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Cblogs of 06/15/17 & 06/08/17 + Hit The Snooze


I was once told that sleep is for the weak. I don't consider myself a particularly weak individual, but boy, do I need my sleep.

When I was younger, I would literally stay up playing games until I 5/6am. Then I would get about two hours sleep, go and run a videogame store for the day, go straight out to meet friends at a bar or some such dive. Then return home to play games until five again. At best I would get one full nights sleep in each week. I felt no ill from doing this, I got a ton of fun out of it and maintained it as a steady lifestyle for years.

But now, whilst typing this sentence, I'm yawning, desperate to go back to bed for a few hours. This is entirely because I had one late night this week, and stayed up overnight for the election OVER A WEEK AGO. This is the old man I have become. A dude who needs his 8 hours a night if he is to be able to operate on a relatable level, driving and operating heavy machinery be damned. My system switched to being this needy of rest in the blink of an eye. One week I was living that Spring Breakers coke-fuelled high-life then, suddenly, I was the guy shouting at the kids to turn the music down 'Do you know what time it is?!"
Probably about 9:45pm.
Indeed, the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long.

Speaking of late nights, I see many of you watched the E3 pressers and got a real kick out of them, that's good to hear. I abandoned the self-congratulatory monstrosities years ago, and besides, there was sadly nothing in E3's black bag for me this year. But I've really enjoyed seeing you all get excited over various announcements, and I hope that the coming twelve months delivers upon the promises of the wonderful games and tech that strutted the E3 catwalk this year. It's always good to see people happy and excited about videogames. You're supposed to be.

And with that, let's look at some blogs.

A - ScionVyse looked into their crystal ball to see what Nintendo had in store at E3, prior to their video conference and Treehouse streams, which have been considered a delightful success by many. Why not go back and see if their clairvoyance matched up to the read deal?

S - Sr Churros is done with his burgeoning backlog, it's time to put those games down, and thus the quest begins. Shantae and the Pirate's Curse is upcoming, a game that is very good at saving my life when the chips are down. I look forward to seeing what Churros makes of it.

R - Blanchimont reviews the Beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on the PS4. Good stuff, but the C-blogs is for original content, just a heads up that copying and pasting your articles from other sites is kinda frowned upon. Interesting summary though.

T - The Bubsy games weren't great. Not in a cool, ironic sense, or a post-modern sense. They came out, and no-one gave a shit. Somehow, a new one is on the way, a step too far into oh-so-Family-Guy 'remember this?' comedy for me. Manchild hopes it will be a terrible game. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

N - BatesBram's headline article on the anger caused by Runescape promoting a Gay Pride event to take place within their archaic fantasy world. People got mad about a thing. Of course.

That's it for the previous fortnight's Thursday blogs. Now I'll leave you all to wallow in your hopes and dreams for the gaming year ahead, whilst I attempt to wallow in the dreams caused by sweet slumber. Here's to a power nap, with ethereal images of Meiko Kaji & Olivia Wilde turning up in slumberland to play some Backgammon with me.

Until next time..

- Orochileona

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It feels like it's been a decade since we've seen the rise of the crowdfunded game. I'm always surprised when I remind myself that crowdfunding has been a thing long before the first crowdfunded video game, but nowadays a crowdfunded game seems like a dime a dozen.

Of course such a phrase is an incredible disservice to some of the great games that have come out thanks to websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Games like FTL, Shovel Knight, and even Undertale are around thanks to crowdfunding; thanks to people gathering around and literally putting their money where their mouth is, a game they want gets funded and inevitably the greater landscape of gaming benefits from it. Most of the time the landscape gets to benefit from it anyways.

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For me, FTL is the original crowdfunded game, and it was great. It was somehow minimalist and incredibly detailed at the same time, and it was all done because a man wanted to do it, but needed the money, and thousands of other people wanted to see where his idea would go. Shovel Knight to me feels like this natural evolution of the classic 8-bit gaming of yore without also throwing myself back to a time when gaming was honestly comparatively archaic. And everyone's talked to death about Undertale, so we all know where I'd go with that.

To participate in this month's bloggers wanted, just start a blog! Oh, and title it "Crowdfunded: [your blog title here]." I bet this month is going to be pretty diverse, since it's basically writing about your favorite crowdfunded game. So I hope to hear about some good games revisited or amazing games no one has heard about.

Remember: Persona 5 was not crowdfunded, but excuse me as I plow through it.

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