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Cblogs of 05/08 and Striderisms!


So Lobo is now out for Injustice's four part season pass DLC plan. And frankly, the waters have been muddy.

So I watch Maximilian Dood on YouTube and he can't seem to make him work. However, I fiddle around with him in training mode and see Honzo Gonzo's character breakdown and think this guy is destined for great things with only a few nitpicky flaws. Listen, a character like Green Lantern or Batman can burn a meter in select combos to break 30%. Maybe 32% or 35% on average for the likes of GL or Batman's extended meter burning combos (GL's extended combos are brain dead easy thanks to Lift. Free 30% combos everyday!)

Lobo? Burn a meter on his command grab (which combos on juggled opponents by the way) and you're on your way to 40%. Minimum. All of his big damage starts off of his slow overhead but he has a wealth of options to slide into a 40% minimum combo off of one meter or two if you're generous. Hell, simpler chains with a meter can do 30% without needing wall bounds. Just burn a meter on basically any special move and it'll turn even the simplest combo string into a 30%'er. I mean Low Space Hook? That extra stomp is strong. Plus great oki set ups.

But no, his damage output isn't the reason why I'm going to be zealously believing this guy to be borderline OP. It's something Honzo Gonzo points out. The second hit of his 2, 1 string is a long range overhead thanks to his chain. Cool right? Long reaching overhead to check if your opponent is asleep on blocking. Now factor in that it's special cancelable and he has two different low hitting specials: Low Shotgun Blast and Low Space Hook.

Now things get goofy. Factor in the sketchy netcode and you might start to see where I'm coming from. It's hard enough that you have to watch how you block in this game. Factor in lag and knowing whether to block high or low becomes a difficult chore. Now face an attack that quickly goes high then low plus has midscreen range and you have something abusable. I mean, Doomsday Meteor Strike abusable.

Burn meter, tracks opponent, unblockable. Cool story bro.

Lobo has absolutely zero range game. At fullscreen, he's got nothing. But his dash is amazing and he has great midscreen reach with his chain and shotgun. Up close, his normals need more experimentation but Lobo pieces of GL's midrange space control but without his terrible foot speed. Don't even get me started on his standing 3. It doesn't lead into any combos but it controls space as well as GL's Lift but it does it on safe frames. You can throw it out without much fear of reversals and it probably controls more space than it looks too. I'm really excited to try him out because I love GL's space control but his dash is terribad. Sure GL has options at long range to contend with pure keepaway strategies but GL functions best at midrange. His options at fullscreen are limited and are only useful to distract other fullscreen zoners as he slowly gets them into his sweet spot range. And believe me, when I say slow, I mean slow. Jet Turbine might be safe but I don't like the idea of leaving my spacing to a special attack that can get stuffed by say, a super.

Lobo on the other hand has an amazing dash to compensate his zero fullscreen potential. His command grab leads to amazing damage and did I mention it hits crouching too? Killer Frost can't do that shit. But unlike Grundy or Bane, Lobo is more mobile on the ground and his throw leads to more damage rather than predictable spike damage.

I think I'm going to drop Green Lantern completely in favor of this guy and make my top three Nightwing, Killer Frost, and Lobo. GL's Lift is too easy mode but honestly, I like my fighters with decent mobility. If you've ever seen GL's dash, you'll think he has absolutely no urgency. Lobo on the other, rolls like a boss. And frankly, he is a boss. No, he's the Main Man.

I'm totally doing a video series called Will They Block It? In it, I'll spam Lobo's 2, 1 xx Low Shotgun/Low Space Hook and see if they can learn to block it all. I'll set it against game show music like Price Is Right and intersperse it with Macho Man Randy Savage sound bytes because dammit, Lobo's Justice League cartoon show incarnation is a dead ringer for a hilarious wrestler.

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~ StriderHoang

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What’s far more interesting to me is when a villain’s motives or actions come across as justified, perhaps leaving you rooting for them to defeat the protagonist [insert Elder God Tier villain meme here].

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