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Cblogs of 05/16/13 + Shadeisms


So, last time on Young Just- Oh, wait. I promised video games, didn’t I?
Well then video games ye shall have!

First things first, though: as you saw yesterday in Strider’s caps, we’re looking for a new recapper to take on Sundays. I don’t want to alarm any of you, but if we don’t find one I have it on good authority that Phil will sadface. And not just a regular old sadface, but Phil will be all like:  

And nobody wants that.
So if you think Phil doesn’t deserve to sadface and/or magically transform into a pony, get off your lazy butt and cap Sundays! Just send a PM to any of us or the Recaps account. As the freshest Recapper of the bunch (so fresh you guys) I can tell you that it’s a lot of fun to do. My experience is that a good portion of every day consists of good blogs, with some okay-ish ones making up the rest, and one or two shitty ones for you to throw on the Fail pile. And as an added bonus to reading mostly good stuff, in your own exclusive –isms or –gasms you get to talk about whatever the hell you’ve been spending time on during your week.

Like Young Justice! Which, incidentally, I’ve been watching this week and got up to the second season in which Robin is now Nightwi-NO! BAD SHADE. VIDEO GAMES!

You wouldn’t know it, but I actually played video games over the past week(s). Genuine, honest to god video games. ‘magine that. For one, I finished Papo & Yo and Anodyne, both of which are really great. I’ve got a lot to say about Anodyne in particular, but I’m probably going to save that for a blog of its own. I bought and started Of Orcs and Men, which is another awesome little game, as bbain will attest to.
What I want to talk about now, however, is Primordia.

Primordia is one of the best point-and-click adventure games I’ve ever played. No hyperbole. The fact that this game had to go through Steam Greenlight is also literally the reason I lost faith in the Greenlight system. Sure it set an amazing record for getting greenlit, but it should never have been on there in the first place, especially since it came from a well-established dev. Still bitter about that.

It’s the latest game by Wadjet Eye, who previously did Resonance and Gemini Rue, both of which I’ve yet to play unfortunately.

This game takes place in an apocalyptic future, where the only thing left on earth are robots, most of which don’t even remember what “humans” are anymore. The ones that DO remember worship them as the deity called “Man”. The protagonist is one of those latter robots. He lives in the wastes with his witty sidekick friend Crispin, until the power core that’s providing them with energy gets stolen by some big laser-shooting ‘bot, who takes it to the robot-city Metropol. Cue Horatio and Crispin going into pursuit, and finding more than they bargained for.

What follows is a story that borrows a thing or two from 1984, but which places it in a universe that is very well fleshed out and absolutely brimming with atmosphere. In particular, I felt that all of the different robots you meet throughout the game are really well done. Every single one of them has a very unique personality intertwined with them, well…being a robot. There are robot-Britons, robot “sir, yes, sir!” soldiers, robot prophets, and even robot lawyers.

All of them, from the first to the last, absolutely nail their role. I mentioned this before, but while “robot prophet” may sound ridiculous, the dude completely sells it. And as for the main character? Horatio’s voice was provide by the Bastion narrator. Yeah. You get to hear that dude in a starring role. It’s bloody awesome.

Because of all of these peculiar robots, there’s a fair share of humor in the game as well. Crispin in particular has some great lines. I heard some people criticizing this aspect because they felt it clashed with the more suppressive and dark story, but personally I felt that the game manages to keep the right balance pretty well. It knows when to be dark and when to be humorous; I for one never found something that bothered me. Instead, I think it did both aspects pretty well indeed.

I haven’t yet seen all of Primordia’s endings yet (from what I hear there are 10) but I’ve at least gotten one I can be satisfied with. Most importantly, the ending I got featured the full backstory on the game’s protagonist: there’s really interesting stuff in there. It probably wasn’t the absolute 100% “good ending”, but that doesn’t matter to me. It was more of a middle-of-the-road type of deal where some things get solved while some don’t, and it reminded me of Bastion’s ending a little bit. I actually like these kinds of endings a lot better than the standard “everything is all sunshine and flowers now” ending. Primordia definitely leaves the door open for some grey areas, which only serve to make it more compelling if you ask me.

So yeah, if you like point-and-click, sci-fi, the Bastion narrator, or simply well-written games, check out Primordia. Do it.

* - This is a really interesting view on games journalism and the people who do it. Sure, everyone wants to get a job writing for Dtoid, but why should we want that in the first place? ccesarano gives an interesting view on the whole state of affairs.

* - I think the whole mess with Chloe Sagal hit Hairy Downstairs Kitchen pretty hard. Can't blame him. He's trying to deal with it the only way he knows how: by playing some games and giving some away. 

* - Always awesome taterchimp has a great blog about the things he loves about video games: specifically Halo.

A - Lewisgn understands Nintendo's new policy on Let's Play videos. If anything, I'm just happy Nintendo's not taking them down.

A - Are we 'gamers' here at Dtoid? Of course we are! CaimDark explains why identifying as a gamer isn't a bad thing. 

P - In today's Zero Cool Podcast, robots are taking over. Seems like Zombie Orwell is about to get some competition for enslaving the human race!

A - Should we really be talking about sex and gender in video games in the first place? Asterion thinks no.

E - I THINK this is an entry for the Next Top Streamer contest. It isn't very clear.

I - Not much of an introduction here. Maybe you guys can convince him to share more of himself?

S - We have a recordholder in our midst! Paul S has the largest collection of fighting games, but is really just looking for somebody else to claim the title.

F - PC FNF and Anamanaguchi. Listening to Endless Fantasy as I write this! It's good!

D - There's been some troubles over the Eternal Darkness sequel between Dyack and one of the Two Best Friends.

V - Some guys talk about technology and possibly the most voyeuristic game ever made: Night Trap.

V - A video on Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.

R - TheKodu does a request review for Planetary Shield....the game isn't very good. In fact, it's very bad.

M - Music Worth Howling About: One of Anamanaguchi's songs in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It's a good song, so listen up!

C - This blog could use some fleshing out, but I like his analogy of microtransactions in games as being a regular in a strip club.

L - Here's what you get when you write down your hopes for the next Nintendo Direct...while drunk!

C - What's with this sudden problem of people posting text in ridiculously tiny font? Either way, once you copied it to Word and enlarged it, you'll find that Kalysren talks about Bioshock Infinite's difficulty spikes.

? - Not sure if spam, or...

F - Try again, but without the completely unwarranted anger next time. Read Lewisgn's blog for inspiration if you want.


- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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