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Cblogs of 04/13/15 + Love Live-isms!


Fast caps for this Monday!

Some things can be more fun when done with a friend. Watching anime because you found out that said friend has been doing that with someone else and not with you is one of those things.

Dance in the middle of traffic!

One of the longest holdovers from my Japan trip last November, I finally got to watch and finish (the first season) of Love Live! School Idol Project together with a forum friend. My desire to watch this stems from a very simple and shallow reason. Love Live! was the one thing I simply could not get away from while I was there. It was pretty clear that it enjoyed such a massive popularity it was basically everywhere, more so in the nerdier parts of their society, naturally.

Not since The [email protected] have we seen a multimedia empire of this type that spans multiple shows, albums, comics, books, toys, games and probably adult content if you know where to look. In a given arcade, for example, majority of an entire floor is dedicated to crane games featuring figures and merchandise of just one character. They probably rotate between the 9 girls every other day. Even included is a dedication wall, where you can post notes proclaiming your perverse sexual lust heartfelt appreciation for the girl of the day.

These figures to be exact, purple one on the far right was what I saw.

I'm not really a fan of idol singers and the usual type of music they produce, and Love Live! has done nothing to change my mind about that. But it was certainly uplifting and nice to look at despite some sometimes dodgy or less detailed 3D animations in between the 2D scenes. I do like how most of the performances are used like a montage where we still see plot or character developments happen during the song.

Despite that, I really liked the show, which is quite a surprise. Part of me came into this expecting something awful or really shallow. But instead, what I got was a fun, lighthearted (though still pretty simple) show with cute characters, a nice sense of humor and just the right amount of drama. The thing is, it's really not that groundbreaking nor very different from other "moe" slice of life anime out there, apart from its "Let's form an idol group to save the school!" premise, but a lot of it really clicked with me. Also, as someone who is fond of watching really messed up or cynical stuff (even in comedy), I found the optimism and cheerfulness of the show to be really refreshing.

I didn't dislike any of the characters was another surprise and another thing that won me over. Looking at them at face value prior to watching, I already had this feeling that half of them will get get on my nerves real quick. The one with the orange short hair (Rin) and the loli with the twintails (Nico) in particular. Because, you know, anime (and maybe other fictional works) has this tendency of ascribing a certain look to certain personality types. I also expected to like some of them for the same reason. It was nice to see my expectations subverted like that, really fleshing out some of the characters, showing a different side to them or giving some explanation as to why they're like that. At the very least, it's good at playing with the personalities they've given them for comedic effect, like deliberately using one's cuteness to convince one girl to join the group, or acknowledging that one girl's perkyness and over enthusiasm can come off as really creepy at times. Though I found some of them to be less interesting, they all had something to contribute their group and choice segments of the show itself.

But Maki still remains to be my favourite even before we even started. Just everything about her character works for me. Her voice. Her look. I'm a big fan of the pointy, "slanted" eyes that she has (not that type of slanted eyes, you racist). TV Tropes describes it as "Tsurime Eyes". Her personality, as well. I find it really cute when she gets super embarrassed and flustered when someone says/does something sweet or nice to her, or when someone catches her doing something of that sort. It's kind of similar to the "Tsundere" archetype that some people like, but without the arrogant, bossy and abusive attitude that comes along with it, replaced by simple coldness or aloofness. (Here's another TV Tropes link: "Sugar and Ice Personality". No, I'm not sorry.) 

If I'll ever write one of those fetish blogs you guys are so fond of, those last few sentences will probably make it in somewhere.

Nozomi is another favourite of mine. A lot of it having to do with her probably being what I think is the silliest and most cartoonish character among the main cast, considering her personality and "gimmick". On most occasions, she usually comes off as a very friendly, calm and wise upperclassman. Before joining Honoka's group, she also served as a way to humanize Eri, her close friend and student council president, who was initially cold, strict and unyielding to them and the whole school idol idea. She's also seems to be a very spiritual person, working as a shrine maiden and has a fondness for fortune telling, tarot cards, horoscopes and such.

Then she likes to grope some of the girls.

She also has giant tits.


...so... yeah, I thought Love Live! was a pretty good show. The idea of chatting with someone over the internet certainly made me enjoy it even more and I'm looking forward to watching the second season the same way. Maybe even the upcoming movie.

Perhaps you guys wanna do something like that as well.

* - Like with last week's Smash Bros. blog, wishing for fighting game characters is the blogging community's favourite thing of the day. Occam's picks for future licensed characters for Mortal Kombat X.

* - With (news of) its release potentially right around the corner, OverlordZetta provides a rather sizeable rundown on Mighty No. 9, also addressing some of the criticisms it has garnered during its development.

A - Kodu's predictions for that upcoming Nintendo console.

P - More PStoid!

P - More Scary Granules!

W - Update on Retro's art contest (and documentary project). It's nice to hear that Jim might also make it in.

S - Watching a three day stream of Coachella seems to have done wonders to CrazEboy7, reminding him of happy memories.

S - Announcing your game console purchase through poetry. Because why not?

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R - ScreamAid reviews another flash/browser game: Coaster Racer 3.

T - What if Bushido Blade meets Dark Souls? Also wizardofradical is wutangclam now.

As the one working on the Cblog analytics, I don't like it when users change their names without prior notice...

F - My favourite Pokémon is back to rank the companion characters in the TV show.

I still found it strange how Hilda/Touko never made it in the show, bucking the trend of having the game's female protagonist as a companion. Perhaps it's because she's too cool for the show and would just make Ash and the rest of the main cast look lame.

F - Quite a long write-up for Seventh Son on this week's "The Shit Box".

So do you wanna watch the show now? Will you watch season 2 with me? Will you? Will you?

これはこれであり | kounog [pixiv]

- Luna Sy


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