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Cblogs of 05/10/2012 and Dwarfgasms


I actually got to spend some time with my wife last night and instead of screwing like wild beasts, we played Minecraft! Yep, that is about as romantic as it gets in my house unfortunately between each of us having full (or close to, in my case) time jobs and constantly whining little hell spawn to raise. We very quickly adopted real life roles; me as a homemaker and her working deep in the lava mines. You know, just like in real life. It's damn good on the 360 for the reason of split screen alone, so if you have someone to consistently play with, I definitely recommend it.

Oh yeah, and speaking of Dwarf wait, isn't that what we were talking about? Anyways, I've been talking about it a lot lately. Turns out it's a damn fine game, one that I can't seem to shut the hell up about. I guess that's because it keeps consistently surprising me with its awesomeness. Even more awesome however is the news that O'Reilly, the people behind so many programming guides with sparse, minimalistic covers have decided to publish a two hundred page book called “Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress”, set to release this month.

This is really fantastic news for almost nobody except me, since there is not much of a middle ground with the game; you either play it or you don't, and most people who are ambitious enough to stick with it will find themselves a wiki pretty quick which will teach them everything they need to know. YouTube is another great source, but from the author of the book, there is also a fantastic tutorial to take you through the humble beginnings of the game.

Why am I so freaking excited about it, then? I LOVE a well written manual. When I hit a book store, no matter what the subject, if I see a manual I think is really well produced, I will always thumb through it. There is no better bathroom material than a textbook about aviation, or a comprehensive guide to nutrition. I'm not sure why but these kinds of materials have always fascinated me, and video games are no different.

My favorite manual of all time is the one which came with Sim City 2000, an exceptionally long and well written book which I still browse through occasionally in PDF form. (thanks, GOG!) Since Dwarf Fortress is still in alpha, it is a bit premature perhaps to come out with a published paperback for it, although O'Reilly is promising electronic updates as time goes on. Of course that doesn't help with the paper edition, but the fact of the matter is, having a textbook style book all about one of my favorite games is going to be awesome, and still probably very helpful.

Anyways, if you have even a fleeting interest in the game, you could check out the aforementioned tutorial at the very least. Some things are already outdated (foreshadowing for the books potential failings, no doubt.) but it is still a really good start.

Okay, I'll shut up about that game now and let you get on with your lives.

On to the blogs!

* - FireFox516 offers a fun look at missing Virtual Console games. I agree dude, I'd like to see these on there as well, and what the hell DID happen to DK64?

* - I can't help but to love this crazy asshole.

S - jebussaves88 talks about portable gaming in part 24 of his Backlog Diary series!

S - 1001VideoGames billion part series continues with #9, The Stanley Parable

S - Wow, tons of series today! SeymourDuncan17 talks about Battlefield 3 in the debut of his KETCHUP blog series. I heard that reading this blog will make Kraft Dinner taste like something other than a Mandrills butthole.

E - Join the Deadly Premonition Social Club today! Farenheit promises it will be as least as interesting as the mile high club.

T - Admiralsombrero has some thunks about the percieved power of next generation consoles.

T - Ronin4life predicts what everyone already kind of knows; 3DS > Vita

N - stubbleman shares some interesting facts about Konami, and their unfortunate slow decay.

D - RenegadePanda is spreading the word; somebody out there wants to make a new Dreamcast SHMUP. I'm down with this. I'm all ABOUT SHMUPS.

D - CjnLion interviews Matthew Davis, developer of Faster Than Light. Good job dude!

F - C is for comedy, and F is for fail, but I'm sure Duke wouldn't have it any other way.

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