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Cblogs of 06/29/11 and Beyamorisms


Have we stayed up late into the night talking about how good Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. is yet? The guy appeals to both my sense of melody and my affection for capes.

Oh golly gosh, you kids packed in the blogs today and I just wanna hit the hay, but we do need to discuss something first. Anything-cross-tower defense might be my favourite fuzzy region of video game genres. Lock's Quest is the reason Fifth Cell lives in my heart (Scribblenauts, or the hat born of it, is the reason they live on my head). Monday Night Combat took my hand and taught me it was okay to love again. And Trenched? This is a puffer fish. While playing the game, I resemble that ichthyes critter, only my swelling is due almost exclusively to joy, with only very little consideration given to self-defense.

As an aside, some part of my affection might have come from that microcosm of the technological singularity, our own Knutaf, humouring me with a night of delight, but it is, beyond qualification, a superb game. There are robots and there are towers and, like sugar and flour, they make the moist cake of a quality experience as the product of Double Fine's hot oven. For it's ham-fistedness, that simile may as well have been wearing boxing gloves made from Porky Pig. Let your childhood suck on that image.

Augh, that I weren't cursed by the cruel limitations of wanting to go to bed pretty bad, I'd weave paragraphs on paragraphs. Jeeze, this could be the sort of thing one blogs about. Surely, it's the sort of thing one should blog about. However, brevity will be tonight's editor. It's a good game and I done like it and I've beaten every level but the last which I'm saving as something special and right now I'm trying to get gold for all the stages which is frustrating but a good ride and time. We're done. Enjoy the recaps and know there was honest-to-god sweat shed in getting 'em out.

* - DtoidMidwest. They're pretty people. And they NARP.

* - I like the way you write words I like about that thing I might like.

A - sheldrine considers giving the games industry the 'just friends' line.

A - Melz has a thing for quick triggers and quick saves.

A - bbain, hipster orc, goes against the grain.

A - smeagleton does a real great writeup about uncharted.

A - If you express appreciation for Morrowind, I will love you unquestionably. You're in my dreambook now, Roger B.

W - Grats to SuperMonk4Ever, but e'erybody else should still read Sheppy's blog.

C - Frogbun + Trenched. I feel like I've already won.

E - Joining Nostaljourney - that's gotta be an event, right? Anyway, do it for Tom Jones of European Land.

I - O hai there, PDawgy.

S - Harris Hatsworth does a rad blog. There are fireworks. Boom kapow zam.

E - Dtoid SanFran July events. There's trivia in it for you.

I - Say hey to Patricia Hernandez, Dtoid's latest lackey - uh, intern.

R - Meloncoly grooms his beard and rambles about Dragon Age: Origins.

P - Katajero has a huge ass problem with the Sonic Generation demo.

T - de5gravity gives a neat blow-by-blow impression of his first time with a Zelda game.

R - ManWithNoName, you're the real forgotten treasure, except you somehow manage to post everyday, so nobody really forgets you. Hm. Terranigma.

R - Castle has Fairy Heal on the brain.

T - PK493 worries about missed opportunities. Protip: that fear will grow to devour you.

N - Extra! Extra! Read all about it! zxeno brings the news.

T - Mikhail Faulken is squeamish about Sqeeeeenix.

N - GagaPerez laments the outcome of Operation Rainfall on our parade.

R - Cryotek tommy guns the platformer titles.

R - With an intro as long as its development time (still a funny premise), jc83 reviews Duke.

T - StairMaster knows cred is worth more on the streets.

C - One videogame company. One block of text?

C - Nerdy Suit recommends a video.

F - I, just, I'm trying here, but you gotta work with me.

- Bey

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