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Cblogs of 06/06/14 + 06/07/14 and bbainisms


Hello friends! This week was a pretty good week for games in my house! Scarritt bought a ton of new games, including Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, Dead Space 3, and a Sega collection for the PS3. I also went ahead and got 1001 Spikes on Steam, because I've been anticipating that game for quite awhile. So what have I been playing out of all those games?

Shy Guy lookin' all fly!

We had a few friends over for Mario Kart, so I played a bit of that. I'm super excited to see Shy Guy is a racer, since he's my favorite Mario character! He's the only character I'll play as. I've only tried out a few different karts, but the standard ATV is my go-to choice for now. As far as tracks go, there haven't really been any that I disliked, which is surprising. I think my favorite is the updated version of Toad's Turnpike. Racing on top of other cars is a lot of fun!

I played Pikmin 3 for a bit as well, but haven't gotten too far into it yet. It feels a bit more faithful to the original game, which I like. The only things I don't really like is that there's no C-stick button to make the Pikmin march around you (or at least I haven't figured out how to do it yet), and there's not really an encyclopedia of the planet's wildlife like the last games had (the wildlife is the most interesting part of the game!). But it's a great game so far!

Not pictured: the thousands of spikes.

I also spent some time with 1001 Spikes, and I've made some progress, although I'm not sure how long the game actually is. The difficulty is on par with Super Meat Boy, which I like. I love that there are two buttons for jumping: one for high, long jumps and one for short, more precise jumps. Without two separate jump buttons, I feel like the game would almost be unplayable for me (like if they expected you to make precise jumps by lightly tapping the button... I hate that!). With the sheer amount of crazy traps in this game, I honestly expected it to feel a lot more unfair, but it's really not that bad. Sure, you'll die tons of times, and sometimes it won't even feel like it was your fault, but you'll learn from your mistakes. So far, I've only come across one small section in the game that actually felt cheap, at the end of level 4-3. Even after figuring out what I was supposed to do, I still had a lot of trouble pulling it off!

This fuckin' level!

Last, but not least, I played Ecco the Dolphin, which was included on the Sega collection. Ecco and its sequel, the Tides of Time, are among my favorite video games, but I'd never actually been able to beat them (until now). I played through the first game this weekend, and damn is that game difficult! I actually sort of cheated, so I haven't beaten the game the intended way yet, but it's good enough for me. You see, if you die to the final boss, the Vortex Queen, you're sent back to the beginning of the previous level, the Machine. The Machine is a hellish, 6-minute-long, auto-scrolling level of hatred and death, and the Vortex Queen is no walk in the park either. Screw you for making me go through all that work just to get another shot at the final boss, game! I ended up using a password to get to the final boss again after dying. Whatever. Aside from that little bit of retro gaming difficulty, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable game. Now I just have to beat the Tides of Time!

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- bbain

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