year and to restart my DS Reviews series (which I stopped after my New 3DS was stolen). This should be easy enough."

Apparently, that wasn't easy enough, with several games taking months to finish, and several Wii gaming slumps. This means that this resolution will stay intact for yet another year.

"I promise to write 3 blogs in my "Where the Hell is..." series. Last year, I promised to write 5 of these blogs, but only managed to write 1, while also finishing another and mistakingly delete it. This year, I think I can do 3."

It was smart to reduce the target to 3 blogs in this series, which I was about to complete with blogs about Advance Wars, Phantasy Star, and Suikoden However, the last of those was almost complete when the cblog editor crashed with all my hard work unsaved. Therefore, I technically did complete this resolution by "writing" 3 blogs in the series, but only managed to release two. For this year, I promise to write at least 3 Where the Hell is... blogs AND publish them

"Finally, I promise to continue being an active member in the blogs, including in recapping where I am at my fourth year as part of the Recap team. I hope to continue making these recaps to meet your expectations, and to continue reading your excellent blogs and commenting on them."

This is one resolution that I cannot ever truly fulfill. I hope I did my best as a cblog recapper in a difficult year for the cblog recap team. This is a year in which I managed to ask for some pretty valuable feedback from the community members, and I hope I managed to give back as much or more than I got.

Of course, one thing I always ask of you is to give writers feedback on their writing, as that will help improve the overall quality and benefit all of us.

Here is for another year.

*- We all have our own lives outside of Dtoid, and yet, this place is also important to many of us in some different ways. NinjaSpped, who has always been a valuable member of the community, opens up on where he sees himself in the community now. Good luck whatever you do NinjaSpped.

*- It is important to know when a game is simply not doing anything for you, which is why this Band of Bloggers blog by dephoenix on how Punch-Out!! on the NES was the game to teach that important lesson. The lesson to give-up on a game when it is no longer fun.

A- Free Story DLC writes about his love for Nintendo's first much loved, but not very successful console (not the Wii U), the Nintendo Gamecube.

A- With the new year, we have the top games list, and Zer0t0nin tried (and failed really hard) at limiting this list to his "top 10" including closer to 30 games which really look good.

P- With the end of the year stuff, there are end of year podcasts, and PSToid is not very different.

P- ZombieCORPS has his own podcast, and maybe you should give it a try.



P- Here is a very effective preview of games coming in 2019 that probably are exciting for many people, moonsoongaming has a finger on the popular pulse here.

R- In this short review of The Messenger, jobejoe discusses how it is both effective due to its signature twist, as well as how it may also suffer from it to a degree.

L- Checkout PatBateman17's reading list of 2018, which is honestly impressive, with a lot of popular books, many by Stephen King, in the list.

F- In the TV world, Boxman214 writes a blog about his top 10 shows debuting this year.

R- Damien Quicksilver wrote a blog about his week-long experience with Fitness Boxing. Looks healthy and fun.

F- The cblogs are not the place to advertise for any games.


Last week, we managed to get 12 blogs, which is a good rate.

The shutdown work I have been involved in was expanded, as we found some unexpected stuff. This means that I have been working an average of 15 hours a day for the past 45 days or so, and will continue working that shift without break for the next two weeks. This has bee having some serious repercussions on my health and temperament.

Still, I committed to write a recap of this period. The cblog recap team is in serious need of help these days, and this long-lived community driven effort may not continue to survive in the future without fresh and dedicated members coming in.

Be Lucky

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Last Posted Recap (5/31/17) (For Some Reason)

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As someone that posts often about Final Fantasy XIV, I have spent countless hours obtaining all kinds of armor, weapons and accessories from various corners of the game and only for the reason of it looking cool. In fact, once I have a job at 50, I feel obligated to give each of my jobs a fanciful glowing weapon before I press forward.

And then I give each job their own little pet sidekick, because I have decided my character is a Disney princess. Then I write macros that give them a blend of super sentai/Sailor Moon transformations because henshin a-go-go, baby!

But, if I'm honest, my one true love in regards to outfits in the game is the Invalician Samurai set, which I got from the Rabanastre raid. The design is pulled right from the Final Fantasy Tactics' art concept of the female samurai and is wonderfully realized.

But sometimes looking good comes at a price, too. I remember my favorite look for my Corsair in Final Fantasy XI required me wearing pants that reduced my movement speed by twenty percent and some of the best stat-based builds in Monster Hunter can make you look silly.

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