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Cblogs of 08/23/14 - Introducing Dreamgasms for your weekly pleasure!


"Personally I Like Dreamgasms, because dreamgasms are best gasms." - ShadeofLight

As bbain mentioned in Friday's Cblog Recaps, there's a new face on the crew, and it's yours truly: the one and only Dreamweaver! I'll be in charge in summarizing the Saturday slot for you to read on Sunday mornings when you're kicking back on the couch, trying to take it easy with a cup of coffee in one hand, the newspaper in the other, and your fuzzy pink slippers on both feet... so rest assured that your precious blogs will (hopefully) all be recapped that day: I should mention that I'm new at this so, if I happened to screw up for some weird reason, try not to hold it against me. Now, I know this section is usually reserved for ramble ramblings about our daily lives... but since this is my first post as a recapper anyway, rather than telling you how much I'm loving Akiba's Trip, I suppose I could better introduce myself a little bit by telling you how I got into the Community Blog section of the site.

For the longest time, I was a front page lurker: I would be the person who would casually say a snarky sentence or two but mostly keep to myself. See, back then, this site didn't use Disqus for its comment section, so if someone ever replied to me, I was, for the part, ignorant... but once Disqus has been implemented, it has really made communicating with other Dtoiders a real snap: just simply sign in, look at the notification tab and see who replied to what comment, then head over there post-haste to respond. Once Disqus has been introduced to this site, I've been much more vocal and friendly towards others, and that finally made me decide that, hey: this site seems to have a wonderful community, so why not join the forums? Well, that was the plan, but things never go according to those things (which makes me wonder why we ever come up with them...): apparently, I had to make a new account to use the forums of this site, and while it isn't a hassle, I didn't like the idea of keeping two separate accounts on one site. It's all for the better though, because this is when I turned to writing blogs to keep in touch with the community!

Truth be told though, I was a selfish asshole starting out: I was the kind of person who wrote blogs and never commented on anyone's but my own. Yeah, I was that guy... but since about a year or two ago, I decided to better contribute to the community by actually reading the things that other people posted because I came to a realization: I work hard on my blogs, and it's disappointing when no one reads them... so I started to imagine what it feels like when other people have slaved over their articles and yet get completely shafted. While I can't force everyone, or hell, anyone to read someone's blog, I can be responsible for reading other people's blog myself, and I have been: I've been reading more and more blogs lately (I, er, admittedly have more free time than you think...), and I've been commenting on the ones I can. With all that said,, you can kind of figure that why I suppose trying my hand at recaps wouldn't be so much of a hassle: I'm reading the blogs anyway, and it's not hard to link them, so I just decided to put two and two together!

Hopefully, I'll try to stay on as long as possible: I go back to college next week and I'm pretty deathly afraid... but I don't imagine it would eat up every single second of my life that I can't kick an hour on a Sunday to recap. I've also been weirdly creatively slumped lately as well; I've been meaning to write a blog about how much I love Akiba's Trip, since I spent over 20 hours on it within the first few days I got it... but I can't seem to find the right words to say: I want my love for the game to be apparent, but when I look at what I wrote, I just shake my head and start from scratch. My slump is also affecting my personal project, and it's frustrating: I try to force it, but then I feel like my writing's being "phoned in", and if I try to clear my head and take my mind off of it, all I can think about is how much time I'm wasting not working on it and that stresses me out... Ugh, lately it seems everyone on Dtoid is feeling affected lately, and even some people I know in real life, so I'm hoping this is some freaky cosmic coincidence that will pass. Soon.

* - Marche100 tells us a lovely story of his shift as a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. I enjoyed it so much that he earns the first Top Sauce I ever gave out for being highly original, creative in presentation... and letting me know that Rule 34 of animatronic animals exist. Now I know how I'm spending my Sunday.

A - TikiGhost comes back to blog about his thoughts on videogame news like the recent events involving Phil Fish and Zoe Quinn, how he feels about depression and Robin William's passing, and whether Destiny will be the next milestone in gaming.

A - SpielerDad is tired of seeing the same old Madden that EA Sports churns out every year, so he offers his own suggestions of which sports should have games. I don't know about you, but a game that combines both playing chess and boxing sounds awesome: just think of the audience it caters to!

A - CrusaderX seems to think that the Zoe Quinn controversy isn't getting enough attention when it's a huge discredit to the integrity to game journalism when prominent people are not only defending her, but are even claiming that she's the victim.

S - Number 26 of The Nintendette's Daily Easter Eggs features a such blast from the past that it remains on the wall: did you spot it during your trip to the Dark World in Super Mario 64?

T - Fenriff's 8 Video Game Awards that he just totally made up? ...Sounds legit. But hey, don't take my word for it: he hands Naoto of Persona 4 the best waifu award, and that, in itself, is something we can all agree on.

T - SqueakyGreen is taking the plunge and trying to marathon the Metal Gear Solid games before the release of Phantom Pain... for the first time ever, I might add! So, wanna guess what's the first game on the list? Why, the original MGS released on the PS1, of course! Did you guessed right? Liar.

T - Derek Pietras has an addiction of buying cheap videogames as I do buying cheap hookers. The result? We both got a backlog that we're not ever going to see again.

T - Sonic429 tells us why he's not a PC gamer and will probably stick to consoles forever. He weighs the pros and cons of both sides, but somehow I don't think that that's going to matter: PC gamers can get pretty... passionate about their platform.

T - Segastardust shares with us his disappointment over the Syndicate reboot that came out in 2012. He said he bought it for one Canadian dollar and it took him only three hours to beat, so I guess no real loss there, huh?

R - TroyFullBuster writes his thoughts about The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds in the form of a review. Should you hop back into the world of Hyrule, or should you simply sever the link between your world and theirs?

R - Number8Axel isn't having fun with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition: he finds a lot of the game to be so boring that he has to listen to a podcast to play them. Did the Reaper of Souls claim another victim?

R - Gamingnerd15 writes a short review of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited. Is it a promise worth keeping, or was there a reason why it wasn't fulfilled the first time?

V - FrankHowley shows us a video of what it would be like if Gamestop opts to hand out crab meat instead of cash. Something tells me I should just take my business elsewhere because telling people you are going to give them crabs isn't exactly a good thing to advertise.


By the way, I changed my avatar, but it looks really dark: anyone know of a way to artifically brighten an image? I took it with my iPhone, if that matters.
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