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Cblogs of 05/03/12 + 05/04/12 and bbainisms


Hello friends! TheManchild had a family emergency yesterday, so I'll be covering his 'caps this week. It sounds like everything's alright now though. Get well soon, TheManchild and family!

So I played the demo for Dragon's Dogma this week, and now I'm super excited for it to be released later this month! The combat was quite amazing. It reminded me of Shadow of the Colossus (jumping and grabbing onto monsters) meets Skyrim, only way better because I actually did not enjoy Skyrim's combat at all. But you have your pawns fighting with you, like in Skyrim, and they're actually quite helpful. At one point I launched myself onto the back of a griffin before it took to flight, then slashed it in the back repeatedly as it tried to shake me off into the air, then one of my pawns caught it on fire and it plummeted to the earth as I rolled away to safety. It was amazing! They seem to have taken a lot of inspiration from classical mythology for their enemy designs, and I'm really enjoying the designs I've seen so far. The chimera and the griffin that you get to fight in the demo were really awesome looking!

I'm really excited to fight this guy!

I also spent a lot of time in the character creator making my character and my main pawn. I thought the customization options were really great! I went with one of the bigger builds for my main character, but didn't realize it meant I was picking a class as well. I believe I ended up with a Strider class? I was kind of surprised when my big guy pulled out daggers and a bow, but I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I don't usually choose daggers OR bows in games, so it was something different.

My only problem with the game so far is that the text is really, really small. Maybe it's just my TV? I can't figure out a way to make it any bigger though. At this point, I can barely read some of the text at all. There were a few items in my inventory that I just couldn't make out, so I had no idea what I was holding. This seems to be a problem with a lot of newer games I've noticed, but it's never been THIS bad. Hopefully I can figure out a way to fix it.

Anyway, May 22nd can't come soon enough! I'm ready to fight some dragons!

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I - Say hello to Jonathan Johei Oyama! He's a friend of StriderHoang and likes Japanese RPGs

T - Fez is "not the type of game you speak of in the presence of people you potentially might have sex with one day"? I must disagree with you there, sir! Talking about Fez is borderline foreplay

T - PhilCRinger makes some predictions about the content in The Elder Scrolls Online, such as premarital mounting

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$ - May 4th UK releases and bargains

A - Sir Tobbii made some awesome posters for Podtoid episodes!

R - Zack found a scrap of paper from 1991 revealing Ryu's special moves! Neat!

C - "Horses in GTAV confirmed!" Horses are all the rage now, right?

F - Copypasta strategy guide info

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S - More copypasta, also Hamza beat you to the story

F - The lamest attempt at spam I have ever seen. Shame on you, spambot!

F - A better attempt at spam. They went with the old "random word generator" method; risky but effective!

- bbain

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