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Cblogs of 03/15/12 and Mangasms


Hey dudes and dudettes! Hope everyone has had a good week so far. I actually got to leave the house last night and venture into the larger world thanks to my mom who came over and babysat my daughter. My wife and I seldom get to do anything together due to opposing schedules, so for our hot date we decided to do something extraordinarily romantic; our taxes. But we made a pit stop at the mall on the way over.

Of course I couldn't pass up the opportunity to hit Gamestop, a wretched hive of scum and villainy which has since apparently changed its name back to EB Games, which is what it was called when I worked there. I was just about to walk out of their when a game caught my eye; Bangai-O Spirits for the DS, for only 4.99! Oh snap, son!

I gobbled it up like the fat hungry bastard I am and after we got home and had one too many beers together, the end result of which was my wife passing out on the couch, I decided to take the game for a test run. It mixes all of the insanity of a SHMUP with the lateral problem solving of a puzzle game, and so far has been a blast. The thrill of hunting for rare games in stores has become less appealing over time, with places like Gamestop especially having a good grip on the value of things, so I was surprised to see it for so cheap; the copy of Contra 3 I picked up at a pawn shop the other day was a whopping thirty bucks, and that was the Japanese version which is known to be worth moderately less. Ebay has killed the need for scavenger hunting, so it is even more exciting when you find a really bad ass deal.

Also, space RPG's and people talking about them. There has been a lot of that goin' on 'round hurr these days, but it seems to be settling down. Even though the only space epic I really enjoy these days is one concerning holograms and vindaloo, I am actually tempted to give the series a try at this point just to see what all the fuss is about.

For now, it's off to the recaps, so smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast!

* - Some boner talks cock about the flaccid state of the Dickstructoid Cock Blogs. Penis.

* - Gaming Novice actually puts some apparent time and effort in writing a thoroughly presentable and enjoyable piece about the surprising similarities between college bookstores and Gamestop. CROOKS!

A - Winged Kirby rebels by writing a blog about, *gasp*, you guessed it, vidya games!

I - Olo Nexus makes the biggest mistake of his life by plunging into the heart of darkness. The horror...the horror.

I - StormTrooperGuy also converts to the Temple of Dtoid, where great computers fill our hallowed halls.

C - EternalDeathSlayer has failed, both as a parent and a human being by allowing his spawn to watch Sonic Underground. May we all pity him and pray for his eternal soul.

I - LawofThermalDynamics has made a triumphant return to Destructoid! Welcome, stranger!

T - Chris Carter writes a short yet thought provoking little ditty about the recent influx of arbitrary goal setting in video games.

N - Olo Nexus shares with us a little known piece of news about some game nobody has ever heard of.

T - CallSignStarbucks asks a rhetorical question to which the answer is likely a resounding "Meh."

C - MarcisHawkins runs into the empty party shouting "AM I LATE???" and desperately tries to throw in his two cents about aforementioned space RPG. Also, spoilers.

R - Olo Nexus shares his ideas about the best games ever that will probably never made because honestly, there weren't nearly enough colorful and confusing diagrams in his pitch to sell the idea to anyone.

Sorry you bloodthirsty vultures, but no fails this week!

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