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Cblogs of 09/08/11 and 09/09/11 + bbainisms


Hello friends! You get a double dose of bbain today, because Scotty's off losing all his money in Vegas.

This week has been pretty interesting for me. I started an internship with a local magazine on Wednesday, and it was quite the experience. I didn't know much about the internship going in, so I had no idea what to expect or what I would be doing. The staff ended up being particularly small (I've only met three people), but they all seem like good people, so that's nice. I didn't do too much on my first day, mostly I just read a bunch of issues of the magazine to get a better grip of what kinds of stories they do.

The editor told me that I would get to do these mini-reviews for local restaurants called Nine for $9s, and I thought, Ok, that would be perfect! I didn't expect that I would be doing this on my first day though, but he called a few places that day and set up appointments, and I ended up going down to two local restaurants to watch the photographer take pictures of the food, and then I got to eat the food for free! It was delicious, and I got to take home all of the dishes we didn't eat (which was a lot!) I wasn't too sure about the internship before, but now I'm really excited about it!

Oh, also the Team Fortress 2 server that Destructoid set up is lovely and has been taking up a lot of my free time lately! I don't really have too many multiplayer games that I'm able to play with you guys (I never seem to have ANY of the PS3 FNF games that people host), so I'm really glad to finally be able to play games with members of the community! If you guys see me on there, feel free to add me as a friend. I might even backstab you or send a crocket your way in return! ;)

* - Panzadolphin56 writes about the decline of truly scary horror games. I haven't played any myself really, but I've been meaning to try Fatal Frame and Silent Hill

* - What up gareth? (This will probably only make sense if you read Tenkely's failblog)

* - Zugzwang thinks Iron Man deserves a decent video game

* - meteorscrap looks forward to the future of gaming, and ponders what we should expect

M - Labor Day: KingSigy had a hard time getting into the Mile High Club. There was a stupid guy in the bathroom causing problems

M - Labor Day: dunnace's gem collecting leaves him wanting, but he still misses Spyro the Dragon

M - Labor Day: Swishiee bit the bullet and beat Mirror's Edge without using guns

A - meteorscrap gives GameStop some tips on how to co-exist with the digital distribution market

A - TheManchild also likes to play games of the board variety

A - Revuhlooshun can't stop playing Dead Island despite its flaws

A - GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS GUNS... and some girls

C - Shinobi13 will be hosting a weekly challenge for members of the Destructoid group on Steam. Enter for a chance to win $5 worth of Steam stuff!

F - Friday Night Fights on the PS3!

F - Friday Night Boners on the 360!

C - crackedbat wants to know which DS games he should bring with him to LA

I - Upgrayedd has returned from a two-year hiatus!

T - Nihil is having some trouble writing his post-Pax blog, so in the mean time he tells us about some indie games he's been playing

T - Sevre's reaction to the Dead Island "Feminist Whore" debacle

P - nekobun's thoughts on the NHL 12 demo

T - flintcsci shows us what's wrong with PC gaming, but doesn't have a solution

T - Kavahn ponders character resolve in Bioware games

R - TinyGrenade reviews Wasteland Angel

$ - September 9th releases and bargains for the UK

L - ManWithNoName shares a comic about Capcom's risqu Resident Evil: Revelations trailer

C - Today's forecast: Expect scattered spelling errors and a punctuation drought

C - Labor Day: eTxZombie's computer problems are keeping him from sweeping mines

C - DrainedMind tells us about a Gears of War 3 event that he went to in Mexico City

C - A look at some equipment from Modern Warfare 3

C - grandmaster doesn't take kindly to American Nintendo fans

F - This loan shark spambot really hates the new Duke Nukem 3D game, because it turned out to be pretty pants

F - The Awful Gamer gives us an awful blog

F - What up Tenkely? (If it's any consolation, what you posted in the comments made for a much better intro blog)

- bbain

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