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Cblogs of 09/20/12 and Mangasms


Games games games!

Transitioning to another department where I work was a pain in the ass, but things are going better. I really wasn't digging what I was doing before, and was in a heck of a nasty mood the last couple of weeks. With so much stuff going on, and a general lack of hope or direction, I was feeling down in the dumps. I was also sick which made matters worse, and I think I may have also gained a few pounds back. Shit. But enough about my problems; I'm back on the horse, and stroking it sensually. I'm back into games, too!

I've lightened up over the past month or so and discovered relaxation once again. I'm a really moody guy I guess; I just feel lost in this crazy world. I'm an adult which is something I guess I've never been quite comfortable with. I still like what a kid likes, I still act like one from time to time, so it would be unfair to say I've "matured". This has given me a bit of a superiority complex over the years, or at the very least, a need to feel "better" than other people. It's one of those nasty feelings you get when you feel your own lack of accomplishment kicking you in the face, but all it has done is make me dreadfully unhappy. I am in my element and at my best when I am acting kind of silly, letting my sense of humor take over, and these moods seem to be directly proportionate to two things; how long my hair is, and how much Nintendo I'm playing.

Yes, I'm a simple man, with simple features, and a childlike head of hair. And the longer it gets the younger I feel because, quite literally, I look about fourteen years old when that happens. Cut it short and then what? Well, I still look fourteen, but I feel like I look forty, so I act like it. And the world collectively rolls its eyes whenever I get a stick up my ass about this and that. Nintendo is the second thing; toss a game my way with deep themes dealing with existential this and that, and watch me degenerate into a funk which you couldn't drag my ass out of. Whenever my brain starts working too hard, the gravity of it all shoves me to the ground. I watched Requiem for a Dream and was depressed for a goddamn week.

Nintendo has this charming ability to package fun and slop it down my throat like it's a big orgasmic joy funnel. I don't know why but whenever I turn on my Wii or 3DS, my eyes get all big and puppy dog like and I get sucked into a trance of rainbows and lollipops. Even if the games I'm playing aren't necessarily joyful, just the act of playing them on a Nintendo somehow is. There is definitely some serious burned in brand recognition, the nostalgia machine firmly grinding my adult demeanor into oblivion whenever I take part in its joyride of bubbly cheerfulness. Nintendo is seriously cathartic in other words, and that's why I am going to be covering some long forgotten Wii games up until the release of the Wii U; not just because it's fun, but because that is what I am playing right now.

Yes, that's right; Nintendo has become my own personal form of daily therapy. Or as I like to call it...well, just therapy, I guess. Funthrapy doesn't really make sense or sound good.

What is unfortunate is I had to cancel my Wii U preorder, quite prematurely. I chose the name Manchild for a reason, way back when; I really have a polar personality. On the one hand I'm a father, responsible male, trying to do his best for his family. But on the other hand I'm a blue eyes long haired baby who plays Nintendo and watches cartoons every day. It's a tough balance to handle, but when it comes down to financial business, I have learned to do what is right rather than what is pleasurable, and until I finally pay off my last bit of debt (after seven long years of fighting against it when it was roughly thirteen times as much as it is right now, at the bittersweet end) I am not allowing myself to spend family money on a new piece of tech.

Regardless, I am as excited for the Wii U as ever. So I'm still going to be covering the Wii, since it is a console I am spending a lot of time with.

A lot of time, in my little Manchild cave, in between episodes of Adventure Time, while in the midst of making sure my daughter doesn't kill herself on various inanimate objects placed around the house. Somedays, though, MAN, it's like she's TRYING...

With a dad like me, who could blame her, really?

I only posted this image because this guy looks amazingly like me when I have long hair. I wonder if they stole the idea from me, or if I stole it from them? Oh well, who cares, plagiarism is in these days.

* - If you read one blog tonight, don't. Read a bunch. But if you do, check out this one, because it's awesome!!!

* - Gaming is like smoking; you don't give it up, and it slowly kills you by eating you away from the inside like a cancer when you realize just how motherfucking hard VVVVVV is at one in the morning.

* - Logically Dashing lands an interview with the Destructoid founder! I'm assuming he is a green headed robot of some kind.

* - It's this kind of opening up by our members that makes this community such a personal, open armed place to be. Thoughts going out to you, buddy; you are a good blogger, and I hope you stick around as much as you can!

A - An interesting writeup by mrdarapark about the real cost of trade ins. I don't know how one can quantify value, though; I have had games that I can beat in an hour all the way through which I am still enjoying years later. We likes what we likes.

M - Borderlands blogs! This one is by Shadowstew of Bel Air. I am going to file these under musings since they are essentially an epic battle for front page glory!

P - The Filter P-P-P-Podcast! Episode 78!

A - According to TheKodu, Microsoft is working on a SHOCKing new product! Heh...hahah...heeheh...hrm. Sorry.

F - Border FNF lands FNF 2 FNF

R - Import review time, this time the new Hatsune Miku game which probably sold nineteen million copies in Japan by now.

T - A sort of bland writeup about Bayonetta...images are always nice to break things up.

L - A neat piece of fanfiction by Fame Designer. Ask Elsa; it goes great with a morning coffee!

R - I don't know. Gamegodtre made a game in Powerpoint, but I'm not really sure what the point of this all was. I used to make games in Klik and Play, and one was about a beetle who fought flying poop particles!

S - Too short, but in a way, perhaps I should be thankful?

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