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Cblogs of 05/02/13 + Young Shadeisms of Justice


But first: long live the king-isms part 2. Yep, so we have a king now! Last Tuesday, the 30th, it was Queen’s Day, and also the day on which our new king was sworn in. I watched the ceremony on live-stream, and it was a pretty cool thing to see. I’m a sucker for traditions like these, so this in particular was really something. And it seems I wasn’t the only one either! The whole plaza in front of the church where it all took place was absolutely stuffed with people just as supportive as I am. Don’t worry though, in a few weeks time we’ll continue the usual bullshit of how the royal family is paid too much and we should become a republic and yada-yada-yada.

Yeah, we kind of have this thing with the color orange. Blame this guy.

Anyway, I just thought I’d bring you up to speed; you know how much I like sharing these things. Moving on then.

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but when it comes to popular culture, I have these “phases” as I like to call them. They consist of a couple of weeks in which I want to do nothing but drown myself in everything I can find from one series or another. Not too long ago I had a Lord of the Rings phase, I’ve had Legend of Zelda phases, Lovecraft phases, you name it.

This week saw the return of my superhero phase. Strider, Phil? I blame you.

So I got myself a whole bunch of new superhero series to watch, on top of the many (many) animated movies I already had. For one, it turns out that Marvel made four short anime series out of some of their characters: Iron Man, the X-men, Wolverine (yes, another one >.>;) and Blade. I’ve started watching that Iron Man anime already, and it’s pretty okay. Because it’s an anime it’s set in Japan, which makes for an interesting setting. It turns out the Japanese aren’t very keen on Tony Stark’s playboy attitude and they’re understandably suspicious of this former weapons manufacturer bringing nuclear material into the country to build his power plant. It’s cool to see how he deals with that. (he doesn’t, really) The dubbed voices and lipsynching aren’t all that, but I can forgive it.

The other series I haven’t started yet, but they all look pretty decent. I’m actually more interested in Wolverine than I should be, mostly because it’s the first series I’ve seen in years in which he doesn’t look like Hugh Jackman. We’ll see how all of this holds up.

And that’s it for the Marvel side of things.

As for DC, I’ve started rewatching the old Teen Titans series. Series like these were always a massive pain to follow when I was a kid. No channel could ever be arsed to simply run the episodes in order, so I never really had much of an idea of what was going on in the grand scheme of things. Watching it online or on DVD works wonders for that though. Teen Titans, looking back on it, is actually much more kid-oriented than I remember it being, but it’s still pretty cool. Slade (= Deathstroke, but I guess they couldn’t get away with that) is a delightful villain, but most of all I like watching Raven and Beast Boy use their powers. “Azarath Metrion Zinthos!” and all that. I’m not too far in yet, but it holds up pretty well so far.

Finally, the last series I started watching, and without a doubt the best one, is Young Justice. For those not in the know, Young Justice features a team of all the DC sidekicks performing “covert” missions which always seem to end up with something exploding. Every episode so far has dealt with a different villain (although they all seem to be working for the same mastermind, some group or entity known as “the Light”), and they have all been envisioned really well.

The same goes, if not more so, for the heroes. Young Justice manages to make all of these sidekicks forces to be reckoned with despite their age and inexperience, and they all come together beautifully when they get to work together as a team.  Their characters as such are mostly good (with the possible exception of Superboy, who is kind of a dick sometimes), but the series does do nice things with their powers and skills. And isn’t that ultimately what we watch this shit for? 

Left to right: Aqualad, Miss Martian, Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Artemis

Robin, for example, is more Batman-style hyper-competent in Young Justice than I’ve ever seen him. He’s incredibly clever, especially for a 13-year-old, and has all of the gadgets you’d expect from him, not to mention the skill to use them. He’s also apparently a master hacker, which is used to great effect on multiple occasions. The series sometimes seems to forget that the Young Justice team is supposed to be “covert”, but when it does remember you can bet your ass that Robin is vital for the mission. Finally, he has this…“thing” with words. It’s difficult to explain.   

Miss Martian, Superboy and Kid Flash are all more or less what you’d expect from them. Superboy is strong and refuses to die (yawn), Kid Flash is fast and Miss Martian does the whole telekinesis and telepathy thing. I do really like how the team has basically ditched the standard com-links in favor of Miss Martian’s telepathy. Less susceptible to tapping, you know. Again, the real treat is in seeing how this all comes together.

Aqualad, as I understand it, was an original creation for the Young Justice show, and he’s awesome-and-a-half. He’s currently the leader of the group (mostly because Robin has this tendency to just assume everyone knows what the plan is without him saying a word), which is sure to please some African-american viewers.  He talks in this kind of old-timey royal way of speaking which I always really enjoy. But what I appreciate most of all about this guy is that they gave him the power to control water with his mind. Yep, he’s a waterbender. His coolest asset are his weapons: he wields two empty hilts designed to help him focus his waterbending skills. What he does is he takes these hilts and channels water through them to create water swords, shields, maces, whips, you name it. A really clever way of using that power which I haven’t seen since Avatar (interestingly, in Avatar it was mostly the firebenders who created elemental weapons). On top of that, he can generate electric shocks like eels and is mostly immune to poison like jellyfish. Perhaps there are some other powers related to sea creatures that haven’t yet been shown; I’m eager to find out. Either way, a really cool interpretation of a character that could have been completely crap.

Finally, before we get to the caps there’s one more sidekick to go over. Fortunately, I can keep this short.

Last but not least, there’s Artemis. Which is to say:


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A - GoofierBrute is right: just because you don't care for Call of Duty doesn't mean it shouldn't exist. Let others have their fun.

A - This is a very interesting blog about Halo 4's story and particularly the humanity of Master Chief and Cortana that would've been better had the pictures been uploaded properly.

A - ClashOfPenguin feels like the solution to Nintendo's WiiU problem is to just make an entire paradise of Nintendo stuff out of it. Would be cool, that's for sure.

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R - GRiVEN reviews Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate: Enter Sub-sub-subtitle Here, and he thought it was pretty good.

"Overwhelmed", "underwhelmed", why isn't anyone ever just "whelmed"?

F - Okay, you think some people are overreacting about Dragon's Crown. WE KNOW, you're only like the 1000th person to say so! You are seriously becoming just as annoying as those screaming misogyny and sin over that game, if not more so. Especially if you are being a dick about it. I'm not calling you an idiot for thinking there's nothing wrong with the Sorceress, so please don't call me an idiot for having problems with it. We can have this discussion, but for god's sake let's have a DISCUSSION, and don't do THIS. Here, have a fail. /rant



- ShadeOfLight
May you always find water and shade

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