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Cblogs of 02/15/12 and Striderisms!


Today, when I worked my way over to Dtoid after checking my email and my Facebook, I scrolled down a bit and saw Dtoid finally had a review in for my beloved darling of February, Gotham City Impostors. As an informed gamer and another aspiring journalist (who is still jobless by the way), I don't really take reviews seriously because 1) I am informed enough to form my own opinions. I only glean important information about core functionality (the buttons do what they're supposed to) and compare the reviewer's opinion to my existing knowledge of the game from pre-release content. And 2) I am in the business of writing too. An opinion is just that; an opinion.

Then I saw it was being reviewed by Jim Sterling and said, "Oh man, here we go again."

I am entirely aware that this game has received plenty of positive praise. I'm also aware that this game is not perfect and has garnered plenty of criticism too. Sometimes, I think I'm going crazy because of how much I love this fucking game. I know it's got flaws, but I love it so much that I don't understand why someone who even remotely likes shooters would hate this game. It's like I'm stuck in some weird episode of the Twilight Zone. Maybe that one where everyone has the ugly pig faces and this woman removes her bandages from surgery and is pretty hot by human standards but is ugly by pig-human standards.

Ok, I just think that story was awesome and it has nothing to do with the analogy I'm going for but maybe you know what I mean now.

I'm just disturbed that Jim gave Modern Warfare 3 a 9.5 and gave Impostors a 5.5. I mean, this game is pretty much CoD with personality and Batman-styled gadgets. I understand Jim is using the real 10 point scale in which 5 means average and not bad, but I think it was redeeming enough to be a 6, 7 tops.

We in the official thread all pretty much agree that he also used the review as an opportunity to harp on the issue of unnecessary and optional DLC the wrong way. The issue has existed for a while now in other games but does that detract from how fun the game is?

*sigh* Of course, I'm just comparing my opinion to Jim's opinion goddammit, I know. But for the love of Niero, take it easy on the reviews man. I think the massive volume of titles you're reviewing may be diluting your palette a little bit.

Speaking of reviews, there was a small hooplah with Wrench talking about necro-reviews and the quality of cblogs he got on Tuesday. Some strong opinions were thrown around but I'll stand by Wrench because he wasn't throwing necro-reviews out the window entirely if you read carefully. For a necro-review to be interesting and worth someone's time, you have to put some flavor into it. Make the review uniquely yours and not something copy/pasta'ed verbatim from "5 years ago."

And this is where my opinion comes in on how you conduct yourselves Cbloggers. I don't care how you write, just as long as you write. As a person who makes it his business to write well, I can only encourage you to keep writing because that's what you want to do goddammit.

I take a more hardlined or survivalist approach to the whole matter. If it's interesting, it'll thrive. If it's dry and boring, it'll disappear quickly.

We recappers are only human. Worse, we don't get anything from Destructoid to do this. We do it because we want to support the community, in which in case if you haven't noticed, the cblog recap is a community driven effort. We're all human, and as humans, we have our own opinions about what we read and like. I like things, hate things, and put on my pants one pantleg at a time just like you. With tiny, flying llamas holding up my pants for me.

It's our duty to at least link your story here and give evidence that we indeed looked, even read your blog post. That is why I love the cblog recap. It means at least one person in this world today at least looked at this thing I made with some amount of effort. It doesn't matter if it gets topsauced, thrown in otheroid, or even failtoid (though some introspective will happen there). I'm just glad someone read it.

And with that, I'll take this chance to express how I, someone with a degree in jarnalism and knows the importance of deadlines, once again missed posting my cblog about my gamer relationship with my girlfriend in celebration of Valentine's Day in time for Wrench's caps. I can't help but post late Tuesday night. That's when I have the most motivation to write. But I also usually end up missing Wrench's caps and have to do a special, plugtoid instead of putting it in either regulartoid or topsaucetoid. So enjoy that. I promise it's filled with DAAAAWWW.

* - Biased topsauce because I love Gotham City Impostors. BEAR-STALKER!

* - Voltech realized early on that playing as Tails meant being an immortal adventurer

* - Remember the awesome naughty Doctor Mario statue that was on the front page and being given away? You should vote for that statue in a contest. Cause you're awesome.

* - jboking shows us an academic blog on piracy that is startlingly eloquent

P - Egg interviewed the voice of Bumblebee and Spider-Man on the Jumpmen podcast!

A - TheManChild discusses arcades in today's perspective and makes a startling analogy!

A - werebear's gonna start a backlog musing soon! Also, his name rhymes!

C - Sir Tobbi is upgrading his gaming rig and could use some suggestions. Also, he was sick but isn't anymore.

C - A comment on nabokov's computer problems made an interesting point: owning a computer is like owning a car. But it usually doesn't get you chicks.

R - Spamfish branches out from his comfort zone from streaming for Dtoid and shows us his long review for Undead Nightmare

T - StealthMaster checked out the ME3 demo and brought to attention the three different modes you can play

R - Sotonian claims Crusader Kings II is his first review ever. Bull, it's way too eloquent and formatted to be his first. That, or he's a prodigy. He just might be - The One.

C - M4thew likes Tera and wanted to spread the word with some plugs

L - Don't poop and play at the same time kids

C - spencersdk likes Skyrim's mods and stuff

F - Occam once again leaves a comment that makes a shortblog worth it

S - If you're gonna copy/pasta another site's news, why did you copy/pasta news that's a year old? It's like, fail within a fail

F - This was probably his first review. Keep trying!

~ StriderHoang

Keep your eyes peeled for a new Thursday recapper. We may still be looking, so send in those PMs to Funktastic or Corduroy Turtle!

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