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Cblogs of 06/26/14 + Big Bad Beetle...girls?


Some interesting news hit us this week, that's for sure.
Like any Zelda fan, I'm pretty excited for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. I don't care that it's basically just a reskin of a standard Dynasty Warriors game; all I know is that I want it inside me my WiiU. Seriously though, did you watch Nintendo Treehouse @ E3? They made Midna go see the Ocarina of Time Great Fairy to help them use a giant hookshot to slam the moon from Majora's Mask into Twilight Princess' Argorok. That's just fucking glorious is what that is.

So, that big news? Both Agitha from Twilight Princess and a new character called Lana will be playable in Hyrule Warriors.

Well, that was unexpected!

I have some mixed feelings about Agitha. Twilight Princess may very well be my favorite installment in the franchise, but Agitha is a minor character at best. The only thing she does is giving you a shit-ton of rupees in a game that already throws rupees at you (and then, as a special "fuck you" to every OCD-gamer ever, doesn't allow you to loot a treasure chest if you don't have enough room in your wallet for its contents). From that perspective, her inclusion in Hyrule Warriors isn't all that great.

On the other hand, for as little screentime Agitha has in her game, she does leave a lasting impression. She has a creepy obsession with bugs, looks just ever so slightly off somehow, and just gives you the crawlies when you have to go visit her. What's more, they seem to have managed to translate her bug-theme into her fighting style pretty well. And for all I can say against her, summoning a giant fuck-off beetle to squash hordes of dudes sounds like brilliantly silly fun. Points for that, Tecmo Koei.

But what has me most excited about Agitha are the endless possibilities she opens up. Think about it for a second: if even someone as obscure as Agitha can get into Hyrule Warriors and can look cool to boot, the sky's the limit! No one's too silly anymore, it's fair game for all!

If Agitha, why not....
Din / Layru (Ages/Seasons), Damp, Ruto, Darunia, The Happy Mask Salesman, Ezlo, Vaati, Tetra, Medli / Makar, Byrne, Batreaux, Groose, Irene, or Ravio?
Hell, I purposely left some of the really obscure ones out of that list (be honest: how many of you can tell me who Ashei is, sans Google?), but with Agitha already confirmed, even they might have a shot.

So if anything, this week's reveal of Agitha has me more excited about Hyrule Warriors than ever. She looks more fun to play as than she has any right to, but more than anything now I can't wait to see who else might be stepping up their game to kick some major ass. The one thing I do hope is that Nintendo and Tecmo Koei don't restrict themselves to the "mature" Zelda titles. So far they've been borrowing most of their assets from Twilight Princess, some Skyward Sword and a hint of Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, but I haven't really seen any Wind Waker representation yet. I understand that the "Toon Link series" doesn't fit as well with the Dynasty Warriors style, but that shouldn't be a reason not to try. I mean, Agitha doesn't fit in with Dynasty Warriors either does she? And if this game's going to go all out with homages and references to the Zelda series, they need to REALLY go all out and get some of our Great Ocean-dwelling friends in on the action.

As for Lana, I'm liking her so far. She may be an original character but she seems to fit in decently well with the Zelda cast, so it's alright with me. And that one screen where all the pages of a magic book are swirling around her has me all giddy because I've loved the whole magic book shtick ever since I saw Alexander Anderson do it in Hellsing. I'm easy like that.

Apart from Zelda, my Fire Emblem adventures are going quite well, and more battle couples have already sworn their love to one another. In fact, I'm pretty sure most of my main army is married at this point! I'm not going too in-depth today, but I have: Chrom/Sumia, Donnel/Panne, Nowi/Ricken, Sully/Virion, and Shade (what I named my Avatar)/Tharja (What? Why can't I hook up my in-game persona with the hot one?!). Beyond that, Cordelia/Stahl are getting very close indeed, as are Lon'qu/Cherche.

So yeah, good news all around, and I didn't even go into my Steam sale haul yet! That'll be next week.

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- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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