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Cblogs of 08/22/11 and 08/23/11 + Funkisms & PAXisms!


Dag yo! SQUID MAN covered for me last week so you get a double dose of Funky tonight! I’ll try to make this quick since my plane leaves for PAX in like 12 hours and I still need to pack! We had a fair number of blogs the past couple of days and some of them were gems!

That said, I’m pretty excited to see everyone again in Seattle, but saddened at the same time some people can’t make it. Regardless, it shall be a grand old time! Just a mini-heads up, expect Recaps to possibly be very slow the week after on behalf of QALAMARI and myself. Apologies go out to DRAGON MAN, since I don’t have enough time to do a Quad Recap. Still, those of you going to PAX, I may be bringing presents again, so hopefully you go to the gatherings and such, hahaha!

I cannot wait for this . . .

Also, I owe BULLETMAGNET a blog or two . . . or three for like 3 months or longer, which I haven’t had time to post before PAX, but I’ll leave him and you guys a taste of the Japanese/PAL exclusives I’ve gotten over the past little while . . .

I may have also gotten some other Dreamcast gems . . . like the Dreamcast Direct Limited Edition of a game that sounds like “Lady Gaga” . . . only replace “Lady” with a game company . . . hahaha!

*- Our resident super custom figure making genius, Kodykoala, shares the Custom Elecman Cabinet!

*- Handy’s avatar has been adopted by Corduroy Turtle and is . . . GOING TO PAX!

*- Handhelds: But Look at ALL This SPACE! (Batthink)

*- Yet another brilliant chapter by Fame Designer – C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

*- And we yet again have a winner through good old manasteel88 – Thank you for all you’ve done. What do I owe you?

M- Being Social: The Wiggins Way (Wiggins)

M- Being Social: Nights of Vodka and Nightfire (JCassady)

M- BEING SOCIAL: Friends Reunited (mat787)

A- Eightgallon presents Blogging for boredom?

M- Being Social: Whiskey Cups and Karaoke (FDC Ruckus)

P- Pocketoid Episode 5 – WE ARE SOOO SORRY!!

M- Being Social: Dance Central is for (Awesome) People (Bobby Barnes)

M- Being Social: The life I left behind (Revuhlooshun)

M- Being Social: or the death of your friends (eTxZombie)

M- Being Social: Couch Co-Op (Noir Trilby)

M- Being Social: Life in the fast lane. (Simon Sirkin) <FIRST BLOG!>

No contests today!

H- Witness the lair of Gobun – Welcome to My Hidey-Hole

C- Shizz happens mate, but you’ve got to remain positive! Cynicisms… with Nihil: All I Do Is Lose Edition

R- IcEmonkey gives us a Warhammer 40k Space Marine Demo Review

T- PK493 lets loose with Gaming: An Education…Of Sorts

D- I’m going to put this under “Development” since it’ll help you “develop” one hell of a PC if you follow Andy Hall’s guide – PC Building: The Beginners Guide

R- The Darkerman gives us – The New California Wasteland Calls~ A Review of Fallout: New Vegas

T- gunsages shares with us . . . Remakes I Want To See

T- ManWithNoName has a funny take on armor, hahaha - Videogame Boy meets Videogame Girl

T- SephirothX gives us his list of . . . Five Characters Who Need A Good Game: The Threequel

R- Dr.Paws Diagnosis: Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet good but lacks polish.

M- Torzelan does a cover of Unholy Pinballs!

V- xSledgewick wants to make sure that we see Portal: No Escape, you kids need to watch this.

V- Rekka has some spoiler inducing videos for – Xenoblade: The End

C- Sticking to something I’ve said for a couple years actually . . . another blog about video games and “art” . . . (made it into “Other” since it’s not just a one paragraph blog)

C- I expect MUCH better from you gunsage . . .

C- This could’ve been fleshed out and built upon so much more than it was . . .

C- A good read about Creator vs Creation, but once again, no mention of it being copypasta . . . maybe I should have no remorse and put there where Tony (megaStryke) used to . . .

F- Woo . . . foreign language spam!

F- Mattress fail!

F- God you are so effin’ awful . . .

F- Nothing new brought to this long over argument!

F- More stupid fail!


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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

My favorite example of this would be Meruem from the Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter. While he doesn’t necessarily fit the exact mold I laid out above, he’s easily one of the most dynamic and curious villains I’ve ever come across. For the sake of not spoiling what is perhaps one of the most exciting, action-packed, and tear-inducing arcs in anime history, I won’t delve into the details of what makes Meruem so great. Instead I encourage anyone who hasn’t seen Hunter x Hunter to set aside some time and plow through the series. Really, it’s that good.

But hey, that’s just how I feel. I’m sure there are folks out there who prefer their villains to be simple. If I ever met one of these theoretical people I might have a panic attack, but I’ll deal with that should the time come. I’m sure after some deep breaths we would get along. Maybe we could even snuggle, should my husband allow such an event to transpire.

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